Essay on Autumn Season in India for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Autumn season in India for Students in 1000+ Words. It includes facts, benefits, loss. This season is called Sharadh Ritu in the Hindi language.

In United States language, autumn season is known as Fall. You can use this Essay on Autumn season in India to write paragraph on this topic as well.

Essay on Autumn Season in India for Students and Children (1000+ Words)

The autumn season is a season that comes after the rainy season and before winter. This season is also known as a fall in the larger position of India. So, this is a month that usually comes between July and October.

Autumn season in India marks the starting of the latter half of the seasonal year, and that slows various activities of people and wild creatures present everywhere. They’re more productive part of summer has gone and so demands much food to store for winter, finding a cozy space for undergoing hibernation.

Even if each season comes with its beauty, autumn season has an extraordinary place in nature’s art. Beautiful and clear colors on the trees like bright yellow, browns, ochre, rich auburn, and also the remnants of summer as lush green and many colors in between are splashed around everywhere.

Here, you can find them floating in the wind or a soft carpet of the course on trees and fallen leaves. If it is a clear day, you will have a blue color to add in the sky, and this season brings every day much different and delightful.

There is sadness to it as it reminds us that the trees will quickly be bare under gray tone that will make the nature set apart from it. Seeing this critical change, many people pick out the warm clothes from their wardrobe, seeing the days approaching with shorter days and longer nights. 

Facts Finding on Autumn Season

In autumn season India, you will see the shade of the leaves changing everywhere throughout and many deciduous trees get discovered. 

As these down-pours are specifically valuable for the agriculturists, sometimes these cause various damages. For example: when over downpour occurs, it will demolish the harvest of the ranchers, as there will be satisfactory downpour for the development of yields.

Also, considering the substantial downpour, it will prompt a surge, causing some hazards and hurting the lives of the general population.

For now, there is a colossal cleaning to do with leaves flying around all over the place, the wind blowing into heaps on the windshield of the cars, walls, and doors.

Benefits of Autumn Season (Sharadh Ritu)

Are you dreaming of mashed potatoes, turkey, caramel apples, and pumpkin lattes? When autumn comes, you can get to enjoy your favorite season with fun cooler weather, festive and fun foods.

Now, there are so many reasons autumn season in India is considered the best season and why there is so much to be happy during this time of the year. Few among those reasons are given here below:

1. Changing Colors

Many people love autumn season for the changing colors of the leaves. Trees that were once green explode into beautiful hues of orange, red and gold.

Further, the colors here are mostly breathtaking in various places of India, inspiring many to travel to these spots to take in the scenery.

2. Pumpkin Everything

Do you love pumpkins? If yes, then you are in great luck. Pumpkins flavors are found everywhere in the autumn season specifically in traditional favorites such as pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, and many more modern treats such as pumpkin coffees and spiced teas. However, you can ensure to get your fill prior to the end of the season. 

3. Delicious Desserts

For many, autumn season in India seems to be the best time of the year for candies, taffies, caramel apples, and other sweets as these are found in abundant.

Apart from that, you can also find apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin and normally any type for your pie that your heart desires. In case you are indulging in pumpkin pie this season, do not forget the whipped cream.

4. Cooler Weather

After the intense heat of the summers, this season brings much relief as it cools down the climate. September seems to be a great month weather-wise, as the heat waves drop bringing crisp nights.

So, after months of blasting the a/c, the starting of autumn does usher in a cool breeze, allowing you to finally keep the windows open.

5. Better Fashion

When it is intensely hot in the summer, fashions go by the wayside in favor of comfort and cold. But autumn ushers in new fashions such as boots, sweaters, jackets, and others are more flattering than flip-flops and shorts and every other fun thing to wear.

Losses of Autumn Season (Sharadh Ritu)

Some losses of the autumn season are highlighted here:

Restricted hours of sunlight, endless rain, beer garden revert to being only for vapers and hardcore smokers, no dawning, Christmas schmaltz even though it was the only summer last week, clothes smelling of bonfire smoke, wetsuit not drying, ruining wetsuits by drying them by bonfires, floods, snow, frosty wetsuits, endless flat surf, freezing tootsies and fingers letting you know it really boots, admitting it is time for the hooded suit, having to flush the lovely wee out and being a heart attack moment, onshore, getting see-through bad gravy with a roast, salad, admitting it’s not really cider and ice season anymore, farmer’s tan, not having enough bedding in van and so freezing, closed public toilets, cheap firework displays, big storm blowing all the golden leaves off in one go.

1. Allergies and colds

As the cool weather begins with autumn season in India, the coolness and allergies follow the track. Since no one enjoys being sick mostly in such a great season; you will find allergies as one of the losses this season brings.

2. Inconsistent weather

During the autumn season, there is nice crisp weather in the morning and then the day goes on getting hotter and hotter. At night, it is freezing compared to earlier leading to fluctuating weather that makes many choose their outfit hard.

3. Raking leaves

Sometimes, raking leaves can become a hard task that doesn’t seem to be fun at all. After you have all the leaves picked up, you will jump in the pile, spreading out the leaves again and for that, you must jump back again. This seems to be a very torture cycle.

4. Summer is over and winter is coming

Winter is without a doubt seems a favorite season too many people get cold quick and so they don’t like it much. During this season, one has to bear the cold weather because it is not completely freezing rather it is cool and that difference is brought during this time.

5. Hair loss

Many suffer from hair loss every day, leading to depression and distress. There are many reasons why your hair may fall out, which can be a natural process of regeneration to allow new and strong hair to grow.

According to Swedish research, it has showed that the greatest hair loss occurs in the autumn season from the month of September, where people shed most of their hair. This makes autumn to be the season of greatest hair loss, and you will find many healthy women complaining of hair loss.

6. Some other losses

Finally, the trees give up their golf red leaves and the wind gets more chill and harsh. It seems like the world is beginning to either and die.


Sometimes, this season is also called as the season of grief as it touches the lungs and usually brings tears and cough reminding of losses that they have suffered long ago.

For those who have fresh reasons for grief, it gets more critical to living where a misstep can cause to face oblivion. I hope you liked this Essay on Autumn season in India.

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