How to Write A Notice? Examples and Formats for Various Places

In this article, we have explained How to Write A Notice? Examples and Formats for Various places like school classes, clubs, and offices.

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What is Notice Writing?

Notice is generally written or printed information or news announcement. Notifications are displayed on the notice board or newspapers or magazines meant for a select group or the general public.

The note contains precise information or declaration; its tone and style are formal and factual. The language of notice should be structured and straightforward. Notification is always short and to the point.

Format of a Notice writting

Since notice is a formal document, it should follow a format or a structure. Here is the form that most of the notices use.

1. Name of Issuing Authority / Organization

At the very top, the name of the organization or the name of the person issuing the notice is printed. It helps the reader to identify whether the notification is important or unimportant to the particular person.

2. Title

When writing a notice, the title is to be mentioned as “NOTICE” in bold letters at the top. It helps to draw attention to the document. Notices are generally posted on public display boards or published in newspapers.

3. Date

The date is always print to the left-hand side on which the notices are published. As this is a formal document, the date is an essential aspect as it has to be documented and is kept on record.

4. Heading for the notice

The appropriate heading should be considered for the notices. The heading should make it clear the purpose of the notice.

5. Body of the notice

After the heading, a brief and to the point body of the notice. The body contains the main feature of the notice.

6. Writer’s Name

At the bottom of the notice, the name and the designation of the notice issuer is mention. As the notice has to be signed by the same person to lend authority and validity of the notice.

The content of the notice should contain some of the essential points that need to be communicated to the people too whom the notice has been an issue.

1. What – The notice should be clear what it is about; this is the core of the message and should be written very clearly.

2. Where – If the notice is about an event, it should mention where it is being conducted. The venue of the location is an important detail, so ensure that is included in the notice.

3. When – The time and date of the event should be mention on the notice. If possible, the extent of the event should be mention so that people who are attending the event can schedule their time accordingly.

4. Who – This will be who the notice is the address to; Who all are supposed to adhere to the notice should be mentioned to avoid confusion.

5. Whom – The final detail on the notice should be the whom to contact or get in touch with, it indicates who is the appropriate authority to contact. 

Important tips for Notice writing

Here are some of the tips while writing a notice

  1. The notice word limit should be between fifty to sixty words.
  2. The notice needs to be precise and up to a point while issuing.
  3. The communication should be formal and crisp, which means no informal wordings.
  4. The sentences need to be short and straightforward.  
  5. The notice should be in a proper format in a box. The presentation should be appealing and neat to the eyes.

Here are some of the Examples of Notice writing

1. Water will be suspended in a particular building (Water Board Notice Example)

Basera Housing Corporation Ltd, Mulund, Mumbai



This notice to inform all the residents of Basera Housing Corporation that there will be a suspension of water supply for eight hours. It is being done to cleanse the water tank. The details of the timing are as follows:

Date 23rd March 2020
Time of water supply suspension – 10 am to 6 pm

It is therefore requested you take appropriate action and store the required amount of water beforehand to minimize the difficulty.

Thank You

Building Secretary

2. Notice example for submission of articles for annual school magazine that is to be published

St. Xavier School, Mulund, Mumbai



It is to notify all the students that our schools are going to publish its annual magazine “Hi-Lites” next month. All those who want to contribute are requested to send your article to Articles latest by 31/03/2020 will be accepted. The topic can be any of your choices. For any further information, please contact your respective class teachers.

Thank You

Principle / Dean 

(School name)

3. How to write a Notice for meeting at a sports club or a Gymkhana

Mumbai Gymkhana Club, Fort


General Body Meeting 

All members of the Mumbai Gymkhana club are hereby informed to attend the general body meeting on 30/03/2020 at 11:00 am in the Club conference room to discuss & revise the Club’s policy for defaulter member for long outstanding dues.

Thank You

Club Secretary

4. Example of a Notice at school visiting historical sites being arranged by History club

St. Lawrence School, Vikhroli, Mumbai


Visiting Historical Sites

Members of History Club are at this moment invited for the educational visit to some of the important historical sites in our city, which is scheduled between 3/04/2020 to 5/04/2020. The interested member requires to pay Rs. 1000/- (inclusive for transport and snacks) by 30/03/2020 to the undersigned.

Thank You

History Club Secretary

5. How to write a Notice for the members of the buildings to pay the overdue maintenance charges

Saroj Building Society, Goregaon, Mumbai


Payment of Maintenance Charges

All the residents of Saroj Buildings are at this moment informed that the payment the overdue maintenance charges by 31/03/2020. Please pay the late fees so that there is no hindrance in the continuation of maintenance of the building and other facilities.

Thank You

Society Secretary


6. Notice for Diwali gathering in a housing society (Diwali meeting Notice)

Moraj Residency, Raipur


Diwali Gathering

The society is organizing a gathering and dinner on this auspicious occasion of Diwali. All the residents of the society are requested to attend the event in the clubhouse of the society at 7:30 pm on 14/11/2020.

Thank You

Society Secretary

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