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Introduction (Essay on Summer season in India)

Summer is said to be the hottest season among every other season of the year in India. It begins on the days of the summer solstice and ends on the day of the autumnal equinox.

It happens when the southern and northern hemispheres are situated in opposite directions. Therefore, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is winter in the northern hemisphere. 

Facts about the summer season

In this article, you will find some of the essential facts about the summer season. 

  • It has the longest and warmest days of the year
  • This season occurs because the earth is tilted towards the sun.
  • It is the season that keeps people outdoor for most of the time
  • Children become happier in summer as they get along vacation from schools
  • We get interesting crops and fruits.
  • December, January, and February are the months of summer but in the southern hemisphere, and June, July and August are months of summer in the northern hemisphere

Why summer is hot weather?

Summer is the season of excessive temp and dry weather including violent monsoons that causes rising death tolls. Weather in this season grows warmer as the temp rises too much leading to a complete lack of water, droughts due to shortage of water supply and many more. Here, the spikes and heatwaves in temp make summer excessively hot weather that brings numerous issues both of the human race and wildlife.

Even, many summer deaths are caused by dehydration due to heatwaves. As per the center for disease control and prevention, high heat waves are the reason for deadliest extreme weather in summer. Therefore, it is good to stay well hydration throughout the season. 

Benefits of the summer season

After going through endless winter, it seems as if summer is finally on its way. Here, the rising temp and sunny skies do more than making our environment a pleasant place. It renders some significant advantages to our well being including health. The sunlight helps to regulate almost all our bodily processes and act as psychological encouragement to improve our lifestyle.

Here, you will find some most essential reasons why summer is just what we have encountered.

1. Reduces the chance of heart attacks

According to research, very fewer people are likely to die of a heart attack in summer than in winter. In a study that had a heart attack in the UK over nine years, the survival rate increased by 20% if the attack occurred in the summer. Here, a higher level of vitamin D that is synthesized by sunlight plays a vital role in people who suffer from heart attacks. 

Researchers have also found that sunlight plays a vital role in fighting many chronic diseases. And the deficiency of vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium, so it works with diseases like osteoporosis. 

2. People eat more fruit

Increased availability of summer fruits and rising temp makes it easy to fulfill the quota of eating different types of vegetables and fruits daily. As per Sarah Schenker, many summer berries like strawberries and blackcurrants are high in vitamin C and phytochemicals that help prevent chronic diseases like cancer. 

These berries, fruits, and vegetables boost the immune system and because of their low-calorie content, it helps with weight loss. Since calorie intake is usually low in summer because of increased body temp making less likely to reach for fatty and sugary comfort food one uses in winter to stave off the cold.

3. Relieves skin complaints

Controlled exposure to sun UV rays can have a therapeutic effect on skin complaints like dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. Many consultants say that many skin diseases are caused by an over sensitive immune system and UV rays reduce that sensitivity. 

So, it is wise to walk around in daylight rather than sitting directly exposed to the sun for some time as sunburn remains a key element in causing skin cancer. Here, the therapeutic effect of sun occurs just below the level of turning skin red, most fair skins can tolerate up to 15 min of direct exposure prior to the skin turning pink. 

4. Increases agility

Summer is the best time to exercise. Not only do summer clothes render an incentive to get the body in shape, rather the good factor created by sunlight boosts our enthusiasm to begin a fitness regime.

Exercise is not only the most effective way to burn up excess calories, rather it improves the vital flow of O2 to the brain, lessening stress level and improving the power of concentration. It has been suggested to aim for 20 min of aerobic exercises like brisk swimming or brisk walking, thrice a week.

5. Increases our water consumption

Water is vital to thousands of chemical processes that take place in the body cell to enable function. This includes the vitality of our skin, flushing toxins from the body, improving the health, regulating body temp and promoting digestion.

In summer months, people get more inclined to drink recommended 2 liters of water a day as it is required to maintain optimum health. The more water your body loses the more and you need to drink. So, it is wise to take a regular sip of water throughout the day. Here, one must limit cola drinks, coffee, and tea to three a day.

Losses of Summer Season

Summer seasons bring everyone a time to relax and sleep in after finals. Yet the several weeks that make-up summer break does come with some losses. After the months without school needed, take a look at the demerit of having a summer break.

Some of the most common ones are:

  • Lethal brain-eating bacteria in lakes and hot ponds
  • Heatstroke and exhaustion
  • Ungodly body odor
  • Skin cancer 
  • Expensive air conditioning
  • Mosquito transmitted illnesses and diseases

Some other disadvantages that summer brings along are:

1.Becoming out of practice

If you have several weeks off of school, you lose the learning rhythm that was developed over the schooling year. This includes the impeding of any organizational habits been established, disruption of studying practices, forgetting whatever you learned, and the last one as waking up early or at a particular time. When it comes to summer break to end, it gets hard to get back to the normal school schedule and routine.

2. For some, boredom

After the first few couples of weeks get over, many keep thinking: “ok.. what now?”. Having a few months off of school seems like heaven at first, but then you’ll find yourself getting bored. This case is mostly a common reality for many. Sometimes you can have so much free and unproductive time, that you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Your friends might have their plans, and you could already be caught up on everything you wanted.

Now, it is always good to have a break now and again. But, too long breaks can lead to disruption of habits when getting back into a regular school routine. Here, the best way to fix it is taking part in a part-time summer course to help keep you in learning the state of mind and still enough time to relax throughout the day. You can also look through your school notes or work again to refresh your memory. This will help the transition making things less tedious. 


Being humans, the most intelligent creation of God, we must think and act positively to the ever-rising temp. We should enjoy summers by using all the comfortable resources by not crossing the limits.

Further, you should enjoy within limits and always save electricity and water not water it as there is a very less percentage of clean water on earth. And unnecessary use of them will lead to global warming. I hope you liked this Essay on Summer season in India.

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