My Hobby Essay for Students and Children in 1000 Words

Here you will read a My Hobby essay for students and children in 1000 words. It includes info about my hobbies, benefits of having a hobby, 10 lines and conclusion.

My Hobby Essay for Students and Children in 1000 Words

A hobby is something that an individual wants to do in his leisure time. Hobbies can also be said as a person’s personal interest. It is a type of pleasant activity that someone would like to do, bringing joy and happiness to him

Hobbies can be anything that a person finds interesting; they can be reading, writing, watching movies, playing games, going out somewhere for refreshment, cooking and many other things.

Different people have different activities as their hobbies. A hobby provides relief, refreshment, and a sense of satisfaction apart from the routine work of the day.

In today’s world where everyone is seemingly so busy and involved in their day-to-day activities, getting some spare time for ourselves is necessary. 

This is the time that we spend on our hobby, without even having knowledge about it, to keep ourselves fresh and active.

For some people, hobbies can be something that they love to do, while for others, it might be an extra source of income.

Wouldn’t it be great if you get paid to do something you love? In this way, hobbies offer us an opportunity to take a break from the full and monotonous life and get some enjoyment and refreshment.

My Favourite Hobby

There are many things that I like to do when I get some spare time. The favorite thing that I like the most is playing football. After completion of the scheduled studies, homework and other daily activities, I prefer to spend most of my free time playing football.

I was always fascinated by football, but I started to play and learn about the game when I was six years old. It is a wonderful game that makes me feel refreshed and relaxed.

In our school, I play football with my friends and classmates during the game period. Apart from it, if we get any leisure time in school or if any teacher is absent, we go to the school ground to play the game. 

I have also participated in some football tournaments and have represented our school in the district level championship. No doubt I am not a professional football player, but if I get a chance to be one, I will try my best to be one.

I play and practice football at home too, as I have a complete kit to play the game. I also watch the national, international, and club tournaments of football on TV. It is a game that I am really passionate about. I always get excited when I get to play football, as it is my favorite hobby.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

Out of our busy schedule and boring work, we always need some time to take part in such activities that bring joy to us and make us feel happy.

A hobby is such an activity that is really beneficial for our mental health. It reduces our stress, improves our mental well-being and creates a feeling of satisfaction and happiness in our minds.

Here are some of the significant benefits that we get from our hobbies.

1. Stress reliever

Hobbies are completely pleasure filling activities that fill our minds with positive emotions and relieve stress. It works as a distraction from our busy schedule, and we gradually start enjoying the process.

2. It unleashes our talents

We can never really know what we are capable of unless we try to do something. Our hobbies help us to explore ourselves and our talents. We can discover the qualities within us in we are actually good at.

3. It can provide an extra source of income

You may find a hobby that can act as an extra source of income in the form of a part-time job. Like, some people prefer to make handicrafts in their spare time, which can be sold for a good value. 

If you are into gardening, you can offer your services to others. If you are good at explaining things properly and like to teach people, then you can be a tutor. All these hobbies can not only be interesting for you but also be a source of income.

4. Hobbies help you stay refreshed

When you’re doing what you like, you have peace of mind. You stay physically and mentally active and refreshed. It boosts your self-confidence to do things and improves your self-esteem. You get self-motivated to do things even better.

10 Lines on My Hobby in English

  1. An individual should have something that refreshes him after a busy working day, something that can make him feel relaxed and energetic and relieve his stress.
  2. This is what is called a hobby, an activity, or a type of work that makes you spend some quality time enjoying it.
  3. My Hobby is playing football; although there are numerous games, I like football as it demands an overall sense throughout the game.
  4. There are two teams in the game, players of which targets to make the most number of goals to win the match.
  5. Normally, there are 11 players in each team; however, we also play the game with 5 members on each team.
  6. Whenever we get a game period in our school, I play football with my friends.
  7. I am a huge fan of our national football team, and my dream is to play in that team one day.
  8. Football is a beautiful game, and playing the game with my friends makes me feel better every time.
  9. I have also represented our school by playing for the school team in local tournaments.
  10. I want to be a successful footballer.

Conclusion of My Hobby Essay

One way to end the monotony is to focus on a hobby that we can not only enjoy by ourselves, but also pass our time in a meaningful and pleasurable way. Football is one of the most popular hobbies throughout the world. 

It is a wonderful game with a lot of mental, personal, physical and psychological benefits. Further, I have earned a good name in my locality and my circle because of football. I have received a lot of appreciation, medals, and trophies because I am good at playing the game. 

I am very much inspired by our Indian football team, and I always watch all their love matches. It has really helped me in playing well on the football ground.

I think that I can have a bright career in football, but since I am a school student, for now, it is just a hobby for me. Maybe in the future, I’ll get a chance to prove myself and try my level best to be a professional football player.

I hope you loved reading My hobby essay.

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