Essay on Peacock for Students and Children in 700 Words

On this page, you will read an Essay on Peacock for Students and Children in 700 Words. This includes physical appearance, behaviour, religious importance, and 10 Lines on Peacock.

Introduction (Essay on Peacock – 700 Words)

Peacock is a bird which has enormous national significance in India. Most notable, the bird is renowned for its lovely, bright colours. The Peacock is well known for its stunning beauty. It sure has a hypnotic look.

Watching it dance over the Rainy season is a beautiful experience of pleasure. Peacock’s lovely colours bring instant solace to the eyes. Peacock has an essential religious commitment to Indian traditions. Because of this, Peacock has been declared as Indian National Bird.

Physical Appearance

The males of a species were peacocks. They’re beautiful looking. Because of this, the bird gets a massive worldwide appreciation. Its length from either the tip of the beak to an end of the platform is also 195 to 225 centimeters.

Its average weight also is 5 kg. Peacock’s head, neck, or breasts are most noteworthy in iridescent blue colour. They too have white patches all over their eyes.

Peacock is overhead with a crest of feathers. A Peacock’s most striking feature is its extraordinary lovely tail known as the train. After four years for hatching, its tail become fully established.

The 200 odd show feathers are growing from the bird’s back. Those feathers often form part of the enormously elongated upper tail. There are no barbs on train fur to hold feathers to place. Therefore, the feathers connection is loose.

The colours of Peacock resulted from complex microstructures. Those microstructures, create optical phenomena. Every train feather often ends in such a cluster of eye-catching ovals.

The Peacock’s back feathers are greyish brown in the shade. A further vital thing to understand is that the feathers throughout the back were short and slender.

Behaviour of Peacock

The Peacock is renowned for its striking, elegant feather show. The Peacocks propagated their train or quivered it for the display of courtship. Often the number in eyespots in the courtship screens of a male impact the success for mating.

Peacocks all are omnivorous. Besides, seeds, birds, fruits and also small mammals survive. They often lived in small groups. A group possesses basically a single male or 3-5 females.

Mostly, they remain on a tall tree’s outer branches to avoid predators. Peacocks prefer running when in risk to take a flight instead. Most notable, the peacocks are pretty agile on foot.

To summarize, Peacock is a bird with a hypnotic charm. It is undoubtedly colourful, fascinating birds that have been India’s pride for decades. Peacock is a bird whose beauty becomes exquisite.

They are the source of inspiration to artists, because of this. A glimpse of such a bird can bring pleasure to a heart and brings a veritable representative of the fauna for India. It is India’s dignity.

Religious aspect of Peacock

It is a sacred bird of the Hindu religion as its tail ‘train’ spots recognize the eyes of Gods. Further, there is an ancient connection, outside the Hindu mythology, from the first significant empire governed by Chandragupta Maurya to India dynasty within 321 to 185 BC.

He is the grandson of the village head to peacock tamers as per Jain tradition (Mayura poshaka). A region through which Mayura came has been “full of peacocks” (origin of Sanskrit), as per Buddhist writers. This could be the other justification the Peacock is named as India’s national bird.

They’re not just beautiful, they’re also brilliant. They can fly, but not very high. After mating each year, they shed the trains. The lifespan averages 20 years.

We know breaded peafowl as leucism, which has lost its pigmentation caused by a genetic mutation. Therefore, its colour is white. Peacocks were ground feeders which eat insects, plants or small animals.

The Peacock as an ornamental bird is a staple citizen of so many zoos around the world.

10 Lines on Peacock

  1. Peacock is an Indian National Bird. 
  2. In attractiveness, peacocks are attractive.
  3. In India, these are discovered nearly everywhere.
  4. The peacocks are luminous green blue. Its neck is long or blue.
  5. They are between 10-25 years old.
  6. Their wings are enormous, so they’re over 1 meter long.
  7. Peacock is too fond of clouds. They dance throughout the rainy season.
  8. It looks like some kind of colourful fan when the pacifier spreads over it for a dance. The Pacific isn’t so attractive.
  9. It is smaller to shape than the Peacock. Its feet are ugly, and their food depends on food or insects.
  10. They’re peasant friends and insect enemies. Peacocks hunt for snakes too.

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