International Friendship Day (Date, History, Importance, Celebration)

Do you want to know about International Friendship Day? If yes, then in this article you will read Its International Friendship Day (Date, History, Importance, Celebration). This article is written in 700+ Words. It is also called World friendship day.

Introduction (International Friendship Day)

International Friendship Day is the day to encourage people to be friendly and make new friends. Also, this day aware everyone about the importance of friendship.

History of Friendship Day

In 1935, a declaration by the US Congress, on August 1, the first Sunday of August was announced as a holiday in the United States in honour of friends. Since then, they organise World Friendship Day every year in August.

When International Friendship Day is Celebrated?

International Friendship Day Celebrated on July 30
Friendship Day in India 30 July

Importance of Friendship Day

Humans are a social organism, and they always need a friend to live in this world. To celebrate the great feeling of friendship every year friendship day is celebrated.

Many other countries around the world have happily accepted this beautiful idea of ​​celebrating Friendship Day, and today, many countries, including India, celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August every year.

Celebration of International Friendship Day

Traditionally celebrating Friendship Day, people meet their friends and exchange greeting cards and flowers to honor their friends. Many social and cultural organizations also mark this occasion and celebrate Friendship Day together by hosting various programs.

Some organizations ultimately celebrate Friendship Day with different rituals at different times. For example, People celebrates –

  • National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.
  • Women Friendship Day on the third Sunday of August.
  • The International Month of Friendship in February.
  • Old Friends, New Friends is the third week of May.

What is Friendship?

Friendship is a dedicated relationship between two people in which both have real feelings of love, without any demands and misunderstanding. Also, there is a sense of care and affection for each other. Friendship is usually between two people whose thoughts, emotions, and preferences are the same.

People believed that there is no limit to age, gender, status, caste, religion, and creed in friendship, but it is sometimes seen that economic inequality or other discrimination harm the friendship. They also say that the right and real friendship between two types of minds and a similar situation build a feeling of affection for each other.

There are many friends in the world, who are always together at the time of prosperity, but only real, sincere and trustworthy friends, do not let alone at the time of bad times, difficulties and problems of his or her friend. Bad times tell you about who are your good and bad friends. Everyone is attracted to money by nature, but real friends never let us feel bad.

Whenever we need money or other collaboration, however, borrowing money from friends sometimes creates much risk in friendship. Friendship can be influenced by others or by yourself at any time, so we need to balance friendship relations.

Friendships sometimes break down due to the talk of egoism and self-esteem. True friendship requires proper understanding, contentment, and trust. Real friends never exploit, but inspire one another to do the right thing and help in life.

However, sometimes, some fake and fraudulent friends change the meaning of friendship completely, which always uses the wrong way in some other way. Some people tend to be friends as soon as possible, but as soon as their meaning is complete, the job done, they also end their friendship.

Saying wrong about friendship is impossible, but a careless person is indeed betrayed in friendship. Nowadays, it is challenging to find real friends in the crowd of bad and good people. However, if anyone has real friends, then besides this, the world is not fortunate and talented. True friendship can also be between humans and animals.

There is no doubt that our best friends help us in our difficulties and the bad times of life. Friends always try to protect us from dangers and from time to time. Real friends are the best assets of our lives, such as they share sadness with us, distribute our pain, and try to keep us happy.


International Friendship Day is celebrated only to explain to people how friendship is important in our life. Also why every person need a good and best friend in his or her life? I hope you like this information about International Friendship Day.

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