Essay on Importance of Mother in Our Life for Students & Children in 1000 Words

In this article, read a persuasive essay on importance of mother in our life for students and children in 1000 words. It includes about role and love of a mother with her caring for kids. School and college students can take help in competition by writing essay on maa / mom / mother for various classes.

Essay on Importance of Mother in Our Life (1000+ Words)

‘Maa’ or ‘Mom’ is a word that takes every child of the world first from his mouth after coming into this world. Father and mother in this world are those forms of God who see us with no selfishness, teach us, send to school, colleges and always pray to God that our children will not get any irritation and he gets every success in their life.

We cannot expect a life without a mother so we must know the importance of mother. If there were no mother, then we would not have existed in this world. “Maa” is the most natural word in the world, in this name Lord, himself dwells.

Mothers Love Toward

When the newborn arrives in this world, the most disgusting person is the mother of the newborn. She feels like she has got the world’s most prized thing.

Mother is prepared to manage anything for her children. This is not only happening in human beings but in every kind of creature as well. If the trouble is coming to the child, then the mother arrives ahead first.

Mom is most concerned about the future of her children, and anyone does not love more than her mother. Mother loves much more her child, but for knowing that the progeny is strolling on the incorrect route, then she calls him like a guru and interprets it to him, and if needed, then she also puts two hands on them.

There is no one in this world than the mother, and if the mother is not there, then this world is identical to the desert. Mothers should never get hurt.

This word “mother” is precious. Mother is not only the word but the basis of our living. It is tough to live without a mother’s accompaniment. In the morning until we do not hear the mother’s voice, it has not happened in the morning, or today is the Sunday.

This is thinking who is a more significant angle in-between the Mother and God, it falls into the big conscience. So, everyone needs to understand the importance of mother because no one can be as real as her.

Mothers Support For Her Family

Mother always supports together in our good and bad times. For the mother, their children are exact. More than others in her life, she always takes care of and loves us.

She gives us a priority in her life and supports hope in our bad times. The mother, who gets very happy while the child born. She co-operates us in every affair and tries to solve all our problems.

The relationship between mother and children is precious, that never lasts. No, any mother ever reduces her love and upbringing with her children.

“Maa” is the first word for all of us, which we remember in every sorrow and pain first. The name of God also forgets in the person’s pain but never forgets the name of the mother.

Mother is that part of our life without which it is tough to live life. The children’s love may be less for the mother, but the mother’s love never becomes less for her children. In the crisis, even the mother may sleep hungry at night, but she never let it sleeping hungry her children.

The mother remains like this. Mother loves many her children, even if she wore herself old clothes, but she buys new clothes for her children, sleeping in her wet place and let it facilitate sleeping her children in a comfortable place.

It is a matter of dignity to say about mother. They are a very fortunate whose mother is there. Mother always wants to be with her children when the child comes from school; the mother gives them food.

She asks him what happened in the school today and the food ate or not wholly in school. A mother can do anything for her children, like the Lamb (goat’s kid); She dares to fight with the lion and protect her child. This is a common story to understand the importance of a mother.

If the mother becomes angry with the child, then she cannot be patient for a few longs time without speaking with them. Mother keeps an uninterrupted fast for the happiness of her children and takes a full day fast without taking water. It does not know that God is a mother or God comes in the form of a mother in this world to protect us.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is a day when every child celebrates it specifically for their mothers. It is celebrated annually as a significant event of the year on the second Sunday of May. Nowadays, schools celebrate Mother’s Day in the presence of their children.

Greeting cards, a vivid card, or other unique gifts are given to the mother by their children. On this day, family members go out to taste some delicious and enjoy more. Mothers give some gifts and much love and care to their children.

Their children especially invite mothers to the school where teachers, children, and mothers enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother and child do some activities to enjoy this day fully. Mothers prepare some special dishes such as macaroni, chow mien, dessert, biscuits, etc. for their children according to their interests.

Mothers also take part in other activities such as dance, singing, speech, etc. The children take part in poetry lessons, conversations, dance, singing, and essay writing, which are related to Mother’s Day. At the end of the festival, mothers serve specially prepared dishes for all students and teachers in the class. All people eat together and enjoy.

Role of Mother in Our Life

Mother’s role is always different in our lives and is priceless to other ones engaged in life. Of course, Mother’s entire day passes to rendezvous our needs. She does not want to return anything from her children. She loves them with an open heart.

Being a progeny, we furthermore love the mother and take care of her. As a dwelling God, in the life of every individual, the mother is the most distinct in the world, who takes all the sorrows of her children and devotes them love and protection.

The child is very proud of whose mother is there. Without a mother, this world looks like a rotten desert. I sometimes think that if you did not have me, then what would have happened to me in this fake world, who was to love me and ask me repeatedly to eat corn.

When someone beat me, then who was to fight with them and kept me in the embrace, caressing me… I love you so much, Maa.


Mother is the person who awakens for them in the bad days and diseases of their children overnight. It involves her in every happiness, and she understands all his/her likes and dislikes.

Maa habitually guides her children to proceed on the right path and motivates them to go on the right way in life. She is our first teacher who provides us with new lessons at every step of life and distinguishes us from the difference between right and wrong.

She always teaches and explains us discipline, behave well, and responsibility and role for the family, society, and country. I hope you like this essay on importance of mother in our life.

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