Essay on Advertisement for Students and Children in 900 Words

Below you will read an educational essay on advertisement for students and children in 900 words. This article includes its introduction, role, advantages, and disadvantages.

So, lets start this article and understand the importance advertisements.

Introduction (Essay on Advertisement – 900 Words)

Advertisement (Ads) is one of the effective ways to attract consumers to products. If you want to get attention and draw people towards your product in the most natural way, then you have to go through the advertisement path.

It is the most straightforward and most important procedure for a person or a company to make themselves or their product known.

There are many modes of advertising like newspaper, magazines, billboards, buses, internet, posters and radio flyers. Most people consider an advertisement as a wonderful thing as it provides essential information in unique ways.

Role of Advertisement in Business 

Advertising is an integral part of economic and social life and a powerful technique for promoting the sale of the product. We know the role of advertising by four different parameters, namely manufacturers, middlemen, society, and customers.

1. Manufacturers

A manufacturer who needs to make a good profit by selling its goods takes full advantage of advertising to commercialize its products and service. The primary importance of advertising in manufacturing is to increase the sale of the product. If people don’t know about the product, how do you expect it to be sold?

To get this aim frequent advertising of the product needs to be done. It also helps in maintaining the existing market and explores the new market. With the help of advertisements, the manufacturers can control the retail price of the product.

2. Middleman

Middleman is the essential link between a producer and a consumer. Here, advertising is the salesmanship imprint, which leads to the least cost. It attracts more customers than a salesman. 

3. Customer

We make all marketing efforts to satisfy the needs of a customer. Advertising promotes right products through printing the image of good in the minds of potential customers. Advertising also increases competition in the market.

4. Society

Along with the manufacturer, middleman, and customer, advertising is also beneficial for society. Advertising has made the luxurious product to the public a thing of yesterday.

It also ensures the increase in consumption of the products, which results in a decrease in production cost and turns increase the earning for society and standard of living for society.

Importance of Advertisement

In the advertisement, what we say is more important than how it is reported. To have effective marketing of the product, you need to carefully craft the message and medium through which you advertised.

There are unique types of ads. One can promote their products like display ads in newspapers, both physical and digital, social media ads, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, radio, podcast, event marketing, email marketing, etc.

In this age of digital world advertising in social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. that are relatively inexpensive advertising.

For example, if you post details of your product on your business Facebook and the followers click on it and tag a friend, this is a free advertisement, and people are aware of your product.

Advertising through newspaper and magazine is traditional but is still a handy mode of advertisement. Plenty of people even reach out for the morning newspaper or love to read magazines.

But most of today’s print media have their own digital presence. Verbal promotion is also one of the most effective ways of promoting your product by repeating the message on radio and podcasts. But the method that mostly engages the consumer is to create a video and post it on social media or pay it to run on sites like YouTube. 

For a unique type of market situation, and for various products, there are uncommon types of advertising. For example, advertisements for a product like biscuits will trigger the direct purchase action of the production. But the ad for an automobile will primarily be used to generate awareness and impart knowledge about the product to the consumer.

The product is the heart of any advertising program. For successful advertising of the product, the marketing team needs to have in-depth knowledge of the product and its attributes. The packaging, trademark, color, style, and various other characteristics are the essential elements for effective marketing and advertising.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

They direct advertisements to a broad audience and not to a particular individual; here are some advantages and disadvantages of advertisement.

  1. The primary aim of the manufacturer in advertising is to increase the sales of their product.
  2. Advertisement creates the ground for the endeavors of a salesman. When they meet a prospect, they just have to canvas for the product as the ad has already supplemented the salesman’s effort.
  3. The cost of advertisement and selling cost gets distributed over an enormous volume of sales because of which the average price of selling gets lower down.
  4. As they advertise the goods under a brand name, the consumer assumes that the content of a particular brand will be better than the other brand.
  5. Purchasing becomes easier for a consumer as the prices are fixed and advertised.
  6. Advertisement done radically changes the underlying motivation of humans.
  7. Advertising is a differed expenditure that does not give an immediate result, and it occupies a substantial portion of the total budget of spending.
  8. Advertisement creates a desire in the minds of the consumer, but because of low purchasing power, it creates discontent among them.
  9. Advertisement can also encourage unnecessary product proliferation as it causes the multiplication of identical products.
  10. The advertisement also compels the consumer to buy things that are not needed as it is the human instincts to possess or to identify in society, and so forth.


There are many ways of advertising a product, and you can diversify by approaching it both traditional and digital world by focusing on your core target market. In this era of fierce competition, advertisement helps the manufacturers to face the game and help to maintain their demand for the products.

Advertisements play a vital role in building public opinion and create an awareness of social problems and introduce social reforms. I hope you liked this essay on advertisement.

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