Speech on Friendship for Students and Children in 800 Words

In this post, we have published a Speech on Friendship for Students and Children in 800 Words. You can take help from this article for your school and college works or on International friendship day event.

Speech on Friendship for Students and Children in 800 Words

Dear principal Sir, all teachers, sir, and all my colleagues, good morning! Today I want to give a speech on friendship on this occasion. I have chosen this topic to express my views on the importance of friendship in front of all of you.

Friendship is the most required and important relationship which is accepted at all times. It is natural that humans cannot live with no friends or colleagues. It is indeed a matter of luck to find a true, honest and dear friend in the world. A loyal friend is a special gift from God to any of us. 

A loyal friend makes our meaningless life meaningful and shows us the correct path to success. They are the friends who make the journey of our life easy, full of joy and excitement. They make no joke at our mistakes; rather, show us the correct path by constant support. 

The friend who is helping hands is always ready to help their colleagues and friends in hard times of life, no matter how busy they are. Friendship is, in fact, a valuable relationship in this world that can never be bought or sold to anyone.

It depends on the love for each other in the hearts of two friends. It never depends on the materialistic pleasures of the world. Genuine friends are genuine joys of life who never forget each other and always help.

As a human, we need encouragement to get out of the problems we face in life and social life according to the circumstances from time to time. Under such times, our true friends play an important role in our lives and bring us out of hardships. Life without a true friend is incomplete. Despite a happy and luxurious life, it is important not to have any true friends in life.

A wonderful friend is one with whom we share all the small and big joys, secrets, and struggles of our life with no hesitation. Friendship is the relationship that protects us from emotional problems because it motivates us to share our inner thoughts and feelings. True friends never criticize their friends; also, they help to overcome his shortcomings. 

Further, sometimes there are few disputes, and wrong understanding comes. We see that friends escalate these slight issues for a long time. So I want to that in this situation we should adopt the way of forgiveness. If any friend does any wrong and he felt that he made any mistake. The friend should finish the matter at the same, and he should break his friendship for this minor reason.

Whenever they choose the reverse path, they guide it towards the end of the tunnel-like light. Best or True colleagues and friends always understand the responsibility and his full rights and advise him to adopt the right path with the truth.

They take all our mistakes seriously and try to show us the right path in the right direction. We can say that a true friend is more valuable than precious stones like diamonds in the world. 

Friendship is the genuine relationship that we all need. We all need true friends to spend the day happily throughout our lives. They give us genuine happiness by standing with us on our good and bad days and sharing moments of our happiness and sorrows. It is rare to see examples of true friendship in life.

We all have always known the true and historical friendship of Krishna and Sudama. But some people are very selfish and befriend people of wealth, cunning, and high social status only for their benefit.

Such friends never help in terrible times; instead, they always want to enjoy them. They leave their friend in bad times. However, true friends never leave their friends alone and always help him in times of need. 

Many selfish people revolve around good people to make them their friends. But true friends are tested only in awful times because true friends never leave their friends alone, and bad friends always do the opposite. We should always take care of such friends while making friends in life. Loyal friends always help their friends in times of need. 

Sir, at the end of my speech, I want to say that one key is very important, and trust is very important for all relationships; however, it comes naturally in the ties of friendship. Genuine friendship always remains because of mutual trust and understanding.

When the relationship deepens, confidence and understanding increase. In some time, our most dear friend takes a deeper place in our hearts than our parents, siblings. We always trust our dear friend and blindly follow his decisions with the confidence that he will never show us the wrong path.

Thank You.

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