Essay on Save Water for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article, you will read an essay on save water for students and children in 1000+ words. It includes uses, needs to conserve, and ways to save and conserve water.

Everyone entirely depends on portable and freshwater. So, this essay on conservation of water is an insight into some crucial and unknown benefits of water for human beings. 

Essay on Save Water (1000 Words)

Water has become an essential part of humans’ existence on the planet. Therefore, the importance of water can be compared to the importance of air and is a must for all living organisms, whether it is plants, animals, or humans.

Water is the second most crucial substance on the planet after the air. Apart from drinking, there are other advantages of water.

Therefore, it includes cleaning, washing, cooking, and many more. Water is not only a vital part of human survival; instead, it is also crucial for the survival of plants and trees. Also, it is a precious factor needed for agricultural and too different from other industrial fields. 

At present, the most significant issues associated with global warming are big water depreciation in the world. It is usually because of the misuse of water happening in different places.

Currently, it is crucial to know the formula for the conservation of water, saving water, since pure water resources are the major source for all the necessities. When it becomes depreciated, it will lead to more extensive catastrophic conditions for humans on earth. 

Major Causes of Lack of Water

The source of water is as well, ponds, rivers and lakes, and so forth. On the earth’s surface, 70% of the land is covered with water and the other 30% by land. In that 70%, only 3% of water is used by us for many purposes.

So, there is not enough water for such large populated countries. As the population is rising every day, the consumption of water is also increasing. These days people use water not carefully and become careless about it. 

For instance, a kid washing his hand sometimes opens up the tap but forgets to close it. So, here the water gets wasted. In certain regions such as Rajasthan, where the temp of the weather is high, the source of drinking water becomes very less.

They have to seek water by walking miles. Everyone should understand that every drop of water is the savior for someone. 

Further, farmers want water for the cultivation of crops. If the rain is not sufficient, then it will be hard for the farmers to cultivate the land.

So, their life will be ruined because their income ultimately depends on it. Sometimes, because of low-income, many farmers commit suicide. 

Different Uses of the Water

1. Water in Agriculture

There is a crucial role of water in the agricultural field. The crop season needs the irrigation that is used for agriculture for the proper growth of plants.

In case there is a proper source of water for farming, the farmers are happy as it makes the farms and crops so wealthy. 

2. Water used for balancing the ecosystem

Water is essential not only for humans, rather also for the entire ecosystem in various ways. It is because the water in the atmosphere absorbs sun rays and heat and lets the valleys and rivers and other water sources be filled with rainwater. 

3. Water for industries

In many industries such as mining, food, paper, petrochemicals, textiles, electricity, fertilizers, chemicals, steel, and more, water is used in large quantities. It is used for fire protection, cleaning purposes, generation of power, cooling purpose, and last but not the least in air cooling. 

Why We Need to Conserve Water?

At present, many areas in the world are facing extreme scarcity because of the deadline for scanty rainfalls and groundwater. Further, in some regions, the groundwater is contaminated or has been overused.

Therefore, these key elements have to lead to drought, and in these regions, it has led to water scarcity. Also, industrialization and urbanization have added to the issues where groundwater has been overused. It is to fulfill the increasing demand of the population. 

As per the World Health Organization report, few people have access to safe drinking water. Seeing this, the water crisis in the future seems inevitable.

Further, it calls for a quick action plan to conserve water so that precious resources can be saved both for now and for future generations. 

Save Water Initiative

Save water initiatives can promote and help the conservation of water. People can spread awareness among about the importance of water. Also, the save water campaign helps people realize that the sources of pure and freshwater are minimal.

Thus, if overused, there are chances they might not fulfill the increasing demand of the population. So, through the campaigns, one can create awareness among the people about the advantage of preserving water and using it wisely. 

Reason for Freshwater Shortage

  • Too much wastage of freshwater and careless use of water over a daily basis. 
  • Pollution from industries that add untreated water to the lakes and rivers over a daily basis
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the freshwater
  • Sewage waste is dumped into rivers that pollute water.

Avoidance of Water Shortage

There are various means where one can save water and minimize pollution. The procedure includes the proper treatment of industrial water prior to dumping them into rivers. Further, using only the required water and avoiding wastage. Apart from that, one can make people aware of water issues using social campaigns and many more ways.

How to Save Water? – Few Best Ways to Conserve Water

It is an individual responsibility to protect the water and diminish the consumption of water except for cooking and drinking purposes. Here are some of the best ways to conserve & save water –

  • One can reduce the consumption of water by adequately using it for showering, toilet, etc. And save water per day by slightly saving from cleaning, purpose, flushing toilet, watering garden, and more. 
  • For purposes such as showering, watering the garden, laundry, and toilet flushing. One should use rainwater. 
  • Avoid taking a shower for bathing, instead use water in the bucket. In this way, you can save more water daily.
  • Rainwater harvesting is one of the best options to save water
  • You can save 5000 liters of water per month if you use a washing machine to wash clothes.
  • Beware of news of people who struggle a lot of searching daily for a drop of water to save you from water wastage.
  • Promote water conservation programs to spread awareness among the people
  • Use water in cooler only when needed, otherwise don’t waste it
  • Do not drain water by sprinkling on streets or house; it is a just wastage of water
  • In the rainy season, promote tree plantation so that because of plants, you can quickly get water through rainwater
  • Avoid watering plants in the afternoon, mostly between 11 am to 4 pm as the sun rays evaporate so instead of watering plants in the noontime, water them in the evening or early morning.

The Bottom Line (Conclusion)

In conclusion, you have done till now to save water is not enough. Further, you must receive and save your environment and nature.

Also, it is crucial for other forms of life on earth like birds, animals, and plants. The quantity of fresh water is only limited to groundwater, lakes, and rivers. Therefore, it becomes our duty to safeguard what remains of this precious resource for our future. 

Also, people need to take action plans to check on water pollution that makes it unfit for use. Water is life for both humans and the ecosystem. Saving water is crucial for us and our future generation, and we depend on it for many purposes.

Water is the boon for us, which is granted by God, so we must use it properly. In some regions where there is a shortage of water, they know the value of it. Hope you liked this informative essay on save water.

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