Speech on Laughter Is Best Medicine for Students in 500 Words

In this article, we have published a Speech on Laughter Is Best Medicine for Students in 500 Words. This speech tells us of the importance of laughing in life. So, much research tells laughing cures us of lots of diseases.

So, Let’s us start Speech on Laughter Is Best Medicine

Speech on Laughter is Best Medicine (500 Words)

Good Morning to All Respected Invitees,

I feel very honorable to come here to this place and want to share a few words with you on the topic of laughing and its necessity.

Usually, we see that laughing is taken in the sense of happiness and sometimes as a joke. But if we positively see this then definite we found that laughing is very important for everyone’s life. The laughing affects the full-body nervous system, which gives energy and a positive way to mind.

Laughing, smiling is a divine blessing. It feels so lovely when we meet a person laughing and greet. We understand that everything is fine. On the other side, if we meet someone severe and dull, then it seems that something is wrong. That’s why everyone considers laughing to be a positive thing. Hence a proverb called “Laughter is the best medicine

It is a good exercise. Laughing is regarded as an internal practice. During laughing, the stomach, breathing system, shoulders, facial muscles get good training. Laughing out loud makes our heart a good workout.

We get new energy by laughing with lungs exercised, and blood pressure returning to normal. It also increases our immunity. Research has found that cheerful people read less ill than others. It keeps back pain and diabetes away.

Our confidence increases while laughing. The front has a good effect. If we laugh and ask someone to do some work, then people do it. Conversely, if someone is asked to do something severe or frustrated, then people do not.

Everyone likes laughing and smiling. Now, laughing has many benefits. It makes our outlook positive. People with a positive outlook in life soon achieve success. It is as per the research study.

People who laugh or smile a lot before going on the bed at night get good sleep. Good sleep is very beneficial as it enhances beauty. Luster remains on body and face. In this way, if you laugh for some time before going to sleep at night, it is very beneficial and healthy.

Perhaps this is the reason that many comedy shows come on TV between 8 and 10 pm. Nowadays, people are under so much stress that they sleep only after eating their sleep. There are many side effects from eating the pill. So try to laugh openly too.

Laugh Therapy has become very popular nowadays. This morning, people gather in a park or open space without any purpose and laugh loudly. It is called “Laughing Thera.” By doing this, you get instant relief in diseases like depression, depression, migraine, headache, stress.

It is very beneficial. People of all ages can do it. Nowadays it has become very famous. Apart from this, “Comedy Poets Conferences” are also often held in cities that make people laugh. Nowadays, more than 7000 laughter clubs have been formed in our country.

At the end of my speech, we can say that perhaps this is why the saying that “laughing is the best medicine” is how important it is to laugh. It can be understood that now, World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. So we all should be laughing and smiling to take the pleasure of this unique world and our individual body which God given us.

I thank the organizer for giving me this opportunity to speak on this crucial topic. I also thank all of you for listening to me patiently.


So, in the end, we can say ‘Always keep laughing’. I hope you like this Speech on Laughter Is Best Medicine for School and College Students.

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