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Introduction (Essay on Patriotism)

Patriotism can be defined as the quality of becoming patriotic. Patriotic is someone who has respect, loyalty, and devotion towards his nation and robust support for the homeland.

Patriots were known for their country’s love and affection, and feel very proud to be the citizens. We have such a sense of solidarity with other people. We can be culturally, politically, or historically linked to one’s homeland onto the basis of that same ideal and many other things.

Ideology behind patriotism

A Patriotic person is always on his own country’s side or supports his leaders when they deserve it. They are committed to their nation, care about their security, hold their country’s interest at their goal, and will always want their stability, development, and growth. People have an emotional relationship with their country and so this attachment is often referred to as national sentiment and national pride.

Patriotism was firmly related to a collection of nationalist ideals and is often even used synonymously. But perhaps the key difference between these two concepts would be that the patriot felt proud of his heritage at what it does, and no matter what it does; the nationalist makes it feel proud of his nation. Therefore patriotism creates a feeling of duty while patriotism establishes a sense of arrogance and ignorance, which may even lead to chaos.

Although several people think patriotism has to do with laying somebody’s life for their country, that’s more than that. It implies defending the country in every possible way, working for their battlement or willingness to protect their own lives whenever necessary.

Importance of patriotism

Having patriotism is quite essential for either the country’s independence and our freedom fighters were the most exceptional example of that. While a nationalist has stipulated his life in their country’s sake, in reality, he becomes immortal. They were worshipped mostly by their peasants and honored throughout the world.

Today they have suffered great hardships for their country and even sometimes have sacrificed a lot of everything for freedom. By self-sacrifice, they receive an immortalized name. Thus many patriots win the hearts and minds of their countrymen after potentially losing many things, including their lives.

History of patriotism in India

In the past, particularly during the most British rule over India, several people have fought for their country or even sacrificed their lives for it. Yet there are several people who continue to fight for their country with the same dedication and are ready to lay down their lives to protect their homeland against intruders or invaders.

Indian revolutionaries were packed with feelings and patriotism and have never thought about their life. As such, they selflessly operated for the country. Also now, many people serve our country in whatever form they can, in absolute commitment.

How does patriotism work?

However, that spirit of patriotism is slowly waning these days since today’s youth are not feeling as deeply about their country when new generation people would feel.

Both the parents and teachers need to make efforts to instill the spirit for patriotism throughout the generations to come. We must encourage patriotism sentiment, as when the country’s youths must love the country, feel connected to it, and make an effort or work to make it a stronger nation.

Several educational organizations, except on 15th August as well as 26th January, organize classes, events, and activities. By this time, the sense of patriotism seemed to overtake the whole country. But in fact, this isn’t true patriotism.

Such an environment needs to be developed not only on these crucial dates but also in general. Only then should these feelings become permanently instilled in every citizenry’s heart. A nation in which the youth love this country and are motivated to socially and economically change its condition will have a better chance of growing and developing.

For our country, we should have respect, affection, and a sense of community, and at the same time, we should not hate certain countries. To prevent the conflicts here between two nations from breaking out, we not only should love our country and also have reverence for other countries.

Our flag was not only a piece of cloth with colors on it, although it is a symbol of pride, liberty, devotion, and is colored by the blood of those that have died in protection. And so when a person realizes they can become a true patriot, they encourage those behind him to work to create a powerful, better, and prosperous country.

A true patriot

He seems to be a true patriot that can give away his career and everything for his country. Its country’s future hinges upon its rulers. Whether the rulers seem to be real patriots, they think of a country’s interests as well as the people.

They continue to do this for the nation’s better. A nationalist puts the importance of the land before his own. He is trying to lead people to such a proper way of living. He was kind, compassionate, genuine, and honest.

A fake patriot

But certain false patriots do exist. They’re just fond of taking undue advantage of this situation. They were men of neither faith nor character. We don’t have a high sensitivity to motivation and sacrifice. They were selfish. We live on our own in such a small world. These people represent the nation’s enemies.

Patriot’s rewards

The true patriot works for his mother country and dies. Throughout life and again after the death, he’s respected and loved. That kind of nationalist is everlasting. Among these people are modern-day Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, and many others. Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, and others have been among many of the Ancients.

The bottom line

A nationalist must think not only of national interest but from the international community as well. He has to climb above emotions at home. He has to believe the human race’s welfare. Mahatma Gandhi aptly says,

“My patriotism requires the public good of mankind.”

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