Letter to Bank Manager with Sample formats

On this page, you will get a guide on how to write a letter to a bank manager. We have also provided some sample formats letters for easy writing.

Sample format 1- Letter to Bank manager for account transfer to another branch

Branch Manager Name,
Bank name
Branch Address

Sub: Account Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, I ask that you transfer my bank account from the present branch to your branch situated in (Address and area name). As I have relocated (City name to City name) and it will be more suitable for me to handle my account operation from the above-mentioned branch. (Show your genuine reason and condition).

I have no unresolved obligations with the same branch, so please transfer my account accordingly on an exigent basis to avoid any hassle regarding my daily business dealings.

My account details are as under:
Title of the Account: Name
Account Number: 000-111-222-333

Your swift action in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Contact no. and signature

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Sample format 2- Letter to Bank manager for Authorization letter to deposit cash

Account holder Name
Account holder Address


Bank Manager
Bank Name
Bank Branch Address

Sub:  Deposit cash in bank account number 123-456-89.

Dear Sir,

I am penning this letter to permit my son, (name), to deposit an amount of INR 40,000 in my bank account number 123-456-78 with your esteem bank on my behalf as I am not staying well. The Adhar Card No. of my son is IND112233, the self-attested photocopy of which has been attached to this letter.

Here are the details of the currencies:

500 X 80 = INR 40000

I also give permission and accept the Bank with this letter to debit my account number 123-456-78 in case of a shortfall because of fake currency or phony notes without any intimation.

I, hereby, assert that I will not keep the Bank liable for any ECS or dishonor or cheque as a result that may get dropped because of the retrieval of the shortfall amount. I state that I recognize that the Bank will be following the rules and procedures concerning fake money or counterfeit notes.

In case of any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me at (mobile number).

Kindly deposit on my behalf

Thanking in anticipation
Account holder name

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Sample format 3- Write a Letter to Bank manager to close bank account


The Manager,
Bank Name,
Branch Address,

Subject: Closure of Savings Bank Account No: 0000000000

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are hereby requested to please close my Savings Bank Account number 0000000000 as I am not in a position to manage the same due to inescapable conditions. My checkbook, passbook, debit card, and credit card (whatever relevant) are returned herewith.

You are requested to please refund my balance sum through a demand draft or transfer the balance amount through NEFT to my other bank account as per following details-

Account Holder’s Name:

Account No: 11111111111
Name of Bank:
IFSC code:

Please carry on my request as soon as feasible; because I am in pressing need of the money, and I would be grateful if you can close the account and move the funds at the earliest.

I am thanking in anticipation.


Your Signature
(Your Name& Signature)

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