Essay on Student College Life: Feeling Amazing Times

In this article, we have published Essay Student College Life: This essay includes every day life of a college student.

When we were at school, what we wanted was the earliest admission to the university. Why is this happening?

We want to get rid of the same uniform every day. Not only that, we began to consider freedom from homework, tuition, tiffin boxes, and strict discipline.

Finally, on the first day of climbing the first step of college, we realize that we have reached a different world. Out of the school boundary, our body, and mind fly like free birds.

Neither the parents are restrained, nor the teachers get scolded. We have tried to cover such moments of college life here, which are like a dream for us in school days:

Getting up late in the morning:

Compared to school, we do not have the tension of running in the morning. Classes start late in college. Sleeping late and getting up late goes on.

We wake up sleeping comfortably. You can read newspapers or enjoy TV while drinking tea. Thereafter, Mummy’s handshake takes a snack and goes for a bath.

Just one notebook:

We get rid of the heavy school bag forever at the college. Now a notebook is enough. Not only this, but we also have stylish bags on our shoulders instead of boring school bags, in which we can carry makeup accessories, camera or our favorite gadget.

Fashion and Tashan:

Everyone wants to be identified with fashionable clothes and unique style and get into college after getting freedom from school dress. Going shopping and finding a competitive market for new clothes, accessories, and bags becomes a daily pastime.

Not only this, most of our pocket money is spent on clothes. It is hardly possible that we repeat any dress in a week.

Pocket money expenditure:

Where we spend less in pocket money during school days, our expenses increase by coming to college.

The pocket money received seems less. Mother also supports financially after spending the money received from the father. They understand that the child has grown and requires more cash.


College means many friends and fun. While our group in school is small, by coming to college, this group of friends suddenly becomes very large.

Not only this, but students from different corners of the country also join our friend list. Gossip, picnic, party, sharing-caring, and fight-fighting are going on with these friends.

What to fear if the class is bunked:

There is no compulsion to attend all the classes in college. By relaxing class bunk, we can chat with our friends, go to a movie or even a party at a friend’s house. Yes, do not do this every day or else it will affect your career.

Fun at Canteen:

Canteen is always an essential part of college life. Since the school days, we have many fantasies about canteen.

Especially whenever we saw a scene of a restaurant in a Bollywood film, we were filled with joy and excitement, thinking we too would have fun in the canteen.

Although a real-life canteen may not be as luxurious and lavish as a real life canteen, there is plenty of Happening. We remember gossip, food, and canteen drinks.

If the number is low, then what is the tension:

We get freedom from the test that takes place every week in school. Not only this, there is no tension to bring nine numbers in 10. Yes, we want to score well in the final exam. But even if you cannot get more numbers, there is no decrease in confidence.

Love of college:

When we give our heart to a particular face in college, we do not know. For that person, we do not know what to do. We won’t miss an opportunity to talk to her and get close to her. Often this love of college goes up, and occasionally when it does not, it is always with us as a sweet memory.

My entrance to college after graduating from school was an important event in my life. I felt very excited on the first day. The college world is big. School teachers are strict and often use a cane to beat boys. Academic teachers are like older brothers. 

Some even involve teachers in political topics and discuss them thoroughly. Classes at school were occupied from the first period to the last. But in college, we attend classes for three or four periods. It is not punished to be late for class.

College life has raised a great deal of political awareness. I also have a good foundation. The election of the University Alliance, which was a lot of acquisitions, gave me my first democratic experience.

Sometimes political leaders discuss the key issues facing the country. Then I feel that I am not only a college student but also a national citizen of this country.

There happen strikes in college.  It looks like trade unions. I do not like this. I love student life because it is for freedom, intellectual awakening, and various academic and extracurricular activities. Even after completing my education, I will never forget my happy days in college.


Being in college is a tough experience, but in the following times, it becomes the most favorite phase of your life. The high school has its importance. People say that a person cannot forget their college days, and this is true to a large extent.

In later life, if you are asked which part of your life you would like to live again, most of you would like to live your college days again.

Although there are many phases of life, these phases give shape to our personality and determine how we will become adults in the following times.

Finally, we can say that college life is a beautiful joy and memory. In general, every day spent in college is full of colorful activities such as freedom, special breaks, competitions, and functions. There is no question that college life is a fantastic part of academic life. Its charm never fades.

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