International Day of Forests (Date, Importance, Celebration)

Here we have explained about International Day of Forests, which includes its date, history, importance, celebration, themes.

Introduction (International Day of Forests with Date)

International Forest Day is observed every year on 23 March, with the point of making mindfulness about the absence of backwoods spread and expanding requirement for timberland insurance.

It is planted everywhere throughout the world, as it is the help of our environment. On 28 November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly passed a proposal to celebrate 23 March as International Forest Day we also known as International Day of Forests or World forest day.

From 2012 onwards, consistently the yearly occasion has a subject set as a tree-planting effort to forestall deforestation and make mindfulness or reinforce the individuals towards it.

History of Forest Day

At the sixteenth Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization in November 1971, individuals cast a ballot for checking March 21 consistently as “World Forestry Day”. 

From 2007 to 2012, the Center for International Forest Research (CIFR) sorted out six woodland days, including the yearly gathering of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties in the urban areas of Bali, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban and Doha. Acquired assent with. The year 2011 was praised as One International Year.

After this event, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution for the foundation of international forest on 21 March, to stamp the significance of backwoods consistently.

What is a Forest?

A territory where the thickness of trees is very high is called forests. Forest land spread about 9.4% of the Earth and about 30% of the complete land territory. Timberlands were once spread over half of the absolute land territory.

Forest or Timberlands, natural surroundings for creatures, influence the water cycle and are helpful for soil protection; it is called a significant piece of the Earth’s biosphere.

Importance of International Forest Day

Whatever the main issues come in eye of the United Nations, the united nationals take the necessary steps to address the issue. Same like in the case of forest day.

The international forest day was celebrated to make the area the citizens of the country to save the forest and trees.

Woods assume a significant job in environments and environmental change, which are the aftereffect of lessening the front of timberlands through the planets.

International Forest Day plays an important role throughout the world. This day knock at our door as a guard to remind me about the importance of trees and their benefits. Students come to know through these campaigns on International Forest Day.

The motto and target of international forest day are clear to all as it related to earth and our life which is God gifted. The theme of the international forest if changed every year.

It is related to any important aspect. No doubt the importance of world forest day is too much and we all understand the value and should corporate in celebrating the international first day. 

This day of International Forest Day accentuates on guaranteeing that a maintainable model of the advancement of a superior and economical condition ought to be adjusted not only to the current age yet in addition to what’s to come. 

Advantages of International Forest Day

International Forest Day gives an important message to be alert and think about our earth. At least on this day government do huge plantation for keeping safe our earth. This day guide us our teacher to understand the importance and advantages of the world forest day

World Forest Day gives many advantages to the creature of earth. This day gives a message and information about forests which gives an assortment of items, for example, wood, cellophane, plastic, rayon and nylon for furniture, homes, railroad sleepers, compressed wood, fuel or charcoal and paper, elastic items from elastic trees, and so on.

International Forest Day is an alarm giving day to all creatures on earth. Due to this day, we understand the advantages of forests and all products i.e. Natural products, betel nuts and flavours are additionally gathered from the woodlands.

Numerous therapeutic plants like camphor, cinchona is likewise found in the woods. The underlying foundations of the trees hold the dirt and in this way forestall disintegration and flooding of the dirt during overwhelming downpours.

The main and final advantage of this day is a long-term goal which is greenery and oxygen. If forests are not there on the earth, our earth will be a place of living. 

Theme of International Day of Forests 2020

Consistently there is a subject chosen during the current day. The International Day of Forest topic for 2020 is “Timberlands and Biodiversity.” The subject for every International Day of Forests (IDF) is picked by the CPF.

This day brings issues to light of the significance of a wide range of backwoods and the noteworthy accomplishments are granted. 

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10 line on International Day of Forests

  1. This Day celebrates and spreads awareness of the importance of forests in our life. 
  2. All nations encourage the purpose of the theme of forest day which is fixed for each year.
  3. World days are important occasions to educate all the people on main issues of concern, to properly address world problems, and to worldwide celebrate and reinforce the achievements of humanity.
  4.  International or World Day of Forests was celebrated and observed for the first time on March 21, 2013.
  5. Every year on the day of forest day people in all countries do the numerous plantation under the plantation campaign.
  6. The government of India launches a huge campaign every year for plantation throughout the country.
  7. The topic of the year 2020 International Forest Day is “Timberland and Education”.
  8. The fundamental goal of World Forest Day is to bring issues to light about timberland preservation and fortify the economical administration.
  9. It is the responsibility of each person in the world to save the forest and trees and for this, we l should do plantation not only on the day of International Forest Day but every year or every month. 
  10. The theme of the 2019 world forest day was “Forest & Education.


We find the only solution in the form of Halting deforestation immediately. We all should encourage deforestation and plant more trees regularly. Forest Day is an activity to teach individuals about the significance of timberlands for a practical future.

The day fills in as a stage for different municipal gatherings of the general public to approach and raise this issue, so the coming age can be clarified about the absence of woods spread and the significance of woodland assurance for a solid and safe condition.

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