Essay on Social Media for Students & Children in 1000+ Words

Here, you will read an Essay on Social Media for students and children in 1000+ Words and its impact on youth in 1100 Words. This satire essay also includes the positive and negative impact of social media on society and youth.

Introduction (Essay on Social Media)

Social media is an online platform for online social interaction. It is also called as Social networking websites or apps. Some top social media companies are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Means online interaction and communication between different age groups of people. It may be in any form like a web application, website, or smartphone application.

Most of the people also use it for regular communication with their families, relatives, consumers, clients, and some for fun chatting. Most of the youth of all over the world use any kind of social media to interact with their friends and colleagues.

Social media is the most prominent means of communication in today’s era. It has also become a crucial part of the daily life of today’s human beings. This is an essential means of keeping people engaged with each other.

Uses of Social media

Lots of people use social media for business purposes. Almost every brand has their own social media pages. People follow them and the brands advertise to get more and more sales.

Some people use it to become popular. They create good videos and images to attract users, and then people follow them.

But in today’s world, social media is now a morning snack. Almost every person wakes up in the morning and first sees what are recent updates in his or her social media account.

Social networking sites and apps are the cheapest communication service in this world. Just, you have an internet service plan. You can make video calls, message and send documents and do more. So, anyone can talk with his or her relatives or family persons in anywhere in world.

Social media helps us to reach an event happening in our country and abroad immediately. We can use social media using any means of a computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are leading social media platforms. Through this, any news can be spread all over the country and abroad momentarily.

Social media has now become the fastest communication medium in the world. Its popularity is also increasing in people. Nowadays, every age group is using social networking websites.

Just as there are two sides of a coin, meaning that anything has positive and negative effects, so there are many types of positive and negative effects of social media too. Social media is suitable for work, but now people are using it to do the wrong things.

Positive effects of Social media

Social media is used to perform various types of tasks. Through this, any urgent news sent to millions of people throughout the moment and information provided to them immediately with the help of text, image, and video posts or presentation.

Today technology has increased so much that we can sit in the corner of a country and talk to each other of our family members or friends living in other countries and can interact with each other via text messages and video conferencing.

Nowadays, peoples are running many types of knowledgeable video channels on YouTube for education and knowledge, through which any person can acquire knowledge of any kind and share their knowledge among others. Nowadays, through this, any person can quickly learn any work sitting at home.

Through this, any person can quickly fill up a form, send money, send or receive messages, talk to peoples all over the world. In the past, when there was no Internet and social media, people received many information months later or too late.

In the event of an incident, people used to send letters to them; then the information was received by the other person, which took much time.

People share their business through social media, and people also get the opportunity to earn money online through this. Nowadays, social media likes children and teachers more because children can learn a lot while sitting at home, and teachers can access their information through social media and can earn some money through them. People can also do social work by sharing their knowledge online, which makes them an entrepreneur and a famous person on social media.

Nowadays all people show their talents on social media and earn money from them . Also, to get someone’s photos, videos, etc., can be easily accessed through social media.

Social media has become a new entertainment tool for all people nowadays. People connect with their family relatives and take advantage of it.

Negative effects of Social media

What is not enjoying social media is getting worse nowadays? It also hurts people. Children of today who are showing much interest in social media, their time is being wasted on social media, not in studies.

They spend most of their time on social networking site on chatting and video calls. Because people have used social media a lot since then, diseases have also increased in people. It is because people sit in front of their computer and mobile phone for many hours.

Lack of exercise, playing, and physical activities peoples face different health issues. It also causes significant damage to the eyes of the people and also makes a difference in their intelligence.

Many people do cybercrime through social media. As people steal someone’s password, take their personal information from them, or steal their mobile photos and videos. Recently we also have seen some Ransomware attacks all over the world.

Hackers make people fool. Many people do not have the right and complete information about social media. They come into the trap of someone else so that all their money stolen from their account.

Also, people are blackmailed by hacking their things. There are several types of such sites, and links that are sent through social media which are very tempting to people and people are trapped in it. Do not open unknown sites and links.


We can say stop using social media for fun. We have to use social media only for contacting our relatives and for business purposes. Social media is not a place to enjoy.

Also, set Privacy option seen for “only to your me and friends” because sharing your information on the internet is no more safe in this century. Last tips always contact with various clients only via business social profiles.

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