Speech on India Independence Day 15th Aug for Students and Children

In this post, we have published a long and short speech on India independence day (15 August) celebration for students and children in 500, 600 and 1500 Words. Before you skip to speeches must read significance and importance of 15 august Independence day in India.

Speech on India Independence Day 15th Aug for Students and Children

15th August 1947, is the most blessed and vital day of Indian history, because after around 200 years of slavery from British rule this day our country, India became free.

Their increasing atrocities disturbed all the Indians, and then the flames of revolt broke out, and many heroes of the country who bet their lives took pills and finally got peace after obtaining Independence. Our country got freedom on this day, so it is called Independence Day.

With India Independence, the Indians chose their first prime minister as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who hoisted the Tricolor flag at the Red Fort of the National Capital, New Delhi. Today, every Indian celebrates this special day as a festival.

1. Speech on India Independence Day on 15th August in 500 Words

Good morning to all my highly respected teachers, parents, and classmates. Today we are here to celebrate Independence Day. As we all know, Independence Day is a crucial occasion for all Indians.

The Independence Day of India is the most important day for all Indian citizens and has been mentioned forever in history. Independence Day is the day we liberate ourselves from British rule after many stages of hard struggle by our great freedom fighters.

We congratulate Independence Day every year on 15th August to remember the first day of India’s Independence and remember all the sacrifices of the magnificent freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to gain India’s Independence.

India gained Independence on 15th August 1947 from British rule. After Independence, we got all the fundamental rights in our nation, our homeland. Everyone should feel proud of being Indians and praising our destiny that we were born in an independent India.

During British rule, the British did ruthless behavior for our ancestors. We cannot imagine sitting here how it was difficult for India to relate to the British domain. It took many sacrifices from many freedom fighters and many decades of fighting between 1857 and 1947. Mangal Pandey (Indian soldier) in the British force raised the voice against the British for the Independence of India.

Later, many great freedom fighters fought and spent their entire lives to gain freedom. We can never forget the sacrifices of Lala Lajpat Rai, Bhagat Singh, Rani Lakshmibai, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Khudiram Bose, Ashfaqulla Khan, Vallabhbhai Patel, Mangal Pandey, Tatya Tope, Ram Prasad Bismil, Udham Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Sarojini Naidu and Madan Lal Dhingra who lost their lives just fighting for freedom of our country.

How can we forget all the struggles of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi? Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian leader who taught the Indians a great lesson in nonviolence. Finally, after such many years of struggle and sacrifice, it ended on 15th August 1947, when India gained freedom.

We are so lucky that our ancestors gave us freedom from the British. India is developing quickly in technology, education, sports, finance. The Indians are going ahead actively, taking part in games like Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and Asian Games. We have full rights to choose our government.

We have the greatest democracy in the world. Yes, now we are free and have complete freedom. However, we should not be free from the responsibilities of our country. We should always behave as a nation-building, responsible citizen of India.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

2. India Independence Day 15 Aug Speech in 600 Words

Good morning to all the teachers, parents, and my dear colleagues. Today we are here to commemorate the event of Independence Day on 15th August. We celebrate this day with much enthusiasm and joy each year because India got freedom on this day in 1947 from British rule.

We are here to celebrate the upcoming 73rd Independence Day. The people of India had suffered the brutal behavior of the British for many years. Today we Indians have freedom only because of decades of struggle by our ancestors.

Before 1947, people were the slaves of the British rule and forced to follow all their orders. Today we have the freedom to do any justified thing because of all our great Indian leaders and fighters who fought hard for many years to gain freedom against British rule.

We celebrate Independence Day all over India with Pleasure. Independence Day is an important day for all Indian citizens as it allows us to remember all freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives just for giving us a peaceful freedom life.

Before Independence, people could not receive our custom educations and live a healthy life like today. We should be grateful for the events held for freedom in India. The Indians were treated more severely, and the slaves by the British to carry out their orders.

Some exceptional freedom fighters in India are Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Udham Singh, Lala Lajpat Ray, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, and Azad Chandrasekhar. They were freedom fighters and leaders who fought hard for India’s freedom until the end of their life. We can not imagine how this horrible moment had fought against our ancestors.

Now, after many years of Independence, India is on the right path to development. Today India is a well-established democratic country in the world. Mahatma Gandhi dreamed of an independent India with nonviolence and peace.

After a century of struggle and rule by the British – India got freedom, we always deserved it. Men, women, and children are happy to live in this land for the first time. And today we are respecting the struggle of our ancestors.

Are we valuing this freedom and understanding that we, as citizens, have a responsibility to the nation as well?

India is our country, and we are its citizens. We must always be ready to save it from the enemy. It is our priority to lead our country and make India the best country in the world.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

3. Long Speech on India Independence Day, 15 Aug in 1500 Words

Honorable chief-guest, Respected Sir and my Dear Friends. It is a moment of great happiness and pride for me I spoke a few words today. On this occasion of Independence Day, 15th August is the day; all of us Indians are very proud of that.

On this day, we got rid of the British East India Company’s jackhammer rule. If today we are breathing in this open-air, it is all because of our great freedom fighters those devoted their lives for the Independence of our country.

India was a land of wealth called the “Golden Bird.” The British entered in India for trade, and slowly with their cunning strategies captured our country.

The policy they used to break us was the “divide and rule.” As we all know, India is a land of diversity, and the British have taken advantage of it. They divided us in the region’s name, religion, caste, and creed. We, like fools, get stuck in his plan and lose every bit of our land.

After several years in which their atrocities became intolerable, some revolutionaries like Mangal Pandey, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmi Bai, Lala Lajpat Rai, and many others took the courageous step to fight against British rule.

One important thing they did was to make their countrymen aware of Britain’s strategy of trying to divide the country to establish its government. After many efforts, they united the Indians to fight against the British and achieved Independence. It is through this Independence that these great freedom fighters cheerfully sacrificed their lives.

Dear friends, India is a vast country and having much diversity, such as regions, languages, religions, castes, and creeds. All Indians celebrate this day, regardless of their religion, caste, creed, region, and lingual group.

This spirit of “unity in diversity” was at the root of freedom from British rule. This is the spirit that has kept our country as a unity for the last 72 years. This is the spirit that is making our country an economic power and a superpower to become.

This spirit could not build in a day. However, it is the hard work of our foresighted leaders during the period of freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi and his followers instill confidence in people of all diversities that their unity is the primary requirement of freedom and Independence.

Our unity worked, and British rule ended on 15th August 1947. I take this opportunity to greet these freedom fighters who put their lives at risk across the country and who lived in the spirit of unity.

After achieving Independence, our prominent leaders cherished the ethos of the freedom movement in the country’s constitution. We are a secular democratic country, and our constitution allows the dignity of all citizens with strengthening the harmony, unity, and integrity of the country. Our law respects all Indians of any religions, casts, or regions.

We have to remain cautious of the plans of some corrupt politicians and people who are raising local issues to undermine national unity and integrity. Some anti-national forces are doing corruption and terrorism as tools to slow our country’s economic development and prosperity.

Today is the opportune day to redeem our promise of unity and integrity of the nation. We also pledge to remain united against corruption and terrorism.

Over the years, our country witnessed several difficulties. We have seen our country prosper in education, science, technology, infrastructure, agriculture, and industrialization. We saw a series of evil activities, like some terrible terrorist attacks and other political scams that took us down. However, the spirit of our country is in up movements.

Today we are here to give tribute to the sacrifices of the glorious heroes and to welcome the spirit of unity between us. We always remember that we are one, from Gujrat to Bengal and Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

No matter how corrupt politicians try to divide us into language, region, etc., we should understand that this is only for some of its political advantages and not for the benefit of the country. Therefore, on this Independence Day, we must commit ourselves to work for the nation and its union with our total dedication.

At the time of Independence, there were many provinces, divisions in India. Sardar Vallabhai Patel, popularly known as an iron man from India, united all these divisions and did so. Dr.B. R. Ambedkar played the leading role in preparing a constitution for India.

Thus it fulfilled the complete Independence to India. First general elections held and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became India’s first independent prime minister.

During 72 years after Independence, India has developed in all areas of Science and Technology. We have developed several missiles using our technology. Many talented scientists, political leaders, and economists have led the country on the path of development.

India is such of the few countries that can launch satellites on our own. However, though, there are many areas to develop, and India is still a developing country.

Even after so many durations of Independence, India is facing many problems. Some of them are terrorism, communal disputes, economic crisis, etc.

Still, many terrorist attacks are occurring in the country. The country is not yet economically stable. Many attacks are happening on the women. There is required to take necessary social activities to eliminate these issues.

As India is having a unique feature of Oneness in Diversity, as future citizens of India, you must all maintain that unity and assist the nation in its development. You must work hard, study well, and reach the top in your concern fields.

Do not forget your homeland. Do as much as you can for the development of the nation, and India can only become a developed nation with all its collective work. I hope you realize your dreams, also the aspirations of the country.

We are so lucky that our ancestors gave us a status of happiness and peace where we can sleep the entire night with no fear and work the entire day at our college or home or office. Our country is developing rapidly in technology, education, sports, finance, and various other areas that were almost impossible before freedom.

India is a country rich in nuclear power. We are going ahead by actively taking part in sports like the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and Asian games. We have full rights to choose our government and enjoy the greatest democracy in the world.

Yes, we are free, and we have total freedom, but we should not be free from the responsibilities of our country. As a responsible citizen of the nation, we must always be ready to deal with any emergency in our country.

On every celebration of Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the flag on Red Fort, New Delhi and gives a speech to the nation. He explains the mission and vision of national development.

As our strength and capability has been continuously increasing, on the occasion of the previous Independence Day celebration, the prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has given the message about India empowerment by “Make in India.”

His speech “Therefore, I want to appeal to all the people of the world, from the walls of the Red Fort, “Come, Make in India,” “Come to manufacture in India.” Sell in any country in the world, but manufacture here.

We have the ability, the talent, the discipline, and the determination to do something. We want to give the world a favorable opportunity that comes here, “Come and Make in India” and let’s tell the world, from electric to electronics, “Come and Make in India”, from automobiles to agrarian value “Come, Make in India”, paper or plastic, “Come, Make in India” satellite or submarine “Come and Make in India”. Our country is powerful. Come on; I am giving you an invitation.”

Thus we should empower our nation’s capabilities to make the maximum products inside the country. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Vande Mataram!

I hope you liked these speeches on India Independence Day 15th August for Students and Children.

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