Essay on Illiteracy for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an essay on illiteracy for students and children. This persuasive essay includes its definition, situation, causes, solution and more. 

So, let’s start this essay on illiteracy…

Introduction (Essay on Illiteracy – 1000 Words)

Here you will read how illiteracy is a curse in today’s era. How day by day illiteracy is killing people, by making them unemployed,  poor, and increased corruption in every field.

How illiterate people giving votes to unknown people and stopping the development of country. These are few examples of the situation, you will read more below in this article.

What is Illiteracy? – Its easy definition!

Illiteracy means ignorance and lack of knowledge. For example, a person goes to school but does not know how to operate a computer. Such a person has no literacy in computers, so he is illiterate in computer education.

But If a person or child does not take his education, and he doesn’t know reading and writing, thus he is an illiterate. And people tell this situation illiteracy.

Illiteracy in today’s era

Because of advanced technology and computer generation, people calling most of the old people who don’t know computer fundamentals as computer illiterate. Lots of village peoples still not able to read and write. Still, they are using their thumb stamp for various transactions and official works.

Today lack of adequate education not only makes people illiterate but also he will go 50 years back. As long as we do not educate them, they cannot read newspapers, circulars, notices, advertisements, posters and letters of dear ones. 

Female population makes up a major portion of the total illiterate population. In India, the female literacy rate is around 65 percent and the male literacy rate is 82 percent according to 2001 census. Therefore, women education is very important to eliminate illiteracy.

We see illiteracy to be maximum in SC, ST and other backward classes which not only are poor but also unaware, uncertain and unwilling to make their improvements in life. Illiteracy not only deprives us of economic development but it deprives us from minor success in life.

Remarkably, the Government of India is showing awareness on this occasion and setting up thousands of primary schools across the country. Today in most of the villages of India you will see a Government Primary school.

Government with UNICEF also giving a daily meal in schools to motivate poor people to send their child to school. It is also helpful in solving various nutrition deficiency diseases in children. Despite this, the government has declared primary education as free in all government schools.

Causes of Illiteracy 

1. Uneducated Parents

Many illiterate parents emphasize little on the importance of education. Some parents of children are illiterate, who don’t know the importance of literacy.

Even today, there are some areas where many of the older generation have not even received an early education. So, we can say it still needs the root of education in India is still to be developed so that the tree of literacy will stands strongly.

2. Lack of family support

This also One reason for illiteracy can be so that where the child has difficulty reading or writing because of dyslexia, dysorthographia, etc… When the family understands the condition of the child. They do not get it, and children cannot get family support like this.

3. Poor family

Most of the poor family don’t send their child to school and college only because of lack of money. They could not pay a fee of the institute.

It is a major problem which happening in India during higher education of students. Not only poor but also middle-class families cannot pay an outrageous amount of fees asked from various institutions.

4. Lack of Books and other study materials

Some family only afford to educate their child but they can’t able to provide more and extra study materials to them. Which may cause school leaving and incomplete education of children’s.

Effects of Illiteracy

1. Unable to read and write

If an illiterate person unable to read and write he cannot reach his train seats, he will face difficulties everywhere. In this technology world, nothing work without education. 

2. People will cheat him

The moneylenders and the landlords cheat them by stealing their lands. People exploits illiterate peoples. Illiterates face difficulties everywhere at home and also outside. Even people cannot use new machines because of illiteracy.

Solutions to Stop Illiteracy Efforts to Reduce Illiteracy

1. Making education free

The Constitution (Eighty-sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 has included Article 21-A in the Constitution of India as a fundamental right to provide free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of six to fourteen.

But if the government increased it to colleges and university levels, it would make the country more independent by making more people literate. 

Since some people cannot enroll their children in school because of lack of money to pay fees. Hence offering free education can increase the number of people attending school and subsequently reduce the level of illiteracy in the society, thus incorporating this rule under the Right to Education in the Indian Constitution in the year 2003.

2. Awareness

Creating awareness about the importance of education can help people understand that they need to go to school. Many non-governmental organizations, government agencies and other related parties should create literacy awareness in the society.

3. Scholarships

Providing grants and scholarships can reduce the financial burden of poor and middle-class people to educate their children. Because of which there is some reduction in the school fees, so that the education of the students will complete without hindrance.

4. Night Classes

People who are workers can attend night classes. In this way, they complete their education and earn income through day jobs.

5. Free Books

Government can provide free books in schools to encourage and students to develop reading culture. Offering free books can also reduce the financial burden of their parents.


Not only the government but every educated people’s effort can eradicate illiteracy. Every effort made by all educated people can help to eliminate this danger from the root.

We should educate every person in India. Going to school plays a major role in mental and social development of a person. I hope you liked this persuasive essay on illiteracy.

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