Martyrs Day in India (Date, Importance, Celebration, 10 Lines)

In this article, you will read about Martyrs Day in India also known Shaheed Diwas. It includes date, history, importance, and celebration of Indian Martyrs Day.

It is celebrated in honour of martyrs who played a major role in freedom fight of India.

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Introduction (Martyrs Day in India)

Indian sons have made many sacrifices from time to time to bring freedom to India. One of those sacrifices was the sacrifice of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru, which we will never forget. He fought, smiled, and executed many struggles for our country’s independence and the nation.

On the date of March 23, 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev were given a sentence to death. We celebrate this Day as Martyrs’ Day. Martyr’s Day is celebrated on many days. But the most popular date is believed to be March 23, 1931.

When is the National Martyrs’ Day celebrated in India?

Martyrs Day in India (Shaheed Divas) is celebrated every year on March 23. But Martyrdom Day is celebrated on many days, and each day has its different causes-

On January 30, Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Vinayak Godse. That is why this day is also celebrated as the Day of the Martyrs.

The Day of the martyrs is also celebrated on the birthday of Rani Lakshmi Bai on November 19.

Why we Celebrate Martyr’s Day in India?

Why Celebrate Martyr’s Day? The reason behind this was the execution of Bhagat Singh Rajguru and Sukhdev on March 23, 1931. So we all remember their sacrifices, and this Day is observed and remember as Day of the Martyrs.

But the Day before that, he and his companions were hanged at night. And their bodies were cremated on the banks of the Sutlej River, not handed over to their housewives. Since then, March 23 has been observed as Martyr’s Day.

First of all, British serious atrocities, Bhagat Singh shot Sanders in the blacksmith. Subsequently, Bhagat Singh threw bombs at the central assembly in protest of the “public safety” and “commercial distribution bill.” The date of his arrest and execution was then set for March 24, 1931.

How to Celebrate Martyr’s Day?

The Prime Minister of India, the President of India, and the Vice President of India all attended the martyrs’ Day at Rajghat in New Delhi on January 30. And all offer flowers to Mahatma Gandhi.

After that, a 20-minute silence is maintained. And then the songs and bhajans are sung by the people there. Nationally, more than one martyr’s Day is celebrated in memory of other martyrs in India. All over India or country level, this Day of the Sarvodaya declared as known with this name.

Martyrdom Day 2021

2021 Martyr’s Day is celebrated on January 30, Thursday in India and the next Day on Monday, March 23 Martyrs Day.

Martyr’s Day 2021 Special (January 30)

India has decided to celebrate 2021 Martyrdoms Day as an Anti-Leprosy Day to promote Bapu’s commitment to fighting leprosy. 

Why Celebrate Martyrdom Day on January 30?

This’ Day is commended on January 30, 1948, that Day that Mahatma Gandhi was assaulted before nightfall during night supplications. He is regarded as India’s greatest freedom fighter and a great patriot among millions of martyrs.

He fought for his freedom, development, and public welfare throughout his life. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was severely attached through a pistol, and one the spot was dead by one person named Nathuram Godse on this date of January 30, for which the Government of India announced with the name of martyr’s Day. Since then, this day or Martyrs’ Day is celebrated every year on January 30 to pay our sincere tribute to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

January 30, 1948, was the saddest Day for the nation, and it became the most poisonous Day in the history of India. Gandhi Smriti was the birthplace of Birla House during the evening prayers of Mahatma Gandhi at the age of 78.

It is a great misfortune for the country, whose independence is difficult to achieve. Gandhiji was killed in front of a large crowd that attended a prayer meeting. After the attack on him, a large crowd gathered at the Birla House to see him.

So, we all citizens remember this Day as martyrs’ Day in our country India and the same is observed each year in memory of our great Indian martyrs and pays real tribute to them.

Why Celebrate Martyrdom Day on March 23?

Martyrs’ Day is celebrated in India on March 23 to pay tribute to Bhagat Singh, Shivram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar and to commemorate their sacrifices. Bhagat Singh and his two colleagues named Shivram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar also raised their voices for British independence.

Born into a Sikh family in Lakhpur, Punjab, on September 28, 1907, Bhagat Singh was one of the greatest freedom fighters in Indian history. His father was a member of the Ghadar Party, an organization that worked for the independence of India. Bhagat Singh and his colleagues Rajguru, Azad, Sukhdev, and Jai Gopal Lala Lajpat Rai have been charged. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Adventure is an inspiration to today’s youth.

On April 8, 1929, he and his few companions in the Central Legislature Council bombed and loudly said, “Inquilab Zindabad.” He was found guilty of murder and killed 23 people.

10 Lines on Martyrs Day

  1. Since, saints, my ‘partners, consistently need to receive between overlooking, deriding, or utilizing one to understand. Make those who made history a martyr.
  2. The blood of the martyrs is the basis of the church.
  3. Accept humans will never accept and influence their deity, but they will love and admire their martyrs for which they will be tortured and killed.
  4. Those sent are not sent to earth as martyrs; they want to come out. It relies upon where you work and where you live. All people have different circumstances.
  5. The truth is that it is fair to say that the martyr has more faith than the martyrs.
  6. The martyrs do not underestimate the body; they are ready to put it on the cross. He is one of his rivals.
  7. The Yr martyrs kept such great oppressors that their heads were not cut off.
  8. In which we live in the past for our martyrs tomorrow.
  9. Do martyrs live forever in the hearts of people? We will never forget them
  10. The Martyrs are our true inspiration of patriotism.


Public awareness of the martyrdom of Sukhdev, Rajguru, and Bhagat Singh for independence is irrelevant in history. We pay tribute to these immortal brave sons of the country who echo the revolution in people on the Day of martyrdom. As citizens, we must always remember and pay tribute to the sacrifices of our martyrs.

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