Speech on Child Labour for Students and Children in 800 Words

In this post you will read a persuasive Speech on Child Labour for Students and Children in 800 Words.

Speech on Child Labour in 800 Words

Dear Principal, Sirs, teachers, colleagues, and my dear honorable guests! Today I have one important topic for my speech on child labour.

We are all citizens of India, and our country is large. People of all religions, castes, costumes, and sects live in our country. India has set some recent records of success since its independence.

But even after all this, there are many problems, among which the main ones are – population growth, casteism, linguist, unemployment, inflation, etc. child labour or taking work from a child is a very serious problem which is going very serious day by day. 

As we all know, that a child till 14 years is very sensitive, just like wax. In this age group, the children go to school to study and to learn. If anybody keeps any boy or children of this age group, they called child labour. We prohibit child labour in our country, but still, it is going in several places.  

Keeping a child on a job or taking work from a child is unfair and illegal. This is not allowed by the law of our country. Our constitution also condemns it and not allowing for the same.

To take work below the minor age of 14 is illegal. We all know that this is the age of study and schooling, not for work as labour. In other countries, also strict law has been implemented against child labour. In our country, it is illegal but still is going on. 

People know that this unfair and we all should not encourage doing this. Our society also helps the children to go to school and leave this labour work. 

Sirs; if we all take the steps for this cause, we can expunge it. Child labour is a curse to one’s society. This will not allow our society to become unjust free. We need to remember rather than getting the child to work; we do them no good by giving food or money. Otherwise, we play with their future.

(i) To abolish child labour, we must first change our thinking. We all should discourage hiring any child in our offices and houses.

(ii) We must enact Stringent and strong laws to prevent child labour.

(iii) If you come across any child labour issue, first report to the nearest police station.

(iv) People must raise their voices against the stony hearts that shelter child labour. 

(v) The common man should also realise child labour and prevent it from happening in his society.

(vi) Our society also should pay full attention to educate poor children to avoid them is going to child labour.

(vii) People in factories and shops should think once again for the sake of humanity and vow that they will get no child for work.

(viii) Whenever we purchase any item product, one must ask the shopkeeper about its technology. This will help to can create an atmosphere of alertness in society. We shouldn’t use anything made of child labour.

(x) There is no improvement in the education system of our country, even today. For which children of rural areas and separated areas still cannot read and write. 

(xi) There is a big chain of criminals who kidnapped the child and sold them as labour in distinct places and outside the country.

Sir, our government also has done a lot to stop child labour. The government has enacted several laws to make the country free from child labour. But one thing is obvious that without both of us and our all society, we can remove this evil.

(i) The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986 – Child Labour Act was enacted in 1986 by our government to eliminate child labour from under which work of children below 14 years of age. Getting it done will be considered a punishable offense.

(ii) The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act of 2000 – Under this law, if a person provides wages to children or forces them to do so strict action should be taken against them, will go.

(iii) The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 – This law was enacted in the year 2009, under which children between 6 and 14 years of age will be provided free education, and poor in private schools and 25% seats, will be reserved for children with disabilities.

In the end, I can state that child labour is a serious problem for our country; if it is not eliminated soon, it will prove to be a hindrance to the development of our country.

Children who should laugh, play, and study in childhood will find them working hard on an enormous amount which will spoil the future of our country. Therefore, we should raise our voice against child labour today to abolish this poor practice.

Thank you.

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