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The current education system of India is considered as the education system of the dependent period. It is regarded as a gift of British rule. This system was born by Lord Macaulay. Due to this system, even today, clerks and babu with white collars are being incurred. Due to this education system, the physical and spiritual development of students is not possible.

Importance of Education in Ancient India

Education was of great importance in ancient times. The emergence of civilization, culture, and education was first in India. In ancient times, the place of learning was Gurukul of the forests far away from the cities and noise. Sages and sages operated these gurukuls. In ancient times, students practiced celibacy and received full education only by sitting at the feet of their guru.

Some similar schools were Taksha Shila and Nalanda. Foreigners also used to come here to get an education. Then came the medieval era when India had to suffer a long period of subordination. Arabic-Persian education spread during the Muslim era. When the 18th and 19th centuries came, only the rich and the feudal could accept education. Female education was almost over.

Need For A New Education System

India became independent on August 15, 1947. The attention of our masters went towards the modern education system as the British education system was not compatible with our education system. Gandhiji had said about education that education means the development of all physical, mental, and moral powers in children. Several committees were formed to improve the education system.

A vast scheme was devised by the committee, which could spread 50% education within three years. Secondary education was created. Efforts were made to solve the problem of the university itself. Later the Basic Education Committee was formed to promote basic education in India. Primary education among children was made compulsory due to the recommendation of the All India Education Committee.

Establishment of Kothari Commission

To bring changes in the field of education, the Kothari Commission was established. This commission recommended implementing the new scheme at the national level. The discussion of this scheme was long-lasting. This system was implemented in many states of the country. This system will lead to general education in the tenth grade for ten years.

In this, all the students will study the same subjects. In this course, two languages, mathematics, science, and society, will be considered on five topics. But students should also be familiar with physical education. After the seventh examination, students will study different subjects. If he wants, he can take science; take commerce and even craft for industrial work.

Benefits of New Education Policy

The new education system has been created, keeping employment in front. We often see that people attend universities and colleges, but they are not interested in studying. Such people create indiscipline and anarchy in society. We will benefit from the new education policy that such students will remain till the tenth and they will not be able to take admission in the college.

Eligible students will be able to get admission in colleges. After completing the tenth, students will be able to get employment by taking admission in diploma courses. But if we want to make the new education system successful, then diploma courses will have to be opened from place to place so that students do not run towards colleges after completing the tenth standard.

Defects of the Indian education system:

One can find a lot many issues in the Indian education system that hinders the proper growth and development of an individual. The main disputes and problems with the Indian education system is its marking and grading system. Students’ intelligence is judged from a three-hour paper, not its practical abilities. Its ability to cram is appreciated, not actual knowledge.

Another issue is that the focus is only on theory. No importance is given to practical education. Our education system encourages students to become bookworms and does not prepare them to deal with the real problems and challenges of life.

Such importance is given to academics that the need to involve students in sports and art activities are ignored. Along with studies, students are also dominating. Regular exams are conducted, and students are examined at every step. It creates intense tension in the students. When they go to higher classes, students’ stress levels keep increasing.

Ways to improve Indian education system (changes needed in the Indian education system)

Several new ideas and suggestions have been disclosed and shared to improve this education system of India. Few ways to change our education policy and system for users include:

1. Focus on skill development

It is time for Indian schools and colleges to stop giving so much importance to students’ marks and rank and instead focus on skill development. Students’ cognitive, problem-solving, analytical, and creative thinking skills should be enhanced. To do this, they must be involved in various academic as well as extra-curricular activities as well as engaging in dull classroom sessions.

2. Equivalent practical knowledge

Practical knowledge is essential to develop an in-depth understanding of any subject. However, our Indian education system focuses primarily on theoretical knowledge. It needs to be changed. Students should be provided with practical experience for better understanding and application.

3. Revise the syllabus

The syllabus of our schools and colleges is the same for decades. It is time to change this according to the changing times so that students learn more important things for their time. For example, computers should become one of the core subjects in schools so that students learn to work efficiently from the beginning. Similarly, there should be classes to develop excellent communication skills as this is the need of the hour.

4. Hire Better Teaching Staff

To save a few bucks, educational institutions in our country employ teachers who demand lower pay even if they are not highly skilled and experienced. This approach has to be changed. Good teaching staff should be hired to nourish the young mind well.

5. Look beyond academics

Our country’s education system has to look beyond academics. Sports, arts, and other activities should also be given importance to ensure all-round development of students.

10 Lines on Education System in India

  1. The NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is the primary body for all courses.
  2. In order to guide the future of children and promote inclusive development in the country, it is necessary that the education system should be streamlined.
  3. Instead of understanding the various concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and other subjects, students are given the full focus on learning the chapter.
  4. There is a genuine requirement for change in the Indian instruction framework which thus can help in creating more intelligent people.
  5. The Indian training framework is said to be to a great extent defective. It accomplishes more mischief than an advantage to youthful personalities.
  6. There is a weight on understudies to consider. They concentrate for quite a while in school and are given a heap of family unit errands to finish at home.
  7. Practical knowledge is very important to develop an in-depth understanding of any subject.
  8. Sports, arts and other activities should also be given importance to ensure all-round development of students.
  9. The ancient education system of India was based on the Gurukul education system,
  10. There is a need to take concrete steps to improve the standard of the education system in the country.

The Bottom Line

The need to change the Indian education system has been emphasized many times. However, little has been done in this regard. It is time to understand the importance of improving the old system for the better future of children and the whole nation. I hope you like this information on the Essay on Education System In India.

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