Essay on City Life for Students and Children in 1500+ Words

Do you want to explore the life in the city? Here, you will read an Essay on City Life for Students and Children in 1500 Words. Also, you will read its advantages and disadvantages of living in a city.

Introduction (Essay on City Life)

City life is very modern life. There are many luxuries and comfortable amenities in the city’s life. The city is the most charming place that attracts people from rural areas.

In the city, many people live comfortably because of cultural, economic, and commercial facilities. Lifestyle in the town attracts people to migrate from rural to urban life.

This is because when you live in the city, you have easy access to social amenities, entertainment facilities, and excellent infrastructure. The charm of city life is the major reason for the top level of migration from rural areas. However, contrary to what people believe, living in the city has its pros and cons.

Undoubtedly, life in a large city is lovely to see, but the negative side behind it is much more terrifying. The noise and bustle, smoke and dust, the air of haste and anxiety stung the city life. A man living in the city life the most unpleasant. Accustomed to all his days, to quickly take his own life, he feels a stranger. He loses his hearing in constant noise and senses high voltage.

But a man born and raised in the city has completely unfamiliar feelings. He is used to this crowd and the “busy hum of people” and quickly adapts to the problems and complications that arise every day. Life is an exciting adventure for him, full of news and surprises at every turn.

With the increase in unemployment in rural areas and an increasing number of people with proper education, the population in large cities is growing day by day. More and more people are coming to cities to find opportunities in business, higher education, work, and specialist medical help. 

The growing presence of international companies in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta attracts thousands of young people to look for jobs. The expansion of business opportunities also invites many people to the cities. 

So, in the cities, noise and pollution are increasing day by day. Big cities are growing day by day from all sides, where hundreds of housing colonies are developing along with many business premises. So, older residents of these metropolitan choices to settle in outside areas to avoid the noise and pollution of the major town. 

Despite all the problems of cities, people throughout their lives fighting for work in a buzzing environment. Everyone is busy. No one even has time to talk to a neighbor or relative. Everyone lives their own individual lives. 

Social contacts are absent. The desire for money is increasing day by day. The value of the property rises. There is no value for life, and accidents happen everywhere every day. People strive for a breath of fresh air. They don’t have time to rest. They can’t sleep well because of tension at work and competition. 

Everyone does their job in the fiercest competition, and honesty is very rare in big cities. People may cheat at any stage, so you also prefer to deceive others. It’s crazy for a race for false prestige. Everyone wishes to get the top by hook or cheating. 

Treats are spreading in large cities. A duplicate of everything is available. Duplicate medicines, clothes, toys, machines, watches, cameras, spare parts, electronic equipment are available everywhere. It is challenging to find the original and reject the duplicate.

There is a strange attraction to life in cities that makes people stick to them. Employment and earning opportunities for bread are readily available. If you are a person to work and show excellence, enormous cities provide big careers for diligent professionals. They reach the top because there are many possibilities.

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Advantages of City life

Advantages of City life in 300 Words

The first advantage of living in the city is access to electricity. Unlike many rural areas that do not have electricity, most homes in the city have electricity, that is convenient for many.

By living in the city, you have access to better roads and better means of transport that facilitate transport. Cities also have better shopping centers. A company in the town is more likely to grow compared to a company in a village.

There are more job opportunities in the city. This is because many industries and shopping centers are located here.

There are more and more educational institutions in the city. This leads to a top level of educational skills among the inhabitants of these areas compared to rural residents.

Live in the city also encourages cultural integration. This is because, in cities, people come from different regions and interact in the areas of work and residence. That is why cultural assimilation is strengthened there.

It’s also easy to get access to healthcare in the city. You can get better healthcare in the town because of most of the major hospitals and expert doctors are available there.

An apartment in the city will also provide access to entertainment. The city has many entertainment centers and various attractions such as game parks and museums.

Another advantage of living in a city is access to shopping centers. It is effortless to buy necessary things because shopping centers are in many available.

A living in the city is also beneficial because you gain access to technological progress. After developing unknown technology, people living in urban areas often have access to it first.

Let’s read some advantages of city life in detail-

1. Traveling

The life in the city traveling is fantastic and comfortable. City roads are well concreted for vehicle traffic. There are no problems with running compared to the village.

2. Household objects

Each house electricity and pipelines connect in the city. It provides clean water services essential for life. 

3. Drainage system

A sewage drainage system facilitates the city. This service also ensures road cleanliness and saves from diseases.

4. Cleanliness and sanitation

The city life is immaculate and sanitary. Looking at the clean facilities by a chief authority, which is more important for the cleanliness of the city.

5. Medical facility

Life in the city provides excellent medical service. There are many essential health centers for the checkup. In the emergency in the town, you do not have to reach far. All health facilities are available in nearby places. There are also qualified doctors for patient care.

6. Educational institutions in city

School services are more available in the city. Everyone wants an excellent school facility, and here, it provides a large institution and colleges for students. Here is also a student library facility. Library users are more significant in cities.

7. Business centers in city

It is usual for a business center for entrepreneurs to find in every city. Many people develop their skills to work in large industrial areas.

Disadvantages of City life

Disadvantages of City of life in 300 words

The problem of living in the city is that because of the level of unemployment in the town. People earn a living by crime.

Life in the city is also more expensive than being in the village. The cost of food, housing, water, and electricity is very high in the city compared to rural areas.

Another disadvantage of city life is the crowding of the streets. Because of many cars in the city, traffic is a problem, especially during rush hour when people go to and from work.

There is also a top level of pollution in the city. Air pollution is caused by industrialization and environmental pollution caused by poor waste disposal.

Sewage systems are also other unpleasant things about city life. For the top level of the population, many people use the same sewage system, which causes a blockage if it is not well maintained.

There are also overcrowding in the city. It makes walking on the streets difficult because you will probably bump into other people, that is uncomfortable.

When someone lives in a city, they also expose to noise. This is because of many entertainment centers and many vehicles, industries, etc.

Another disadvantage of city life is that land is expensive, which is why most people accommodate on rent, that affects their finance. It is also straightforward to lose culture in the city due to exposure to various cultures.

Some people in the city may not be aware of pollution. Because of these people, the city is polluting. Three types of pollution spoil the town, such as air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.

Let’s read some disadvantages of city life in detail-

1. Garbage is spreading all over in city

We find rubbish that throws the trash on the road of cities. Some people are entirely careless about taking care of the cleaning country. The use in waste increases dirtiness the country because there are fewer sanitary conditions. 

2. Mosquitoes spread through a dirty drain in city

Mosquitoes spread in many areas because of vast and cluttered waste. This is the major reason for the spread of diseases by mosquitoes. Many people die because of a mosquito bite like dengue, plagued by rats, etc.

3. Living cost is very high

Living cost in the city is very high as compare to village areas. Most of the things like house rent, water bill, electricity bill, food are outrageous price in city.


Living in the city can be great if you have a stable source of income. However, a life in a town without a job can be tough, which can lead to people choosing illegal ways of getting money. Therefore, it is advisable to move to the city with a stable job or business idea that you can develop.

Nowadays, the rural area is developing. Thanks to numerous programs that have been undertaking with due diligence. But the advantages of city life are much more significant than in rural areas, which is more encouraged.

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