Essay on Elephant for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Elephant for Students and Children in 1000 Words. It includes introduction, structure, importance, use its types, and 10 lines about elephants.

Introduction (Essay on Elephant – 1000W)

The largest land mammal and animal is the Elephant. It is very smart and known for its sharp and keen memory. In some countries, people treat elephants as the form of God.

Structure of Elephant

The Elephant might have skin color gray and black. We regard them as descendants for an extinct species named mammals.

The Elephant has an enormous body, four thick or large legs that help preserve stability and balance. It also has two large ears for an outside pinna and an audiot meatus.

Yet the eye or tails of an elephant are short. It has a long trunk, in which their nostrils (just Elephant breathes from all these nostrils), an elephant may fill water from its trunk.

Importance and use of Elephant

We all understand the animals were all useful. Also, the elephants are of great utility to nature. They have the largest body across from all the animals and can take a forest tour, often when the tourist came to a forest.

The forest guide often uses the Elephant as an automobile even though the Elephant is among the biggest animals that other animals even don’t attack and for its big and tall bodies, neither of the animals will attack travelers.

Many use the Elephant’s trunk to grab, eating food, and can also be used by it to break down long branches of a tree. In short, a trunk for an elephant works like some human hand. An elephant was furnished with enamel tusks next to the trunk. Such tusks look such as enormous canine teeth, and they do not.

This elephant’s tusks are used for original purposes, such as ornamental, cosmetic, designing and so on. The items that are made from either the Elephant’s tusks were highly valuable or costly.

But elephants are now being exploited though for the highly priced market price. It should be discontinued, or else the existence will end.

Humans must respect elephants. In India, people worship elephants throughout the form of lord Ganesha, who gives them intense love, care, and respect from such a person of the country.

Elephants are an essential part of this environment. They must be protected and cared for but not for selfish reasons murdered and hunted.

Calm mind of Elephant

Usually, an elephant seems to be a calm animal who loves harmony and peace, but it may be the most hazardous creature on earth if it becomes assertive because of some other irritating stimulation. Also, after their death, they’re beneficial to humans.

Only a few creatures have a calm mind when we talk about animals. An elephant is one of those animals. They’re very calm yet still. They always ensure they don’t hurt any innocent person and don’t interfere in some other company they provide, they stay with their group.

If somebody messes with Royal Forest Animal, there’s no doubt which his chance of survival is less than 1%. This is because whenever you visit some forest and zoo, you do not even believe unless the Elephant fears why he fears you. Here, elephants wait for the right time.

Types of Elephants

Elephants were discovered mostly in Africa and also in India. The African elephants are more significant than the Indian elephants. African elephants, respectively male, and female have a trunk with a tight grip compared to India and the Elephant to Asia.

Asian elephants are very or smaller than the African elephants, only the grip of Indian elephants isn’t so powerful than that of the African elephants.

Elephants are found often in deep African and Asian forests — notably India, Thailand, Cambodia, or Burma. Elephants were discovered in Assam, western Bengal, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram of India.

Elephants love to go swimming in streams and rivers. In ancient time Elephants were used in wars during most of the olden days. They are basically ridden on for great wars. That animal is powerful and also very intelligent at the same period. Elephants were herbivores, feeding on the vegetation-long branches of the tree, foods, bamboo, leaves, and so on. 

Male and Female Elephants

An elephant group comprises two viz: men and women. Once they are adults, male elephants get divided; it is their own choice to be separated from their families.

Not once do the female elephants get distinct when viewed from close. They prefer to remain in the elephant group. Elephants really can hear the voice of all the other Elephant from within 5 miles. Elephant’s listening power is extreme, owing to their very long ears.

10 Lines on Elephant

  1. The Elephant is a living creature of vast size on earth.
  2. The Elephant is a rather smart, obedient creature. 
  3. The Elephant’s legs are four, two small eyes, two large ears, a trunk, and a small tail.
  4. The Elephant’s four legs are very thick.
  5. The eyes of the elephants are tiny compared with their body.
  6. The ears of the Elephant resemble big wings.
  7. The trunk of the Elephant is useful.
  8. Elephants use the trunk to eat and drink.
  9. The Elephant seems to be a creature with a calm nature.
  10. But they become very violent when they feel slighted.


For significant distances, even a person can ride on the back of an elephant. As a pet, they should give extreme care because of its exceptional size. In contrast, a wild elephant is far more harmful than a pet.

They often keep an elephant throughout the zoo, in which visitors and spectators came to watch it. This animal is also part of a circus group, in which it plays a lot of talented displays to entertain the audience. This tells us that elephants can be effectively trained, and it can understand all. I hope you liked this essay on elephant.

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