Essay on Go Green for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Go Green for students and children in 1000 words. This includes what effort needs to save earth, its importance, precautions, and 10 lines on Go green.

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Introduction (Essay on Go Green)

Nowadays, many people are thinking about environmental issues and the environmental condition of the Earth.

Why has this issue become so relevant?
What do we need to do to protect our future?

People understand that their irresponsibility hurts the natural environment. Our planet suffers from many problems, which result from excessive human activity.

The entire planet is suffering from pollution, global warming, deforestation, and endangering wildlife species. These problems are very relevant and require fast and comprehensive solutions.

The solution for these problems is the change in the attitude of mankind towards nature and the natural resources that are being used unrestrictedly. People have to value the environment and nature for their survival. Put, people should go green to save the Earth.

What efforts we should take to go green and save our earth?

We cannot grow a forest within a year; people understand that. But very few people are taking the important steps to change their lifestyle, which will affect the environment in a few decades.

People need to be more educated about the harm that is being done to the environment and the planet earth because of industrialization and pollution.

We should encourage people to plant trees that will grow in ten to fifteen years. Even though our generation might not enjoy this, but our future generation will. It’s like investing in a small firm which develops into an enormous company and will provide profits.

Educating people, the consequences of deforestation, and polluting the water bodies should be done on a large scale, which is possible in this age of the digital world. Every year the average temperature of the planet is rising due to global warming. We should encourage people to use energy-saving appliances, turn off the lights when not required, turn off the taps to avoid water waste age, and drive less.

We need to use more public transport as it does not release any harmful gases that can cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. Subsequently, industrialists must use special filters in plants, factories, and power plants to reduce the number of toxic emissions in air and water. Also, people should stop cutting trees as they are the lungs of the planet.

Consideration of Future Generations by Go green mission

For the wellbeing of the future generation comprising our children and grandchildren, it is the responsibility of the current generation to take care of the environment and not create problems that will be a burden for the future generation.

Many people have thought about why they should think about the planet as they will not be alive till then, and it is a problem for the future generation to solve.

Precautions to take for Go green

Public transportation provides a significant chance to integrate with the community and know your colleagues better too. Also think to buy organic foods and make an organic meal beneficial for both human and environment.

Use natural light instead of the fluorescent light bulbs, which consume more energy. Before leaving the office, see that we switch all your computers and the lights off. Encourage people to recycle and use eco-friendly products.

People don’t care what will happen, and if there is any problem, future generations will solve it. This thinking results from greediness and consumerism.

People have become greedy by nature and value only their comfort. For this comfortable life, nature is being exploited by the current generation, and the future generation will face the effects of this.

It is a little ridiculous to think people are destroying the forest and polluting the rivers so they can gain profit. Even though people require fresh air and water to survive, they do not appreciate it, which is provided by the forest.

But nowadays, many companies have become environmentally conscious and encouraging their employees to be more environmentally friendly. The companies are arranging activities like planting trees, collecting plastics, arranging seminars for employees to increase their knowledge regarding the environment and forests.

10 Lines on Go Green

  1. Offices are going paperless; more and more work is being done on a computer. With introducing the cloud, people can share their work with their colleagues through this.
  2. The greenest way to reduce energy consumption is to switch off the lights when not in use.
  3. Before opting for the recycling, see if you can re-use the substance. For example, printing on both sides of the paper or re-using scrap paper for taking notes.
  4. Another way of going green is recycling.
  5. If possible, it will cut unnecessary travel, save money, and consume petrol and diesel, which is one of the principal reasons for air pollution. Nowadays, meetings are conducted with the help of the various video apps available.
  6. Water needs to be spared at any cost. Use only one bucket of water while taking a bath. Plus, you can also use dual flush toilets or water-saving devices at your homes.
  7. If possible, use public transport or share cars while commuting towards the office.
  8. Bring your lunch to the office in a reusable box instead of ordering and eating packaged foods.
  9. Rainwater harvesting is another option through which you can collect the water and use it for watering the lawns and gardens.
  10. Encourage everyone near you to keep the city and your neighborhood clean and green.


As you can learn from the above points, there are many ways to go green, which are easy to follow and have many advantages for mankind and the environment. If you care about the future generation and of planet earth and want to make a difference, follow the above suggestions.

If we don’t stop this unwise activity, we will lose many priceless natural resources like freshwater, fresh air, plants, animals, birds, fish, etc. If people do not change their lifestyle, this will lead to deforestation and global warming, leading to the destruction of this planet. Hence it is necessary for this generation to go green to save the planet for the future generation.

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