Letter to Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) – Two formats for letter-writing competition

In this article, we have published 2 letters to Mahatma Gandhi – one is a letter to dear Bapu you inspired me and the second one is Bapu you are still living in our heart. You can take the help of these two formats for letter-writing competition.

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Letter 1: Letter to Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi)–Dear Bapu You Inspired Me

Dear Bapu,

I am writing this letter to say how you evoked the sign of inspiration in me. I respect you for great respect for writing a letter to follow love and peace. My respect towards you has increased since I decided to write about you. You are a role model, not only to me, rather to millions of others who are inspired by you. 

Your principles and ideas are still alive after 30th Jan 1948. You have inspired many people worldwide to follow ahimsa. The world has a huge mark of respect towards you and for that; I wish you were alive today to see this.

You left this world, or rather were mercilessly snatched from us years ago, even before my father was born. So, it is sure that I never got to meet you. But my grandfather, who had seen and heard you twice, do talk about you often. We would try to imagine you with the description he gave “Who patle duble the lekin tez chalet the (He was lean and think but still walked briskly),” my grandfather would speak. But do not get misled by his frail frame. Gandhi Ji was a man of steely determination. 

I thank you for all the movements and principles that made our country to be free from Britishers. 

Dear Gandhi Ji, you inspired me by your movements and principles. Your principles of Satyagraha and non-violence had given a vast change in many people’s lives. You made our country (India) to be independent through your principles causing no damage to people or hurting anyone. You started the Dandi movement to save the poor from various kinds of humiliations by Britishers for paying taxes on salt. 

Further, you understood the suffering of many people and started this movement. Even if he was old by then, still you traveled from Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram by walk. And you started the Quit India Movement against Britishers rule in India where they were recruiting Indians for the war. You strongly protested and said that Indians cannot involve in a war that is in favor of Democratic purpose. 

So, you started the non-cooperation movement against the Britishers by realizing that they cannot be involved in a war that they’re in India only because of the cooperation they receive from us. You inspired many through the Swadeshi movement for using only the Indian goods and you helped the Muslims by Khilafat movement. You made many movements back then that helped both the common people and poor people. 

You gave equal importance to the normal people and Harijans and you fought against discriminations made by Britishers. All these things could many anyone, especially me to be inspired a lot by you Bapu. You are not only an inspiration, rather also a role model for many people who not only in India but also outside residing in foreign countries. 

My letter to you doesn’t stop here. 

The principle of non-violence is a great principle that brings safety and world peace. Wars are not the solution to any kind of problem, and these are my views that have been inspired by you. I will be glad if the rest of the world will have the same mindset as subjected by you.

The principles and ideas that you have introduce arises my feelings to meet you at least once in my lifetime. India will surely develop and benefit from your principle of non-violence. I admire your views and ideas to a greater extent. 

You treated everyone equally and were selfless. I am truly been inspired by your qualities and wish to do something good for the country as a result of the inspiration that I received from you. You were a great leader that alway thought about others.

Following the idea of “Ahimsa” and having a simple life is the perfect way to lead a life. This relaxes the soul and brain with a stress-free mark on human health. You have also made me realize the crucial necessity of education.

I might not be an average Gandhian, after all, I live in the West, I don’t wear khadi or even sari, and I certainly don’t abstain from alcohol. But I do think of myself as a Gandhian, and the reason I have presented here below:

Because I believe in self-reflection – To me, the greatest quality of Bapu was the fact that his whole life was an experiment of self improvement. He explored almost every fact of his personality striving to make himself a better person than who he was. Even if he made many mistakes, still he continued to take out the best of himself; as he was only human.

Because I believe in non-violence – Bapu’s ideas of nonviolence is mostly illustrated with his peaceful resistance against India’s British colonizers. But for him, nonviolence was a far, all-embracing concept. This includes thoughts, through actions and even through words. He identified that the smallest, careless act could hurt someone, somewhere. So, in this essence, nonviolence was to Gandhiji, about living consciously as one can through every effort, and be aware of the action on the people, creature, of the environment around oneself.

Because I believe in simple living Even if this is not something I do practice and would like to right now because I live in a city, caught up in the pressures of making a living, it is an ideal I aspire to. When it comes to face the world around you, what does it really take and what would you need? A shelter over the heads, enough to ear, a sense of satisfaction and the love of those we love. However, things in the end, only stuff. People will never have enough of that, and if you have more than you require, it is best to share with those who don’t have. Here, Gandhiji has rightly made a quote: “The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed.”

It is 150 years to the day since Gandhiji was born, more than 60 years since he died. But, when I need inspiration in this modernistic time, I often turn to the little old man. his ideas are only ideals in our torn world, but truth be told, they never cease to give me hope in this hopeless world. 

And that’s why I am a Gandhian

Yours affectionately,


Letter 2: Letter to Bapu – Telling Mahatma Gandhi Ji that he is still living in our heart

Dear Bapu, 

When an unwritten truth confronts us at some peculiar moment, it leaves us awestruck. Many people don’t realize this until today. Something in our heart wants to stay at peace, and we long to cherish that moment for long. Things like this happened with me for my loving ideology man Mr. Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu). 

Someday, years ago, I traveled to Uganda’s Lake Victoria. I reached there from Kampala. On my way, someone has told me that Gandhiji’s ashes were immersed there. I became captivated. I those days, Lake Victoria hadn’t yet become a tourist attraction. Now, if the lake was a human being, people would be left mesmerized by its natural beauty. 

I realized that the Bapu’s ashes would have dissolved into a similar whirl. Then, I realized that for the first time how deeply people of my generation who have grown up listening to high fangled statements for and against Bapu are connected to hi. Gopal Godse’s flawed logic made many revere Gandhiji even more.

Nathuram Godse’s younger brother was accused of his assassination and after completing his prison term, he went worldwide justifying how they’d carried out Bapu’s vadh murder.

During that time, he offered some laughable analogy. At one time he claimed they had killed Gandhi, the way Krishna has slain Jarasandh. I replied by asking him whether he put himself in the same category as Krishna? Well, he argued, and our feelings were similar. At Lake Victoria, I had discovered a deep connection with Gandhiji along with a growing feeling of sadness.

During my conversation with Gopal, that sentiment turned into anger. But there were people in Agra who had hosted him. They listened to him with lots of respect. That very day, I knew Bapu’s biggest strength was his detractors. And the more they resist him, the more his ideas do keep inspiring many.

It has happened with every great man.

This is the reason when Mahatma’s image was missing from the Khadi Gram Udyog calendar, I wasn’t upset. Power attracts sycophancy, and that is how it damaged the image of politicians in power. The Prime Minister’s office didn’t just offer a clarification, rather it tightened the screws.

But here the opposition had sensed the opportunity. The result of these illogical words over Bapu was that his magic was once again before the world in all its glory. As per the Google News statistics, the number of people seeking for Bapu rose by 50% in India and 62% in a foreign country by that time.

As such, those in his generation who were not familiar to him got to know him more and now this inquisitive quality in the present generation is its biggest asset.

When I knew about the murder of Bapu, it appeared complete senseless, and mindless thing as a defenseless old man was killed who preached communal harmony and peace. But then Godse didn’t just kill Gandhi alone, rather he tried to kill an ideology, the very idea of India.

I am very fortunate that I have visited Gandhi’s memorials in different parts of the world. But, even after so many years, how does he manage to elicit such a mix of respect and curiosity, that too in alien lands? 

The secret of Bapu’s popularity is revealed in most of his conversations with anti-apartheid activists. The prison where Gandhiji was, he was tried and tested with the method of white colonialists. They confined people to uninhabited islands protesting the white regime within prison regulations.

When it comes to Nelson Mandela, he had a unique policy that evolved from a person to an idea. It is the only instance in the human history that a man could lead a freedom movement for so long from within the prison and when he was released, he saved his country by adopting the policy of forgiving and forget.

As per the Kathrada, Nelson has learned this lesson from Gandhi. Maybe, this is a mark of respect to his guests, but not only just for Mandela, rather also other Nobel laureates of 20th century viz: Adoldo Perez, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama and, Martin Luther King Jr.

They have admitted that Mahatma’s philosophy influenced them. If they take out these evolved humans from the last century, they’ll be left with nothing more than 2 World Wars and injuries from innumerable other wars. Bapu’s and his ideologies have played a huge role to keep the earth worth living for humans. 

The day when he was killed on 30th Jan, still be couldn’t kill him, because he lives in each one of his follower’s hearts. Bapu is still alive in the hearts and minds of innumerable admirers and will continue to live there.

Yours Affectionately


Hope you will like this two Inspirational Letter to Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi). Dear Bapu Mahatma Gandhi Ji, you really inspire me.

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