Essay on Raksha Bandhan Festival for Students and Children in 700 Words

In this article you will read an essay on raksha bandhan festival for students and children in 700 words. It includes Rakhi festival Date, Importance, History, Story and Celebration.

Essay on Raksha Bandhan Festival for Students and Children in 700 Words

The celebration of the grand tradition of Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of unity. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the biggest festivals of the Hindus celebrated worldwide. This is the festival of love and affection between brothers and sisters.

When is Raksha Bandhan in 2021?

People celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan this 2021, Sun, Aug 22.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan festival

Rakhi festival, which is mainly related to North and Western areas of India, but nowadays people are celebrating it with the same enthusiasm all over the country. The way of celebration of festivals in various places in India and Worlds may differ, but the motive is always the same.

All states of India celebrate Raksha Bandhan with various names. The importance of Raksha Bandhan varies with every country and region. Raksha Bandhan has a different significance in the southern and coastal areas. People in northern and north-western parts of India celebrate Raksha Bandhan as Rakhi Purnima.

The festival of Rakhi is a celebration of the sacred bond of love between a brother and a sister. In the Western Ghats States, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka states, people celebrate Raksha Bandhan as Narial Purnima. Here Rakhi symbolizes the beginning of a new season for people dependent on the sea business.

This festival is also called Shravan or Kajari Purnima in Madhya, Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar. Rakhi is an essential day for farmers and women who have sons. People of Gujarat celebrate Raksha Bandhan as Pavitropana. Rakhi is the holy day for Hindu people when they all worship Lord Shiva.

Raksha Bandhan is the culmination of the prayers made throughout the year. Traditionally, on the day of Rakhi, the worship plate is prepared by sisters, which contain Lamp, Rice, Roli, Deep, and Rakhi. Sisters worship the deities and bind Rakhi on the brother’s wrist.

The sister binds Rakhi on the brother’s wrist, and both pray for the welfare of each other and the brother prays in all situations to take care of her sister.

Sisters in the festival of Rakhi wished for a long life of her beloved brother and brothers promises to protect sister throughout her life. On the day of Rakhi, all the brothers give gifts to their sisters.

This festival is celebrated with the same tradition still now, but over the centuries and new generation, the enthusiasm and celebration did in a monumental event. Now this ceremony has been celebrated more and more widely.

Raksha Bandhan is primarily a North Indian festival which gives birth to deep feelings of affection among the brothers and sisters. All Indians live all over the world celebrate this festival with great happiness.

Rakhi Preparations and Celebration

In the middle of the festival, ritual people follow with devotion. Rakhi and sweets people purchase before the full moon, but some sisters make mithai or sweets on their home.

According to tradition, all members of the family are prepared for this ritual soon. Before starting any preparation, they take a bath to cleanse the mind and body.

Sisters make Diya plate for worship. It contains rakhi, rice, kumkum powder, dia, incense sticks, and sweets. In return, blesses siblings and promises to save her from the evils of the world.

The sister tie the rakhi on his brother’s hand. Every brother gives a sweet gift to sisters for their love and affection. Customs and tradition can vary slightly in every area, but this festival is the same aura.

The Lord Krishna and Draupadi Story related to Raksha Bandhan

There are many mythological stories behind celebrating the Rakhi festival, but the most important is the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi.

Once it was the time of Makar Sankranti. Lord Krishna was cutting sugarcane for the worship of God, only then accidentally got hurt by a knife in one of his fingers.

Seeing this, Rani Rukmani immediately ordered some cloth to bind on Krishnas wound. In the same place, Draupadi was also present.

When Draupadi saw that Lord Krishna was bleeding with the finger, he immediately tore a piece of her sari and tied it on Krishna wound. Seeing this, Krishna pledged to help and protect Draupadi throughout his life.

After many years when Kauravas try to insult and strip Draupadi cloth, Lord Krishna helped him to save her respect and life. So, all the sisters of India celebrate this festival happily and still follow this tradition.

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