Essay on Rainy Season for School and College Students (3 Sample Essays)

In this article, we have written Essay on Rainy Season for School and College Students. We have provided two samples for various class students. These essays include Benefits, Losses, Festivals of the rainy season. It is called Varsha Ritu in the Hindi language and Wet season in English.

So, let’s start the Essay on Rainy Season…

Introduction (Essay on Rainy Season)

The rainy season is the basis of life; at this time, the weather becomes pleasant, the mind of all the creatures and human beings becomes hilarious.

Our country is an agro-based country, so the rainy season is very crucial for us. We cannot imagine life without rain, because by rain, water is like nectar for every living organism on this planet.

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When the monsoon comes after the oppressive heat of summer season, then prosperity and greenery surround, Cold winds run on every side, crops flutter in the fields, the faces of farmers begin to grow, children also enjoy the rain and cold air.

The rainy season is the most beautiful weather, and it is the season that I love most.

1. Essay on Rainy Season in India (1100 Words)

Our India country is a country with many variations, so there are variations in our country also in the seasons. There are six seasons of our country in Vasant Ritu: Spring, Grishma Ritu: Summer, Varsha Ritu: Rainy Season(Monsoon), Sharad Ritu: Autumn, Hemant Ritu: Pre-winter, Shishir or Shita Ritu: Winter, which changes in every two months intervals.

Earth’s atmosphere varies according to the names of the seasons, one of these is the rainy season which serves the lifeline of the whole environment.

Rainfall is very fast, and there is frequent drizzle for several weeks. The rainy season starts in July, and its full force remains till August.

The arrival of Rainy Season

When the rainy season arrives, prosperity and greenery come all over, greed and hot winds life, bring relief to life. From the children to the old, the wave of happiness runs in all. During the rain, children bath and play and float in the water.

Farmers are also very happy with the time because their harvest lifts. The forest trees which have dried up during summer season in rainy season their sprout grows again. On dry black hills, greenery is spread over the hills, colorful flowers appear on each side.

Rivers, streets, drains, dams, are filled with water, the whole atmosphere cools down. Animals eat green grass and plants. The arrival of the rainy season is the key to happiness for all living organisms on earth.

The arrival of the rain is pleasing to everyone; it turns to nature to a colorful world. This view is not less than that of heaven.

Benefits of Rainfall

There are lots of amazing benefits of the rainy season for peoples as well as environmental plus points; let us understand what those advantages are –

1. Farmers Happiness

For the farmers, the rainy season is not less than any boon, because, before the rainy season, the farmers prepare their crops for the crop by plucking drying and manure. It is not that easy because at that time there is a lot of heat and lightning going on.

The farmer works hard all day long in the heat and then gaze towards the sky and keep watching that when the clouds come and rain will occur. Most farmers of our country sown their crops only on monsoon-based rain.

Therefore, when the rainy season comes, then the farmers are made to look at the smile of their mouth. They plant all the crops, fruits, vegetables, in their fields.

2. Environmental Changes

Rainfall is essential for our earth’s environment to run smoothly. If it does not happen, then the entire environment system will deteriorate. For all the water will be scorched, and it will be challenging to live life on earth.

3. Animals

Due to the summer heat, all trees and grasses dry up, along with water ponds and rivers, which do not get anything to eat the animals and also get very little drinking water. Due to this, the animals and animals birds slowly fall in the lag of death due to lack of water and food.

However, when the rain season comes, again the lack of food and water are recovered, so the rainy season works like nectar for the creatures.

4. Helps in increasing groundwater levels

Due to heat and excessive temperature, the water of the earth becomes evaporated, and due to excessive tapping of the groundwater by the human, Its level reduces, due to which the earth temperature increases, and everybody faces lack of drinking water.

When the rain comes, due to rain, the groundwater level increases, which also reduces the temperature of the earth and also gets clean water.

5. All Business Starts Running again

India is an agricultural country, so most of the income here is from agriculture. Therefore, in the year when there is no good rainfall, the prices of all commodities are increased, and the trade runs slow.

If there is good rain, then farmers get a good income, and they come into the market to buy new things, which makes the business grow faster.

6. Progress of the country

Our country still has more than 65-70% of the income from agriculture, so most people in our country are still farmers. Therefore, in the year when there is more rainfall, and the crop gets better, then every kind of business booms.

Increase in Business helps people to make good money, which helps in the growth of all person as well as the country.

Losses of Rainy season

Rainfall is also a result of some losses, but due to most human-born work, we see fatal results. Some significant losses occurring from the rainy season are as follows:

1. Floods

Due to excessive rains, flood situation arises due to which the crops are damaged. However, this disaster also comes from human-born work because the forest has been deforested by humans, due to which the flow of water is accelerated.

Moreover, the loss of money is also due to human beings, because humans have built their living space near the rivers and have stopped their flowing areas, causing flood conditions. If humans live in their borders, the situation of floods can not take such a terrible form.

2. Seasonal diseases

Seasonal diseases are very high in the rainy season, such as cholera, malaria, skin diseases, and cough colds. However, most of these diseases arise due to human pollution and. If we take care of the human environment, then there will be no diseases from the rainy season.

3. Land erosion

Due to heavy rainfall, the land gets eroded, which fertile soil swings away, which is not suitable for the environment and crops.

Due to the cutting of lots of trees, the grip of tree roots with soil is decreasing, which results in Land erosion. We have to plant as much as trees and plans in our society to avoid these type of natural calamities.

Rainy Season Festivals

After the rainy season comes to India, like festivals like festivals, in India, everyone gets pleasure from the same rain, and the whole atmosphere becomes cold and charming. To fester these joys, the people of India celebrate and organize festivals.

The rainy season is the starting of all the festivals in India. After the rainy season, the festival is celebrated mainly – Teej, Rakshabandhan, Dusshera, Diwali.


That is why the rainy season holds the highest place in all seasons. We should also respect the rainy season by doing Rainwater harvesting and collecting in the rainy season. I hope you like this Essay on the Rainy season.

2. Rainy Season Essay for Students (1000 Words)

Here you will read an Essay on Rainy Season for Students in 1000 Words. Our national bird dances in advances to welcome the Rain God, which is a natural phenomenon. The metrological department predicts the rain in advance at a particular time, which is Human advancement.

Black Clouds, Birds hurried to their nests, Animals running to the sheds to protect them from Wet. But it is not in the reach of human sense to predict rain at its time.

Monsoons are predicted through scientific means with the intensity of Rainfall; Farmers do predict the rainfall and prepare for the farming with seeds fertilizers and finance. Being

The agricultural dependent country like India the whole nation depends on the rain we receive, basing on the prediction the entire activity of Livelihood starts from the farmers, markets, banks, Agro-based industries, and industrial production depends for the drop of rain to multiple of dreams.

A key feature for Survival

Rains backed with winter is the crucial feature to farming and agriculture is a vital feature for Survival of life.

Advantages in Rainy Season

1. Boom to Agriculture:- U.S. national income is around10-12% even though it is the world leader in Agriculture produce and Technology whereas India’s share of Income is 40%. It is a clear example of how India is dependent on Rains(Water)

2. Boom to Industries:- Water is the source for Agriculture, and Industrial sector is no of exception, say the Power(energy) Raw products or Agro-based raw materials. If the source is good enough, the industrial sector runs a Sky Rocket.

3. Livelihood for farmers and Agricultural Labour:- 60% of the population depends on Agriculture and Agriculture Labour too because of its dependence in our country.

4. Boom to the Economy:- For any economy the water is the key for the development, good rainfall helps to boost the marketplace for any country and India is of no exception

5. Afforest ion Projects will gain momentum:- India is having 20% of forests which is less to the desired forest-covered land which is 30% Good rains will help Good Green Cover projects for a much needed ecological balance.

Disadvantages in Rainy Season

1. Water Borne Diseases:- During this season, water-borne diseases will affect the healthy life with Malaria, Stomach upsets, Cholera, Viral fevers, food poison, and skin diseases is natural phenomena.

2. Healthy life affected: Due to rains the municipal waste and other material get shucked, resulting in the drainage system. Floods will be another issue in which public, cattle, and agriculture got affected. Damage to houses and Transport is a standard feature.

Issues to be Addressed

1. Saving Rainwater in the Tanks:- The source of water is the Rains, Traditional Tanks, check dams ponds to be utilized for keeping the water, which helps to satisfy the public needs and Improve the groundwater levels.

2. Rain Water to diverted into the ground of the Catchment Area:- Urbanization and deforestation is the key for low levels of groundwater, Now the Public, NGO’s & Governments playing a crucial role in developing Groundwater levels.

Monsoon Rainfall is the vital source of Rainfall in India, and the Impact of Monsoon is:

Impact of Monsoon on the Indian Economy

The agriculture is the essential factor of the Indian economy because of 60% of the Indian economy because of 60% of the Indian population depends and nearly 20.5% in the Indian GDP. Industrial products could not materialize, and the Raw materials to industries also suffer.

1. Impact on GDP: if monsoon season gets good rainfall, Good GDP is possible if it is gone another way if it suffers.

2. Impact on Balance of Trade: If the Monsoon fails the Balance of payments affected very severely if it is turned fruitful, the Trade will be benefitted and the national Income increases resulting good & healthy economy.

3. Food supply will be boosted: Monsoon proved the food supply to increase with adequate Agricultural produce if it is turned the other side the food supply will be affected and the nation should depend on supplying countries which will be more costly to the economy.

4. Monsoons decide the Hydro projects and Irrigation facilities: Power energy plays a crucial role, and the share of Hydro projects which is essential to Industrial growth and the Irrigation facilities will be in full swing if the monsoon rains are regular.

5. Rural Business and Industries: Fertilizer and industrial sectors will be benefited, consumer and two-wheeler and producer goods will reap the profits in an active monsoon.

6. Rural Housing: Rural Housing is backed with bricks, cement, and infrastructure that will be benefitted if the monsoon is successful with a good business.

7. Power Generation, Banking and stock markets: Good Monsoon will reap benefits if the needed percentage of the rainfall is predicted, Power generating companies and industrial sector will gain profits, Banking Industry will be getting good business by giving more loans, and stock markets will rally with the investors to invest their earnings based on the rainfall.

This is possible in the Rainy season only Good Monsoons in India. Water plays a crucial role in the Rainy season, and it is the chief source for it. Rainy season brings Joy to everyone and the shortage to be managed by best practices with public support. Heavy rains lead to floods and cause devastation. This issue is to be managed effectively, smartly, and usefully.


Everyone loves an enjoyable part on a Rainy day. One of us dreams of being enjoying our way of rejoicing, the rain. Some love is walking in the shower; others love to enter and dance while others like the view sitting near the window.

Many of us do fell the day, besides the window catching some droplets of rain and feeling the chilly breeze on my face. I use to enjoy writing in a diary with a cup of tea and my better half sitting beside Possibly with light music enjoying some snacks. I hope you loved this essay on rainy season.

3. Essay on Rainy Season (Its Benefits & Losses) 1200 Words

Throughout the world, the rainy season is considered as the most favorite season by almost everyone. One reason being is that it comes after every hot summer season and takes away all the heat that many people wish to avoid.

This is the season where most annual rainfall occurs, and the extent of rainy and the amount of rains do vary from place to place, taking into consideration the climatic factors, wind patterns, and local topography.

In certain places worldwide, the rainy season extends up to one to three or maybe four months, while the region of equator experiences wet and dry climate. Here, the rain constitutes a crucial resource and is very much necessary for ecological balance, agriculture, fauna, and flora of a place.

Even if there is a moderate rainy season, too low and too much rainfall has its own consequences. Now, a weak rainy season can lead to drought and famine while strong rainfall might result in floods. Nevertheless, this season is crucial for life on earth. Here, the weather gets pleasant, and the mind of the entire human being and creatures becomes hilarious.

One cannot imagine life without rain as, by rain, we get water which is like nectar for every living organism. When the monsoon comes after too much heat of summer, then the greenery surround runs on every side, the face of farmers, and also where kinds do enjoy the rain and cold air.

Welcoming the rainy season

When the rainy season comes, the greenery and prosperity comes all over and brings relief to life. From the kids and old, the wave of happiness runs in all, and they do play and bath and float in the water.

It is also a gift for the farmer because their harvest lifts and the forests that had dried up dried during summer, in rainy it sprouts and grows. On dry black hills, the greenery gets spread all over, and colorful flowers show up everywhere.

Even the dams, drains, streets and rivers get filled with water, and the whole surrounding gets cool down, including the plants, green grass, and animals. The arrival of this season becomes the key to happiness for the entire living creatures on the planet.

As such, one can state that the arrival of the rainy season is pleasing to all, as it turns the nature to a colorful atmosphere.

Benefits of Rainy Season

One can find a lot many wonderful advantages of the rainy season both for humans and the environment. Some of the crucial points are given here:

1. Progress of the country

There are countries that have nearly 70% of the income from agriculture, and for that, many in those countries become farmers. Thus, in case of plentiful rain, the crop gets better along with every business getting boosted up.
So, the rise in business help individuals to make good money, which helps in the growth of people all throughout the country.

2. All business starts to run again

For those countries that are agricultural, you’ll find no good rainfall, letting the prices of all commodities to rise and the trading to run low.
In case of good rainfall, the farmers do get good incomes and come to the market for buying new products that indeed make their business growth at a faster rate.

3. Increasing groundwater level

Because of excessive temperature and heat, the water on the planet gets evaporated, and because of excessive tapping of groundwater by the human, the level diminishes. This leads the earth’s temp to increase, thereby enabling everyone to face a lack of drinking water.
When the rainfall comes, the groundwater level rises that reduces the earth’s temp, and also people get clean water to drink.

4. Source for animals survival

Because of much heat, all grasses and trees get dried up along with rivers and water ponds that don’t get anything to eat and the animals not getting to drink. As such, the animals and birds slowly fall in the lag of death because of a lack of food and water.

But, when the rainy season comes, this lack of water and good gets recovered. So, one can say that this season works like nectar for every creature on the planet.

5. Environmental changes

Rain is very much crucial for the planets’ atmosphere to run smoothly. In case this doesn’t happen, then the environmental system will perish. This is because the entire water will be scorched, making it challenging for life to exist on earth.

6. Farmers Happiness

When it comes to farmers, the rainy season is just like a boon as before its arrival, the farmers do prepare their crop by plucking drying and manure it. As such, it gets hard for them as during that time you’ll find a lot of hot sunny weather going.

They work hard throughout the day-long in the heat and gaze at the sky, keeping their watch imagining the time for the rain to appear. There are many farmers who sow their crops only in the monsoon.

As such, when rainfall comes, they do look at each other’s smile and plant all vegetables, fruits, crops in their fields.

Losses of Rainy season

Too much rain can lead to flooding that can damage any property very much deadly. Other losses are more dependent on the individual. If someone doesn’t like the rain of getting their hair wet, then there is a downside to rain. If people have furniture or other things outside, then it is possible that their assets will get damaged. In this case, rain is said to be a bad thing.

Now, as it takes longer to stop on wet roads, people drive as if the roads are not wet, it can lead to accidents.
The rainy season is a result of some losses. Most of these are human born work where people face fatal results. Some other high loss occurring from the rainy season is given here below:

1. Land erosion

Because of heavy rain, the land gets eroded which fertile soil swings away. This is not good for the crops and the environment because of the cutting of lots of trees, the grip of tree roots with soil minimizes resulting in land erosion. It is then required to plan as many plants and trees to avoid such kinds of natural calamities.

2. Seasonal diseases

Seasonal diseases are very high in rainy seasons like cough colds, skin disease, malaria, and cholera. But, most of these diseases arise due to human pollution, and if it is seriously considered, there won’t be any disease from the rainfall.

3. Floods

Because of plentiful heavy rainfall, you might experience flood situation because of which many crops get damaged. But, this hazard also arises from a human being as the forests have been deforested because of which the water flow gets accelerated.

Further, the loss of capital is also because of humans as they build their living space near the rivers stopping down the flowing areas and causing flood conditions.


The rainy season is, no doubt the most essential and pleasing season of the year. This is mostly for the country where agriculture is taken to be an economic backbone. This season also replenishes the naturally occurring freshwater supplies and rejuvenates the life on earth.

As water is very important for life, and a pretty good amount of it is supplied by rains during the rainfall months. Without this, many green parts of the planet will turn into arid and dry desert, rendering no sign of any form of life.

This is the reason, the season serves to take the highest place among all seasons. So, one should respect it by collecting and harvesting in the rainy season. I hope you will like the essay on the rainy season.

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