Essay on Smoking for Students and Children in 1100 Words

Here, you will read a persuasive Essay on Smoking for Students and Children in 1100 Words. It includes the meaning of smoking, why people smoke?, its disadvantages, should it banned.

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Introduction (Essay on Smoking-1100 Words)

Since ancient times people are used to or accustomed to a few habits. Some habits are harmful, and some are having lots of benefits. Unhealthy habits are like drinking, smoking, and taking drugs.

Nowadays everybody knows that this is horrible practices and habits and we should not adopt this. Most people choose because of their lousy company and make it a hobby. Slowly these habits become their compulsion, which gives him very negative effects and consequences.

What is smoking? 

In a common word, we can explain that this is a widespread practice in which people burn any object or its substance, and after that, they take its smoke inside the body through the breathing process. It is done in ancient times.

Before cigarette was there, another method of the burning of tobacco was available, known as a chukka or clay pipe. Now the trend changed, and smoking is inbuilt in a wrapped round paper to burn and use.

Why people smoke?

There is no single reason for smoking. People smoke because of various reasons. Some studies say that tobacco comprises nicotine in its contents.

The characteristics are that it increases addiction and attracts them to use it again. Few people smoke only for just trying it for a while, and they get affected by the effect of nicotine. 

Some people say that they get peace of mind relaxation by smoking. Most people start it from teenagers and entire life they cannot leave this habit. 

In research, they say it every only one smoker quit smoking out of three, and one person dies out of every three smokers.

Disadvantages of Smoking

All of us know very well about the consequences of smoking. The government also gives information about the losses and side effects of smoking through TV channels.

There are indications and information also printed in each smoking object that this is very harmful and can cause many dangerous diseases as cancer, cough, tuberculosis, etc.

If our health gets affected because of any dangerous disease, then how can we survive in life? Now also thousands of people are there who are changing daily for smoking and fighting for their survival.  

So, below are the major problems that may cause because of smoking-

1. Causes Cancer

The studies prove that if anybody smokes 15 cigarettes, this will create a mutation in his body; this mutation is the starting cancer.

The smoke of tobacco goes more in depth in the blood and starts making blood thicker and creates possibilities of blood clot creation. All around the world is proved that smoking is the leading cause of producing cancer in the mouth and throat.

2. Increase Lung Disease

Because of smoking, many lungs-related problems start in the body, and slowly it creates severe diseases in the complete body.

People take not only nicotine but take other harmful chemicals through their breath during smoking. Smoking is responsible for a massive increase in the severe risk of starting and developing lung cancer.

3. Creating Heart Problems

 If any one organ of the body got affected, then our other organs also get in the effect of these harmful chemicals because it interconnects our entire body.

If one inner organ is out of order, then another organ cannot work smoothly. Smoking can create cardiovascular problems and damage blood vessel cells. 

4. Creates Infertility

Our reproductive system is essential, and delicate, which easily gets affected because of smoking.

Tobacco smoking can damage the reproductive system of males and females both, and after that, it will create infertility problems. If infertility problems occur intensely, then to conceive, it will complicate pregnancy. 

5. The complication in Pregnancy

Using tobacco in any form, whether it is chewing or smoking by any means, it creates severe complications in pregnancy. The fetus can damage or affect because of smoking, which can cause the risk of premature delivery.

Because of this, we see many sudden death syndromes in infants. Smoking can reduce the weight of the baby in pregnancy, which creates risk for a newborn.

6. Diabetes Problems

Smoking is one reason for developing diabetes in the human body. They say this type two diabetes.

The researches show that smokers having 30-40 percent risk of developing this diabetes.

7. Oral Hygiene Problems

If we maintain our oral hygiene that we can save ourselves from many debases. Smoking is terrible for our oral system. This creates other severe infections in the mouth, which increases the risk higher of gum-related diseases. 

Should Smoking should be banned?

The question is, why is this allowed by the government, and why should it not be banned?

Ideally, it should be banned and never should be entitled to the farming of tobacco, eat, sell, and production of tobacco-related objects and items. Smoking, whether it is public or personal, all are dangerous to health badly.

This is a source of revenue for the government. The tobacco item manufacturing companies pay a considerable amount of every year, which helps financially to the government.

But apart from because of tobacco every year, thousands or lacs of people become sick. The government used to provide separate hospitals and diagnostics centers for prevention and treatment. They invest a considerable amount of money in the medical sector because of permission to use tobacco in society.

Smoking should be banned, and the government should search for any other source or means of revenue in place of the tobacco field. Smoking creates various health problems, as we have discussed above.

Our people or citizen are getting weaker financially because of smoking. In both ways, they waste their money. If they use tobacco and a cigarette, they pay cash, and if they get ill because of this, they pay more than they spent in buying these things.

For the companies and tobacco producers, the government can make an original plan. We should encourage them to start any other production in place of tobacco item productions. This is not compulsory from the government side to produce cigarettes or related materials.

Our society and NGOs also should take steps and start broad complaints to discourage people from using this. The disadvantages of using this tobacco item should be published, and higher taxes to be imposed. 


In our last words, we can say that for the sake of humanity, we should stop smoking, and the government also should ban smoking strictly. If we want to save our people’s life and their money, then smoking should be prohibited; otherwise, our next generation will get addiction more than now. If citizens of any country are weak or sick, then that country cannot progress.

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