Essay on Organ Donation for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, read an essay on organ donation for students and children in 1000 words. It includes meaning, celebration of organ donation day, process, demand, and black market of organ donation.

Essay on Organ Donation (1000 Words)

Organ donation is a significant donation. It is also said a “reward for life” in other words. By doing this, we can give life to many people.

Nowadays, many prostitutes help in donating organs, encourage it. Nowadays, organs like kidneys, eyes, liver, heart, small intestine, skin tissue are in high demand.

Thousands of people die in an accident in the country every day whose organ donation gives life to other people. Most of the extracted organs are transplanted within 6 to 72 hours. One donor can save eight lives. Donations of liver, kidney, lungs, pancreas, and intestine can be made while alive.

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What is organ donation?

Organ donation is a process in which healthy organs and tissues are taken from a human being (dead and sometimes even alive). Then these organs are transplanted to another needy person. In this way, the life of another person can be saved with organ donation. Organ Donation by One Person Donation made by one person can help 50 needy people.

Organ Donation in India

In India, the percentage of organ donation is deficient according to the population. Every year 5 lakh people in the country die due to lack of organs at the right time. In this, 2 lakh people die due to liver disease. Fifty thousand people die due to vision sickness.

Organ Donation Day Celebration

Organ donation day is celebrated on 13 August every year in government, non-governmental organizations. Institutions such as Gift Ek Jeevan, Mohan Foundation, Gift Your Organ Foundation, Dadhichi Dehdaan Samiti help in organ donation. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi NCR, Punjab are the most donating states in the country.

Major Organs to Donate

Kidney, liver, intestine, blood vessel, intoxication, skin, bones, ligaments (ligaments) heart, pancreas, heart valves (soft bone), blood, platelets, tissue, the cornea (cornea), tendons.

Problems In Organ Donations

The rule is that in the event of a road accident, only those who died in the hospital can be taken part of their logo. Many people die at the accident site. In such a situation, no part can be found from them.

People are not aware yet. Consider it wrong. Many people do not even register to donate organs during their lifetime. People suffering from cancer, AIDS, infection, sepsis, or any serious illness cannot give an organ.

Organ donation process

a. Living organ donor

Comprehensive medical investigations are required before donating organs to living donors. It also includes the psychological evaluation of the donor to ensure that he or she understands the consequences of the donation and wants to consent to it.

b. Dead donor

With deceased donors, it is first verified whether or not the donor is dead. Death is usually confirmed many times by neuro physicians when it is determined that any part of it can be donated.

After death, they placed the body on a mechanical ventilator to ensure that the organ remains in good condition. Most organs function outside the body for only a few hours and thus ensure that they reach the recipient immediately after removal from the body.

Difference between demand and supply

The need for physical organs is much higher than the number of donors around the world. Every year many patients die while waiting for donors.

Statistics show that the average annual kidney demand in India is two lakhs, while only 6 thousand kidneys are received. Similarly, the average annual market for the heart is 50 thousand, whereas only 15 are available.

I order to increase the number of donors for organs; there is a need to create awareness among the public for donating organs.

Towards this end, the government has also taken some steps like spreading awareness through TV and the Internet, though we still have a long way to go to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

The black market of organs selling

On the one hand, where we are promoting organ donation, its theft has also happened a lot. Nowadays, the theft and black marketing of organs has increased in India.

In government-private hospitals, patients’ kidneys (kidneys), and other organs are being stolen from the nexus of the doctors.

Fake Organization

Many such organizations are active in many states who steal the organs of innocent spears. Such theft is done during the operation.

The organs are sold in foreign patients at high prices. A case of fraud continues to be exposed every day. Weak, vulnerable sections become the most victims of it.

For Money

People with plentiful money are ready to pay any cost to the limbs to save their lives. Doctors also keep stealing organs by being lured by money. Thousands of foreign patients come to our country every year, which has some part or two.

Flexibility in Law

Taking advantage of the flexible law of organ transplantation in the country, such people gain organs corruptly. Some poor patients sell their organs for money, but some are fraudulently removed.

Price of organs in the black market

Kidney – 5 to 10 lakhs
Bone marrow – 2.5 million
Surrogacy (rental womb) – 10 to 20 lakhs
Lever – 5 to 10 lakh
Heart – above 20 lakhs
Cornea – 1.5 million
One inch skin – according to 42 thousand rupees

What happens to organs?

Doctors quickly transplant these organs into any patients who have already needed them. Organ transplant hospitals have a waiting list. According to him, the organ is put in the patient whose number is there.

The blood group and many other tests are done for matching while performing the organ. If everything is fine, then the organ is put in, and if the match is not there, then it is matched with the next patient on the waiting list.

Time Duration for Transplant

  • The liver should be transplanted within 6 hours of removal.
  • The kidney should be taken within 12 hours.
  • Eyes should be installed within three days.


Organ donation can save a person’s life. Its importance should not be ignored. A proper system should be encouraged to donate the organ. I hope you will like this essay on organ donation.

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