Essay on Child Labour for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read a persuasive essay on child labour for students and children in 1000 words. It includes causes, effect and solution of child labour.

Essay on Child Labour for Students (1000 Words)

Do you know child labour is a major social issue in every country? Really It’s true. Child Labour is a severe problem for children. Let us understand more about this.

Causes of Child Labour

There are lots of happy people in this world. There are also many sad people in this world. A lot of sad people are sad because they have many problems in their life.

Sometimes, the father loses his money. The mother cannot get a job. The children get hungry. They have not enough money to live peacefully.

Instead, they have to think about working more than necessary. An average person only has to work 8 hours a day. Even 8 hours is too much! Because after 8 hours, there is still homework to do, and that makes it 10 or sometimes 12 hours a day.

So stupid. That is how adults are. Anyway, when a family becomes poor, they also have to do the same. Instead of working for 8 hours, they have to do extra homework every day.

Otherwise, the rest of the world thinks that they do not deserve to have money. Without money, the father and mother cannot bring food for their children.

This feeding is a problem with kids. The world is not a comfortable place. You must always earn money and have an excellent reputation to live on this earth. Otherwise, people will not give food and shelter to any person.

Maybe one day, one of our children can show us how to live differently. Until then, follow the rules that are already in place. So when a family becomes financially weak to have food and shelter, they will start thinking about how to change their lives.

They will begin begging and asking strangers for help. Their family does not talk to them anymore, because they are too poor. How truly sad.

There will not be any other way to earn money except by working all the time, even to make little money. Any money, anything to buy some food. That happens with the father and mother.

Their children will see their parents working many jobs to get some money. Some of these jobs are not even good for their parents’ health, but they still have to do it to get some money.

Sometimes, even this work is not enough. The father might suddenly fall ill from working too hard. As we talked before, we are only supposed to work for a few hours every day.

A sick person works all day, which can be very unhealthy. If the father in a family falls ill, then there is nothing left to do. The mother works as much as she can, but she also has to look after the father and the children, cooking food and looking after the house.

That is also too much work. All this work makes the mother think of how else to get money. She talks to her husband about this. They will talk for hours about how to get money, but there is no real way to change anything. So then one of them will think maybe our children can work.

They are not happy about this. Imagine crying night after night, in deep sorrow about sending one child to work. This is the common cause of child labour all over the world.

Do you think going to school is wrong?

No friend, work is much, much worse. It is just full of adults. I want to tell you something about adults: they are afraid. They are afraid of too many things.

So, they will keep lying and deceiving each other, just so that others will also become as afraid as they are. That is just sad, I know. It takes a lot of honesty and courage to fight against it.

That is why children may not work; they are not ready for the big challenge, but what can this low-income family do? Their father is too ill, and their mother is already working too much.
Now, even children have to work.

Childrens Actual Life and Labour

So, we see children going to work. When children work somewhere, it is called child labour. I dislike this name, but it is the name of this crime and social problem.

The child who is working at a job, you remember the child is in child labour. It is not a good thing. That child has many things to do. She wants to dress up and run around the house.

Sometimes, a child wants to sing a song. Think about all the things which every child likes to do, for example playing computer games, playing football, cricket on the ground.

No way, I love computer games too! We can play all we want. That is because we have free time. After school, after homework, we still have some free time to watch some TV or play some games.

However, some kids never have that time. They have to go to work. It will not even be a job that they enjoy. Just some work that children have to do for many hours, in order to feed themselves. Slowly, this work becomes very tiring.

These kids will stop going to school and go to work. They do not have the energy to go to school and work, that is just too much. Playing games, forget it.

A Big Problem Child Labour

Child labour is a huge problem; kids across our state, country, and world. Some children should work toward their dreams, working jobs instead.

They are doing the work that adults should be doing. It is just that adults do not want to work so much, and they do not want to give food and shelter to these small sick children.

So they force them to work instead. It is a sad situation, but it can be changed. If we do not change it, many children will be forced to keep working.


The jobs will get worse; the places they work at will get worse. Those children can have better lives if we stop forcing them to live based on the money they have or the reputation their family has.

These things do not matter. They are children, just like us. I hope you like this Essay on Child Labour.

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