Essay on Food Wastage for Students and Children in 1100 Words

In this article, we have published and Essay on Food Wastage for Students and Children in 1100 Words. It includes details about food wastage in India and Worldwide where it happens, effects, its solution with opinion.

So, lets start this persuasive essay on food wastage…

Introduction (Essay on Food Wastage – 1100 Words)

In Indian culture, food has the status of respect, which is the reason it is viewed as a transgression to surrender or insolence food erroneously. However, in the visually impaired race of innovation, we have overlooked this ceremony of our own.

This is the reason that a vast amount of food is being squandered regularly. This is more prevalent in case of inns and eateries in occasions like weddings. 

Wastage of Food in India and Worldwide

As per a report by the World Food Organization, each seventh individual rests hungry. We can halt waste if, at that point, many individuals can be taken care.

India is positioned 67 in the World Hunger Index. The nation produces 251 million tons of food grains each year, yet every fourth Indian sleep hungry. 

According to some researches and findings by the report of the World Food Organization, consistently, food worth rupees fifty thousand crores go into the nation which is 40% of the nation’s creation.

This wastage has its regular assets on our nation. Our nation is battling with water shortage. However, 230 cusecs of water are squandered in creating this waste of food, which can extinguish the thirst of 100 million individuals. 

Wastage of food in Parties & Functions 

We are, mostly, mindful of the wastage of food occurring in our weddings, or celebrations. On these events, a ton of food goes into the trash.

Ordinarily, the scent and spoil emerging from food tossed around the houses make issues for those living there. We continue perusing the updates on creature passings because of decaying food. 

The Indian government is likewise stressed over the food squander at weddings. In 2011, the Food Ministry said it was thinking about constraining the number of visitors served at weddings as the number of dishes served.

The Marriage Ceremony (Restriction of Exhibition and Useful Spending) Act, 2006, has additionally been instituted in such a manner. Anyway, this standard doesn’t make a difference carefully. 

Effect of Food Wastage 

In the present time, food squander presents many difficulties. We can see the impact of food wastage all over the place – 

Wastage of food has a negative effect on water, land, and atmosphere just as biodiversity. Losing food squander is omnipresent.

This causes lost more than $750 billion to the worldwide economy, which is comparable to the GDP of Switzerland. Wastage of food is answerable for the ailing health of a huge number of offspring of the world. 

Around 28 percent of the world’s property, with a zone of 1.4 billion hectares, is utilized to deliver food grains. 

Right approach to keep food & its proper use 

They squander the absence of food because of the non-upkeep of products of the soil. On the off chance that this transpires, at that point you should prepare yourself for it. 

Save legitimate courses of action for keeping vegetables and organic products at home. Use the correct utensils and stick to keep the rest of the food. Continue checking the grains that are ruined by dampness routinely. Dry them in the sun at the correct time. 

Ways to avoid food wastage (Solutions)

There is a ton that ladies can do to forestall food wastage. Particularly in kids, we must habituate it to serve in the plate as much as it is ravenous. Administering food to one another can likewise forestall wastage of food to an enormous degree. 

1. Cook as much food as you need 

There ought to be acceptable coordination in the family for the amount to cook. The food is squandered. We recollected when we were kids when our mom used to cook, she would ask everybody before that. 

2. Check what’s in your capacity 

Go to your washroom and cooler and see what nourishments you as of now have. It very well may be of two sorts. First there is nothing that will turn sour.

If you realize something will turn sour soon. During that point, think about what is for supper? Also, plan and use it.

3. You should know when your food will ruin 

A few things have lapse dates, yet it is additionally critical to know how nourishments that have not been imprinted on a time will ruin them. Discover to what extent you can keep the extra food.

Housewives have a decent encounter with which food will be awful. On the off chance that you eat something like semolina for quite a while, at that point, it turns into a worm. 

4. Eat your extras 

There are a few people who have no issue eating extra food, and afterward, there are a few people who are not careless about it. I am not saying that you need to cherish the extras yet if you have made extra, at that point, eat them later. 

5. Use each piece 

Using each bit of item is presumably more conceivable in certain nourishments than others. For instance, I can’t consider what you would do with spouses of corn if you are eating old-fashioned corn. However, I am sure there is something out there that on the off chance that you are imaginative you ought to get it. 

6. Give what you need 

The food is more, and you feel that you can’t use it, kindly do it by offering it to the penniless. What many individuals do, they don’t provide food to anybody when they are spared, however pause.

Also, later they put it in the trash. On the off chance that you feed the extras to any destitute, this is likewise a gift 

7. Use squander sagaciously 

For instance, in certain nations like Japan, squander is ordered and used unexpectedly. In this way, we cut food squander into small pieces in industrial facilities and either deteriorated into plant food or covered in landfills to create methane gas, the wellspring of fuel. 

8. Quickly evacuate terrible vegetables and leaves: 

Do you notice anything after the vegetables are brought home or later when you take them out to cook, each time you see a yellowish or dim leaf, haul it out quickly and evacuate it?

Figuring out stacks of some-disturbing and some-new herbs is unpleasant; immediate expulsion of crooks decreases the probability of unfriendly consequences for other people.


It is very shocking able to know that this much quantity of food is wasted in our country. This is too much carelessness and a lack of feeling of the value of food. We all citizens should take a pledge to stop wasting food.

This will be possible through the better determination and cooperation of each other in society. NGOs also should evolve in this campaign. I hope you liked this informative essay on food wastage.

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