Essay on Mother’s Day for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Mother’s day for students and children in 1000 Words. It includes the date, history, importance, celebration, and more.

Essay on Mother’s Day (1000 Words)

Mother is the greatest gift God has given to human beings on earth. Mother is as necessary for child development as water is for a sapling. She renders love, protection, care, and nourishment.

No matter what a mother does for her child, she does it as an act of selfless service, having just one goal in mind: her child’s development and well-being. 

The world celebrates this spirit of Motherhood on various dates that coincide with their customs. In India, we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of May as Mother’s Day every year, even if many countries have their dates.

People celebrate this day to pay love and respect to the greatest gift God has provided, where the unconditional love of the mother has no parallel.

The love of a mother does not depend on her child’s mental ability or physical appearance. A mother cares for her physically challenged child not less than a healthy child.

Also, to provide nourishment, a mother gives her child emotional support and helps frame for overall personal development.

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When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

In most countries, people celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, among them the USA, Canada, and European countries, like Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa. But U.K. and Ireland celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

In 2021, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 9 May, in most countries.

History of Mother’s Day

Modern Mother’s Day first originated in the U.S. in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton.

Her mother died in 1905 after caring for wounded soldiers from both sides in the American civil war. She made Mother’s Day health clubs to address public health problems. 

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The Essence of Motherhood

A mother is thus, over a broad spectrum, that human that cares for us nurtures us and prepares us for life ahead. One can see that not every family is simple.

In some families, kids have lost their birth mothers at a young age and have brought up by their fathers. In such families, the child should celebrate Mother’s Day with their father because he played the role of both father and mother. 

The father had given both emotionally and financially and has tried to make his kids feel like their family is complete. For that commendable effort, we should respect every father on Mother’s Day, and their hard work shouldn’t go undermined or unnoticed. 

Some women are physically incapable of bearing kids, so society looks down upon them as worthless, subjecting them to intense guilt. These days, with improved scientific development, it has become possible even for physically incapable women to bear kinds of their own. 

These women should also be celebrated worldwide, as they render the same amount of love to their child and support them in their endeavors, just like every mother does. 

Now, the same goes also for those who have done the noble deed of adopting kids from orphanages and given homes to abandoned children. Motherhood is a choice, and whether a woman would bear a child or adopt one is her choice.

Therefore, Mother’s day is also should to every mother who has adopted a child and provided home and unconditional love to underprivileged children. 

1998 Miss Universe winner and celebrated Bollywood actress Ms. Sushmita Sen broke societal norms when she debated her way to becoming a single mother of two adopted baby girls. She is a powerful character and had realized early in her life that marriage was not her cup of tea.

No matter, Motherhood is something she longed to experience, and she fought the long-drawn legal battle of adoption as a single parent bravely and emerged victoriously. As per her saying, every woman who is emotionally, financially, mentally, and physically capable of bringing up children may do so. 

It does not matter whether they are married or have a male partner in their lives to support them, since that doesn’t ensure the secure and safe upbringing of a child.

Therefore, every single mother should be respected and celebrated worldwide and shouldn’t be subjected to baseless questions by society. Mother’s Day must aim to celebrate mothers fighting against the world to bring their kids. 

A very famous ad that went viral on the web was of an Indian brand Vicks featuring a transgender woman, who brings up an adopted baby girl among different societal ads. It is the authentic story of a protagonist, Gauri, a transgender woman from India who became the first tarn woman to adopt a child in India. 

She is also related to various NGO organizations in India and is a human and transgender rights activist. Even if looked down by society as humans, we should break the worthless narrow-minded norms of our community and celebrate such a robust and endearing personality on Mother’s Day.

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Celebrations of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in a very homely and individualistic way because of the bond it upholds. Children worldwide buy gifts and make greetings cards for their mothers on this day to portray their love for them.

They also celebrate this day at schools by arranging interactive sessions between the mothers and students, like storytelling sessions, creative or cultural programs. Here, students are encouraged to dedicate themselves to their mothers on that day.

On this day, websites and shopping malls offer discounts, offers, gifts, on women’s clothing and accessories, regarding the occasion. Further, exclusive telecasts on T.V. and radio are made on this day dedicated to mothers around the world like movies based on talk shows or Motherhood on the topic. 

Importance of Mother’s Day

The 1st president of the U.S., the great Mr. Abraham Lincoln, has said, “I remember my mother’s prayer, and they have always followed me.

They have clung to me all my life”, proving that even influential people feel grateful towards their mothers and the undeniable role they’ve played in their lives that molded them as a person and made them capable of such glorious achievements. 

It shows that the love of a mother is a kind of love that is untouched and rare. It is devoid of any selfish reason & is the purest form of love on the planet. Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio said,” My mother is a walking miracle.” All mothers are no less than a gift. 

Mothers do all the household work, teach their kids, and even work in the office. They know about the location of every single commodity in the house, remember all the important dates, and make it look so effortless.

She is a person who stays up late at night, helping her child with studies and spends sleepless nights tendering to her child when he falls sick. 

So, it is crucial to recognize a mother’s ability and be grateful for the sacrifice and love she does. Often in life, people take their mother for granted, since no matter how they behave or treat them, a mother can never get herself to leave her child’s side. She almost fiercely and blindly supports him/her through every phase of her life. 

As a child, it is our duty not to take advantage of such unadulterated love and instead celebrate Mother’s Day, not just on the 2nd Sunday of May, preferably every day. We should recognize the importance of mothers all around and give them the affection and validation they truly deserve. 


Millions may love a man or woman. Still, only one in a million will love them unconditionally, in all situations, in success and failure, in the prime of health and sickness, in abject poverty and riches, through thick and thin.

That one person is “Mother.” A mother’s love is unconditional and doesn’t deter by materialistic infatuations or appearance. I hope you liked this essay on Mother’s Day for students and children.

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