Essay on Adventure for Students in 1000 Words

In this article, We have published an Essay on Adventure for Students. This is a motivational essay in which we have explained about various thoughts, types, and advantages of Adventure.

So, Let’s start the Essay on Adventure

Introduction (Essay on Adventure)

From our childhood, we all used to go to a circus and watch games of death well where a person rides a motorcycle in the death well in a very dangerous way. Everybody loves watching exciting works. Exciting work should always be done within limits.

All precautions should be taken. Today, Discovery Channel is very famous. A variety of shows are shown on it. Everyone likes this channel very much. It shows that we all want to do such types of exciting work.

Doing exciting work brings new joy and happiness in life. But with this, exciting tasks are often risky. If you do not take precautions, accidents can happen. Many people drown while swimming in the river and lose their life. Similarly, mountain climbers also crash and fall from the mountain, and they die.

Few historical thoughts on adventure

Japanese mountaineer Nobukazu Kuriki died in May 2018 in his eighth attempt to conquer Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain peak. It happened due to severe cold. In 2017, mountaineer Ravi Kumar from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh died while returning after conquering Mount Everest.

Thrills are activities that are filled with excitement and enthusiasm to do anything impossible. All adventures are simple. However, it is challenging to give amazing experiences in life. It makes us learn new things in life and generate some positive hopes within us. It is done only by a few courageous people, although it gives different experiences of every one according to people’s thinking and ability to bear problems.

It depends on how and in what way people keep things in their minds. Some people take it easy and start doing it because they already know about the adventure challenges. However, some people experience it painful and decide never to do it again.

 Types of Adventure

 There are many types of exciting tasks are:

  • Crossing the Atlantic
  • Mountain climbing
  • Car racing
  • Jumpy Jump (Crazy Jump)
  • Fast boating
  • Sky Driving
  • Adventure Trips
  • Travel to dangerous and rare places
  • Sky Driving
  • Catching fish
  • Swimming
  • High jump
  • Flying in a balloon
  • Paragliding
  • River Rafting
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Flying fox
  • Mountain Biking
  • Beach volleyball
  • Waterfall trekking

Advantages of Adventure

1. Realizes amazing happiness

There are many benefits to exciting work. Climbing on a high peak brings immense pleasure. In the same way, the joy of swimming and crossing a large river is different. A person’s heartbeat becomes very fast when performing exciting tasks. His excitement increases. The blood flows in his body increases, and he feels immense pleasure.

2. A new freshness comes in life

All those people who are getting bored with their everyday life, they can realize newness in their life by doing exciting work. It keeps his health also edible, and when he returns to his work again, he can work more diligently.

If a person has to work without holidays throughout the year, then creativity and innovation in his life will end. Therefore, doing exciting work brings new freshness in a person’s life.

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3. The fear inside the person is gone

By doing exciting work, the fear inside the person is removed. The person feels strong by doing inspiring work.

Disadvantages of Adventure

Doing exciting work can result in accidental death. Many people become disabled. Therefore, always exciting work should be done to the best of our ability.

Ten things to keep in mind when doing adventure

So, below in this essay on the adventure we have provided a few things to keep in mind when going for an adventure-

  1. Always do the job which has expertise in you. For example, if a person doesn’t have the guts to climb the mountain, then he should not do this task. Otherwise, he may lose his life in an accident.
  2. Do not go to any place for adventure where no one can save you in case of an accident. Therefore, all adventure-loving people should go to the same place where more people live, and you can be saved immediately in case of any problem.
  3. Before going on the adventure trip, take complete information of the weather there. Adventure in lousy weather is equivalent to buying trouble. Therefore, one should go on an adventure trip only after finding the right season.
  4. Before going on any adventure trip, find out about the expenses there. It should not happen that the amount of money you take will fall short and your pockets are empty.
  5. One should not go for adventure to any place where there is a possibility of untoward incidents like theft, robbery, murder. Just like in present-day terrorist events take place in Jammu and Kashmir. So it would not be perfect to go there for the adventure.
  6. Keep a mobile phone and all the documents with you while going on an adventure trip. Keep a first aid box with you so that if you get hurt, you should treat yourself. If you have a phone, you can easily ask for help from anyone.
  7. Before going on the adventure trip, keep the map there. Also keep things like knives, lighters, rope, medicines in your bag. Before going to any place, it is necessary to get permission from the government office there. Also, keep the number of the rescue team with you.
  8. Whenever going on an adventure trip, go with your friends. Adventure trips should not be taken alone. Your friends can help you with any problems. Therefore, one should always go for adventure trips within the group itself.
  9. Don’t insist on an adventure. Many people go on an adventure, and when they are unable to do any work, they think of themselves as having less capacity. So only do the work that you can do. Your stubbornness can endanger you
  10. When you are completely healthy, then you should go on an adventure trip.

The final thought!

There are many people whose whole life is full of adventurous experiences. They get used to a life of risk and danger. The meaning of adventure is different for each person. However, adventurers take it the same way.

Adventurous people take steps without thinking even a moment about any unknown situation. Thrill gives joy and courage to do any impossible task. I hope you like this essay on Adventure.

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