Essay on Village Life for Students and Children: 1000+ Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Village Life for students and children in 1000+ words with its advantages and disadvantages in points. So, let’s explore the amazing life in the village.

Introduction (Essay on Village Life)

Village life is the best place to get a relationship between nature and the earth. A village is a place in which we can see a natural area.

The town is a lot of buildings and many factories. In the city, there is very less possible to provide a connection between natures. It can be combined but will be in the form of damage to nature, which is the biggest problem for the environment. Now we see that metropolis people are also trying to regenerate nature. This is by planting trees in the background and the surroundings.

Many people think it is impossible to live in underdeveloped rural areas or village life, while modern city life can provide a person with almost anything imaginable. However, such an active and vibrant lifestyle is not for everyone. Many people do not strive for crazy success and luxury and want their lives to be simple and bright.

The village is an ideal place to live if you are looking for harmony with nature. People have everything for a minimum life requirement. Villagers are simple satisfying with their life needs, and they always stock with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, water, and clean air.

It’s simplicity, natural beauty, and peace that makes life in the countryside unique. Also, living in a particular jungle can be stressful and can put you at risk of depression.

The villages preserve our national customs and traditions. Village residents usually organize various festivals and fairs at which they represent the richness of our culture. The villagers think in terms of religion and God.

A village temple is a divine place where people draw inspiration for further work and pray for their families and themselves. Village life is a unique closeness between the older and younger generations. Young people treat their parents and grandparents with great respect and follow their valuable advice.

In cities such as Mumbai, there is a lot of factories that create waste and pollutions. The village does not have too many factories and create pollution.

Direct contacts between them characterize people in the village. The rural community has a definite “feeling.” the members of the community rural, who help each other and share the joys and sorrows. They know everybody in the village.

Village life relationship is personal. People are not strangers, everybody familiar. Thanks to such contacts, each person knows a lot about their neighbors, their activities, preferences, and attitudes. We thoroughly understand the status of each of the members of the community village.

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Simplicity and uniformity of Village life

Village life is uniform and straightforward. There are few ambitious men and fewer emotions. The villagers lead a simple life, cultivating the land and growing animals.

Their standard of living is lower than in the city because it limits the ways to earn money. They consider the earth to be the most important of all achievements.

Agriculture is their primary occupation. When onerous taxes or other measures threaten their ownership of the land, they join up with the radical movements as it took place in Russia, the Soviet.

Written contracts are less important than the word of honor. Crimes in the rural community are rare. Because there is a little secret, stolen goods cannot be used and are difficult to remove.

They do everything to the principle of mutual understanding. In the town’s life, closeness counts are considerably less. Residents of the city almost are not familiar.

Village is natural place

The village becomes very natural. There are a lot of trees and many kinds of natural resources. Thanks to the possibilities are the reductions in pollution. For people and all living beings, village life is the most natural life.

If someone wishes, feel the tactile nature and want to see its goodness, then the village is the most valuable place. Here you can see change a life of and charming scenes with the view.

The atmosphere is the most significant and profound impact on nature. Value of a village is divine beauty touches, such as relaxation for mind and a soul.

It is a famous proverb which tells of national father Mahatma Gandhi:

“The future of India lies in its villages.”

The Life of Villagers

There are people whose personality is not very stylish and attractive in the village, but being in the village makes them attractive. The village is also such a human community that is simple and easy. The village caters to the needs of life and essential things, such as food, shelter, and clothing.

The inhabitants of the village do not lead to a luxurious life like inhabitants of the city, but they are pleased with it. They can handle them in a small variety of food, clothes, and facilities.

Residents of the village take ordinary food, so they do not eat junk food like the inhabitants of the town. Living in the village is a life of small groups of communities who live in silence. The experience of villagers is entirely different from living in the city.

Advantages of Village life

The power of living in the village can adequately describe the poet. The life of the villagers passed quickly, and it could be beneficial for them. They are the most beautiful around all-natural scenes, which arise naturally.

The noise and madness of children in the village are signs that it is the most natural and healthy life for man. In the villages, there is peaceful and favorable for the health of the atmosphere. The villagers live a simple life and not of luxury.

They represent the perfect life of that poets sing. Villagers’ lives pass them peacefully, and work nature surrounds villagers.

Villagers have plenty of opportunities they enjoy beautiful in gifts environment. People, there is a living village breathes clean air.

Residents village is healthier, active, and more straightforward than the habits of people living in cities.

Silence and tranquillity of life in rural areas provide opportunities to think, learn, and developmental, which is impossible in the city’s growth.

The abundance of pining air and healthier conditions of life provide a healthy physical, and strength, such as life in the city has never not in a condition to do so.

The villagers have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature.

Disadvantages of Village life

The villagers long for the comforts and possibilities of living in the city. Educational benefits are often few and challenging to secure, and job opportunities are much smaller than in the city.

 Village life mostly becomes tedious and causes a lack of clarity and gloss, which puts them in an unfavorable situation next to the residents of the city.

Ignorance, prejudices, and narrow are more characteristic for rural areas than for life in the city. The villagers are poor and superstitious.

Many villages do not have the necessary facilities, such as good roads, schools, and hospitals.

Equipment and teaching schools in rural areas are not satisfactory, so you cannot get a comprehensive education. Also, the villagers do not understand the importance of education.

 Many children do not understand the importance of education and commitment to agriculture.

Residents of the village do not know how important the preservation of good health.

The famous proverb Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi says:

“Information, education, skills, health care, measures to maintain, including financial, small and rural businesses, opportunities for women, protection of resources, natural, distribution of clean energy. New possibilities came up to change model development.”

People living in the village are healthier, more active, and have more straightforward habits than people living in cities.


Many philosophers and brilliant thinkers admired life in the village because villagers can feel well because of the purposefulness of ordinary life in the countryside.

You can easily find some spiritual weather and enjoy pleasant moments in the beautiful landscape. There may feel a time while you wish to get away from everyday stress and intricacies of city life. You can feel the time and slow down your village life. Hope you liked this essay on village life.

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