Parents Day in the United States, Date, Importance, Celebration, History

The fourth Sunday of July is the day of parents in the United States (USA). This celebration is a kind of combination of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Parents Day in the United States, Date, Importance, Celebration, History


It established holidays in 1994 by President Bill Clinton as a day that recognizes raises and supports the role of parents in bringing up children.

The resolution, adopted unanimously by the House and the Senate, was signed by the chairman of the House, Thomas Foley, and the chairman pro tempore Senate, Robert Byrd. President Clinton approved the resolution on October 14th, 1994.

This commemoration is supported by the Church of the Union, which also celebrates it, but at a different date. According to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court of the United States of Justice, Parents’ Day is significant and will one day replace Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

This celebration is much essential because it minimizes traditional gender-specific roles. However, while Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are also trendy in the U.S., Parent’s Day will not replace them soon.

The establishment of the Parents Day resulted from a bilateral, multiracial and interfaith coalition of civic, religious, and elected leaders who recognized the necessity to promote responsible parenting in our society and raise ideal parenting patterns, especially for the children of the nation.

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Parenting Day has become popular in other countries as well. For example, this day is observed in South Korea but takes place annually on May 8th. The United Nations created World Parents Day, which happens on June 1st.

Since the deciding of this yearly day of commemoration, local religious communities, elected officials and activists throughout the country have creatively started many activities related to the theme of the Parents day, whose aim is to celebrate and strengthen the traditional roles of the parents.

The National Council of Parents do not imagine the Day of the Parents being a “different” day of honoring parents, but a day when parents worship by their children and the Ideal of a family-focused on God through re-dedication to manifest the highest standard of unconditional love truth.

Opportunity for celebrating to parent combines:

Establishing Parents Day is an excellent opportunity for communities, organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples to honor exemplary parents and encourage families around the world to take care in our most valuable relation – our children.

The most interesting of these activities is the recognition of outstanding couples as parents’ patterns that honors as “Parents of the Year” at the national, state, local, and community levels.

There encourages you to get involved in helping the recognize outstanding parents worthy of recognition by establishing a Parents Selection Commission in your community or neighborhood.

It is also recommended that such parents nominate to the National Parents Council of the day or to the National Office to be elected “Parents of the Year” at the state or national level.

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Why parents’ day is essential?

In every culture and time, the family has become the most primary human institution. The family is the starting point of life, the maintainer of well-being and the school of love.

The family begins with joining a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, becoming a father and mother, and parents. The most significant human relationship is the parent-child relationship.

Commitment to the family has always been a core value:

Tragically, however, what has often been considered a standard value, considered being common sense, even understood as evidence in the past, is sometimes not today.

As the nation struggles with the consequences of family breakdown, violence among family members and many other critical problems, more and more voices call for a re-examination of our priorities and fundamental values. Too often, we let other fears take precedence over our duties as parents. Is there a more important calling than raising and supporting a child?

Unfortunately, our popular culture over the last decades has emphasized self-fulfillment and complacency. Such self-centeredness is contrary to the essence of parenthood, which is mainly not associated with unconditional, pure love.

Parents’ day is an opportunity to recognize and promote parenthood as an inner calling for our families and communities. It is more than just a time to celebrate. It is an opportunity to comment on what is essential in our society.

This is a chance to create a positive tradition based on the fundamental saying – that the role of parents is crucial in raising and developing children, and therefore requires support, focus, and commitment.

All citizens, government and legislative organizations at the local, state and federal level encourages to celebrate the Parents Day through proclamations, actions and educational efforts to recognize, uplift and support the role of parents in raising children.

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What can you do to pay respects to parents?

The Parents Coalition invites all people of faith and conscience to celebrate together and promote the Ideal of a family-focused on God.

The coalition tries to educate couples to become more effective in establishing stable, loving families and promoting parenthood as the most important work they will ever have.

The activities of the Parents Coalition in which it can participate include:

Parents Day Celebration – Join by creating Parents’ Day – the fourth Sunday of every July – a special day to raise parenthood. Whether it is your city coalition, civic organization or religious congregation, make sure that your community enters this important commemoration day.

There occurs the selection of Parents of the Year – from the local to the national level. The Parents Coalition organization honors “Parents of the Year,” couples who are an example of the standard and Ideal of godly parenting.

Contact Parents Coalition organization to find out how you can take part in your area, nominating worthy couples, serving in the selection committee, etc. If you desire to volunteer or know someone and like to nominate for “Parents of the Year,” fill out the convenient online form and Nomination for Parents Day.


The involvement of parents brings benefits to the child and the parents themselves. Helps children learn positive personal qualities, habits, beliefs, and values, as the family teach, and improve their communication behaviors with elders.

For families, it helps to understand parenthood and child development. In the relation of the parent’s dedication to their children, a Parents day celebration reinforces the relations and their roles.

May all parents have a Great Day!