Speech on International Yoga Day for Students in 800 Words

In this article, you will read a Speech on International Yoga Day for Students in 800 Words. This persuasive speech on World Yoga Day encourage people to do yoga regularly.

Students can take help from this Speech for School events and Exam.

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Speech on International Yoga Day (800 Words)

Good Morning to all presented dignitaries. As we know that our college is celebrating yoga day as last year. I would like to give a short speech on Yoga and the science and essence behind it.

Every year on 21st June, the entire world having functions of yoga and celebrates International Yoga Day. When do we celebrate International Yoga Day 2020: Date, as we have told you that from the year 2015, it is celebrated every year on 21 June?

If you also have a question in your mind that why Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21, how Yoga Day was started, then according to Indian culture, after the summer solstice The Sun becomes Dakshinayan.

We know that 21 June is known to be the biggest day of the year. On the day of 21 June, the sun rises early and falls very late. This is the reason why International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June.

There is a theme is fixed for each year of Yoga Day. Yoga Day is celebrated with a theme every. But this year because of the worldwide epidemic i.e. COVID 19, people have been given theme related to this, which will promote health and health.

International Yoga Day 2020 has a theme like last year. The Theme was “to practice yoga within the family when they’re together”.

Since it’s starting, these themes have been presented yearly. I want to tell about all by its names.

  • The International Yoga Day Theme of 2015 was: Yoga for World Harmony and Peace
  • The International Yoga Day  Theme of  2016 was: Connect with the youth & young
  • The International Yoga Day Theme of 2017 was: Yoga for Health
  • The International Yoga Day Theme of 2018 was: Yoga for Peace
  • The International Yoga Day Theme of 2019 was: Yoga for Heart
  • International Yoga Day of 2020 was: Yoga at home, Yoga with family (Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family) It was during COVID19.

Now, in short, I want to explain about yoga. It is the connection between body and mind or we can also say that it is a way of balancing between mind and body. Yoga originated in India and is therefore known worldwide as “Yoga”.

Today, the knowledge and practice of Yoga are spreading worldwide, which is a wonderful thing. In yoga, we get to learn about many-body rugs such as the actions of keeping ourselves fit as examples like sitting, standing, leaning forward, leaning backwards, standing upside down.

As now, the entire world knows the advantages of yoga. Practicing Yoga is very beneficial and its practice can cure many diseases like respiratory problems, stomach problems, diseases related to the digestive system. It helps to remove negativity and mental diseases from our body. It helps reduce stress levels and raise awareness.

This concentration, especially for children, helps in building strength and focus. It can be said that it is the best medicine to treat respiratory problems and is also helpful for diseases like abdominal pain and infection. It also helps in improving the image of a person because automatically if a person is disease free then he will look good and healthy.

I want to explain the benefits of yoga in short.

• The yoga has the power which is not in any other exercise in the world.

• The most important thing about yoga is that you do not need any kind of yantra for yoga. Yoga is a unique physical activity that one can get rid of all diseases with no medicine.

• For yoga, you spare time of just 20-30 minutes daily in the morning or evening and stay away from the tiredness of the day.

• Yoga is a very good and beneficial exercise for children, which gives activeness and keeps children healthy and at the same time makes their mind calm and strong.

• Regular yoga reduces body weight.

• It removes the anxiety of the mind due to which mental stress and diseases like hypertension remain away from the body.

• By doing yoga, positive thoughts are generated in the mind and at the same time, the mind is engaged in work.

Dear all dignitaries Now I want to end my words and finally want to say that it would not be an exaggeration to say that yoga is necessary for us in every way. It is very good for our body & physical, spiritual and mental health.

Satisfaction in mind, peace, and energetic feelings are realized through only yoga, which makes our valuable life stress-free and moves forward with positive energy every day.  Because of this, 177 countries passed a resolution for the International Yoga Day to be celebrated on 21 June by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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