Essay on Winter Season in India for Students in 1200 Words

In this post, you will read an Essay on Winter Season in India for Students in 1200 Words. This article also includes its importance, benefits & Loss. It is called Sheet Ritu in the Hindi language.

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Introduction (Essay on Winter Season)

Winter is considered as one of the crucial seasons among all in India. Being a part of the four seasons that occur every year, this is the coolest one that starts from December and lasts till March. Here, at this peak time, winter is experienced most in December and January.

In India, winter seasons hold great value and importance. Also, the essence it has is admired by lots as it gives one the time to indulge in different activities such as ice hockey, building snowmen, snowball fighting, and so forth. As such, this serves as a great time for children to enjoy their vacation and get cozy in their blankets.

Winter is the coolest season of the year being characterized by falling snow and freezing cold temp, usually exacerbated by strong winds. The season lasts about three months caused by stricken area as it is far away from the sun in the earth’s orbit. Winter follows the rainy season, and people do love to enjoy this climate.

Now, during this season, people are advised to wear thick and right clothes. In many places, people can’t go without woolen clothes as the atmospheric temp reduces as compared to other seasons. The temp in Northern India varies between 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius, and Southern India varies within 20 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius.

Facts about the winter season

The basic fact to know about winter season in India –

Winter is a season where many don’t get tired easily as they don’t lose much energy through sweating. So, people can take a long nap as the chillness gives a dull mode and comfortable feeling everywhere. One can even see dewdrops in the nighttime, and in the morning, they can see fog.

This is the best season to go for a long walk in the morning and find fresh air to breathe. It can be proven that the air one inhales early morning, mostly during winter, is very much essential and good for health as it keeps one fresh to work tirelessly all through the day.

The days during winter seems pleasant and bring because of the low heat and sunlight. As such, more tourists get attracted to India by this season. You’ll also get to see beautiful birds present in the sky. Here, animals and birds change their location during this time.

Here, the winter is about short days and a long night with a lower temp as compared to other seasons. This season comes whenever the earth tilted away from the sun along with the presence of winter storm and snow falling. Birds and animals change locations during this season.

Benefits of the winter season

The advantage of the winter season depends on one’s view and also depends on where you live. Here, people living in different locations experience different winters. However, there are some common views that make every winter season look the same.

Like mentioned earlier, during winter, days, and much shorter than the night. Here, the days are pleasant and night very cold. In the morning, the whole planet is often covered with fog. You’ll often find people sitting around the fireplace and need quilts and blankets. They like to sleep in a warm bed and often catch a cold when they go out. 

Here, the season has its own charms and beauties. In the morning, the dewdrops shine like pearls. When people walk outside, they see a lot of variety of beautiful flowers with dazzling colors and is very attractive. The dahlia, marigold, sunflower, rose and other flowers preset a beautiful sight. Further, you can find a variety of vegetables during this season.

Generally, the vegetables are very cheap during this time, and it is the season of fruits. People get a lot many kinds of fruits; for example, paddy is harvested, and golden ears of this paddy look very beautiful as they please the farmers. Here, the harvesters are seen in their field with their sickles. 

Some other advantages of winter seasons are:

  • It gives people a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • It is good for health and is suitable for hard work as one doesn’t get tired soon enough
  • Students like this season because they work hard. They play badminton, hockey, and cricket 
  • Improves one’s health as digestion improves during this season and people look smart and energetic
  • Cold boosts the stamina and makes one happy.
  • Calorie burning is greater as the body uses the energy to stay hot
  • Less yard work
  • Winter sports – snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing. Great time to be outdoors
  • Easier to warm up than cool off
  • People tend to be more cheerful, being friendlier during the holidays

Losses of the winter season


Winter storms delay transportation from air cargo, air travelers, ground transportation like trains, buses, trucking as they get stuck in traffic if the roads are icy.

Municipalities, counties, and states spend countless money on ice and snow removal


In case of mild winter, snowpacks could be low causing drought


Many get depressed in the winter. The seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter depression, comes along soon.


If not being prepared, many that go outdoors can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia and dehydration.

Shoveling snow

No matter how little, winter causes one to wake-up earlier and allows time to clean off the car, warm it and shovel out the driveway.

These days, the road conditions become very dangerous; however, sometimes, you have to drive. Not all businesses do forgive the weather like fire, medical, hotels, etc.

In the case of the homeless and poorer populations in the northern climate, winter is very cruel and unforgiving. Lack of sun, lack of going out, staying home all the time to avoid traveling in horrid climate

The temp here can be wind chill and suddenly the freezing point. It gets too cold, and the eyeballs feel like they are freezing. 

All the mud, every time it warms up enough to melt the snow and prepare for the mud. Road salt, and the damage it does on the vehicle, any day above freezing, trying to get a car wash mostly one that doesn’t an underbody wash, 

Some other things that are bad about winter season may include this laundry list of things like:

Blizzards, shoveling snow, treacherous roads, winter drive (too slow), winter drive (too fast), scraping ice off the car, children who hate the snow, dogs who hate the snow, nothing growing, no green leaves nor flowers, concrete-like ice everywhere, slipping and falling over the ice, snow emergencies, salt from the sidewalk staining boots and pants, no outdoor farmers markets and a dearth of local fresh produce, climbing over snowbanks to get to businesses and houses, getting out of bed in a cold house, walking the dog, heating bills, ice dams, potholes, winter cycling is possible, but isn’t fun, grey melting slushy snow at the end of winter, being able to get sunburn even when its below freezing, wind chill, permanently chapped lips, and sore, dry skin, snot, dressing like a marshmallow just to stay warm, losing gloves, 

With the fall in humidity and temp, the body becomes more brittle, and all these little drawbacks that accompany this season get hard to escape. In fact, the winter season has a direct impact on people, fragility, weakness, fatigue, and more.


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