Career Goals Essay for Students in 1100 Words

In this article, we have published a professional and educational Career Goals Essay for Students in 1100 Words. Includes introduction, factors, major streams, and tips for career goals.

Introduction (Career Goals Essay – 1100 Words)

Selecting a career for your future is one of the most critical decisions for a student. A student should start choosing a career as early as so they gather information and can make an informative decision while choosing their career and goals.

Most of the students choose the career path based on what their parents do for a living or based on a particular subject. They are good. One shouldn’t choose a career just based on academic or technical capabilities. A student should also consider their own personality and learning preferences so they enjoy the job and the environment in which they will work or the career they will choose.

Choosing a career path will help you as a student to set your professional career and develop a blueprint so you can achieve it in your future. The central part of the process selecting a suitable career includes the self-assessment of your abilities, talents, and pursuits also, you may need to help from those who will help you and steer you to set your career.

For example, your friends have chosen science because they feel other streams are uncool, but you love politics then you should choose political science since it is you who will do the job, not your friends. So it is better you chose a career which you will enjoy rather than being “cool” in front of your friends. 

Factors to think before choosing a career

Once you have chosen your career goal, then as a student, you have positioned yourself to look far into your future as your ultimate objectives. You have an unlimited option, even if you cannot fare well in your exams. Keep the following factors in mind when you are choosing a career.

  • Also, if you have been able to get good grades and have no clue what to do, don’t worry, join the right college and pursue a stream of your choice. You have three to four years to contemplate your options, and in the meantime, you can do internships so you get an idea about the work you will be interested.
  • Always choose the degree over the college brand because a college brand will take you so far but in the wrong field, and you won’t be able to perform. If you chose a subject which you favor at a degree level, you will not only enjoy your work, but you will reach milestones in professional life.
  • Taking a gap of year for preparing the entrance exam, which you could not crack in the first attempt, might not be such an excellent idea. Staying motivated for over a year and re-learn the entire course again in the absence of your friends will be an enormous challenge. You should join a degree so that even if you cannot crack the entrance, you will have something to fall back on.

Three major streams in higher education

There are mainly three streams of arts, commerce, and science, from which you can branch out to multiple career options. Below are some options that you can work on based on your interest.

1. Career alternatives for Art Graduates

There are many pioneering career options for BA graduates that are not academically satisfying but provide excellent job options. There are many unexplored and lucrative career options like MA programs in various subjects like English, Economics, and History.

There are also M. Phil and Doctorate programs so you can become researchers in the subject you are interested. There is also an option of having B.Ed if you are into teaching the adolescent minds of the future and shaping up their life. You can moreover pursue government jobs once you have completed BA degree courses.

2. Career alternatives for Commerce Graduate

The most preferred career option for a B. Com graduate is Chartered Account (CA). The CA exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI). Another option is to complete M. Com, which focuses on Business, Financing, Statics, Economics, Market, and Management.

The first job opportunities for a commerce graduate is in the accounting world, and you have a knack of cracking the numbers you can have the most flourishing career. 

3. Career alternatives for Science Graduate

There are plenty of prospects of B. Sc graduate. There are many streams available like Education, Space Hospital, Chemical Geology, and Testing Laboratories. Apart from the technical work, science graduates can also work on Business, Marketing, Research field, medical representatives, engineers, and consultants.

All the above courses provide you a distinct set of options that you can choose from for your career path and goals; hence it becomes necessary to figure out your passion, skill set, and aptitude after completing your graduate. It will not only help you complete your higher studies but will also give you time to build the future in your dream domain.

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Best tips for choosing your career goals

Here are some tips while choosing your career goals, keeping in mind your inclination toward the subjects-

  1. While considering a course, ask yourself the question “Why” you are choosing this course.
  2. You must understand “What” course you are really interested in and what course you want to study.
  3. Now the question will arise “Where” you would get the best of knowledge & resources to nurture your ambition of a career course.
  4. The above questions are answered now to stop and check if all the above is attainable by you both academically and monetary.
  5. You should narrow down all your options to practical and real choices.
  6. While researching your course and the place you would like to study, all kinds of criteria will come up.
  7. You should also consider how you would like to study; for example, you are keener for theoretical study or practical study.
  8. While choosing to look at the career prospects, for example, if you are to pass out from a reputed overseas university, you might meet industry leaders during the course.
  9. Focus on the detail since each subject has many options, so it will be useful if you know your specific interest.
  10. Though it is an essential decision to choose a stream for a career, but after reaching it, you think it’s a terrible mistake, then it’s not the end.


When choosing your college, a course or career never chose that is most convenient. Chose that will rationally stimulate you and motivate you to make a suitable career. You will have a host of opportunities to join extra-curricular activities like sports, theater, or dancing.

Who knows, you might have a skill for it? College is one of the best ways to find what you want to do in your life, don’t waste it. I hope you liked this Essay on Career Goals.

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