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In this post, you will read an Essay on Library for students and children in 1000 words. This includes introduction, origin, significance, kinds, advantages, use and 10 lines on library.

Introduction (Essay on Library)

When we think about the word library, we see that it comprises a mix of two words – Book + Alaya; That is the book house. The place where various sorts of books are concentrated freely, is known as a library.

In actuality, where there are books however, they are not concentrated freely, and they are shut in an organizer, it isn’t known as a library. From this point of view, the library is an extraordinary focal point of information and study.

Books on old occasions didn’t have a spot like the present libraries, but in antiquated occasions, books were transcribed. Along these lines, just a single individual had the option to use these books.

On old occasions it was hard to get information from books; Because we find books in a similar spot as today; Did not get as much at that point.

The offices we have gotten today to appreciate delight, information or diversion from uncommon sorts of books were not there previously. Along these lines, libraries are assuming their significant job in giving such offices to us today.

Origin of library

The library comprises the entirety of two words. Home of books only gathering books in a single spot or occupying them in one room doesn’t turn into a library. The library is one such spot.

Significance of library

The library is on the spot. Where there is a gathering of books. They loan these books to the readers for quite a while to peruse. At the point when the time is up, they return the books and gain recent books.

Every individual who gains a book from a library needs to pay a month to month or yearly expense. He at that point turns into an individual from the library and gets the option to get a book.

A genuine companion

The library gives them a decent chance for the individuals who can’t accept books. Few out of active readers in our nation can purchase each book. Few individuals can do this. The library is open property.

The administration opens libraries in towns, urban communities and towns and they are additionally dispensed with that can’t accept the book.

Yet, need to get training. Along the down line, the library is poor, which resembles a rich companion, for a rich individual resembles a genuine companion of all.

Treasure of Knowledge

Just like a treasure of gold and wealth, the library is the mine of knowledge, whether it is online or offline. The books in the library give unlimited knowledge and information. We can get historical information’s about our antecessors and cultures. Many know about science, history, civilization, etc.

Lots of Kinds of books availability

There are many sorts of books in the library. Readers get books of their decision. The library contains books identified with books, life stories, life accounts, sonnets, stories and so on. We likewise find papers and magazines in certain libraries.

Kinds of Libraries

Since our schooling to old age, we saw many kinds of libraries. Some are available in schools; some are available in college and universities. The municipal corporation of a city also provides the facility of the library.

Many cities have a big and national level library where few libraries are very famous and historical. Another type of library is of business libraries for the individuals and online library.

Advantages of library

There are many advantages to the library. It is a proficient store of information. The library is one such source. Any place the unadulterated stream of information consistently remains. Ramchandra Shukla is correct.

“Through books, we can now even one’s companions can’t know that much “.

We identify books with various dialects, religions, subjects, researchers, creations and chronicled realities can be accessible just in the library at one spot.

Through a library, we can accomplish self-acknowledgement and self-refinement. Such information stream streams from books, which builds up our heart and our mind.

By concentrating on a single and quiet condition, an individual can achieve many beliefs of information. In this spot, we can get important out of reach messages from various nations and Kalas, availability, our general information additionally increments with the information on books. 

In present-day swelling and neediness, it isn’t workable for each individual to purchase more billets. We can concentrate many books in the library by paying an ostensible charge or by getting free participation. We likewise get enough amusement by going to the library.

Here we can use our relaxation minutes. Sitting in the library advances the investigation quick and profound examination is conceivable. Mahatma Gandhi used to state that each home in India ought to have a library.

Use of library book

The library is a position of social significance. Along these lines, the writings here ought not to be squandered. Books ought to be returned on schedule and their pages ought not to be messy, nor should they tear the pages or cut pictures.

Serene Investigation ought to be finished sitting in the library. Where the book started from, the post-study book ought to be kept there.

10 Lines on Library

  1. Libraries are sanctuaries of information that conciliate human will, giving new data on original subjects.
  2. The library isn’t intended for any individual, so books put away there is social property.
  3. Books have a vital spot in the character working of an individual.
  4. The significance and utility of libraries as changeless focuses on information upgrade and information light is flawless.
  5. Books assume a significant job in character working just as in the advancement of family, society and nation.
  6. The custom of libraries in India has existed since antiquated occasions. The libraries of Nalanda, Taxila were renowned around the world.
  7. Books just inform us regarding thoughts from antiquated occasions to introduce times.
  8. 8The guide accessible in the information upgrade from the library is beyond the realm of imagination from anyplace else.
  9. There is a sustainable store of books in the national and state libraries of Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, and Baroda.
  10. The library comprises two sections: understanding room and library.


We can say that there are many libraries in our nation today. Yet, there is as yet an absence of a wonderful library. The legislature must evacuate this inadequacy. Because of ignorance, destitution, disregard of rights and so on. The library in our nation is off guard. The library has uncommon hugeness for understudies.

Great libraries assume a significant job in the country building. In this manner, the legislature and unique organizations ought to build up a decent library and Lokmanya Tilak used to state directly on the significance of the book. The library preserves our culture and civilization.

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