Speech on Internet for Students and Children in 900+ Words

In this article, you will read a Speech on Internet for Students and Children in 900+ Words.

Speech on Internet for Students and Children (900+ Words)

A very warm welcome to everyone and present here. Respected principal, teachers, members and my dear friends. I am very thankful for getting this wonderful chance to allow me to deliver a speech on the topic “Internet.” Please have your patience and render your ears to hear me till the end.

The Internet is a group of networks which connect people all over the world. The internet was developed by the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. 

The first connection was ARPANET, which was connected on October 1,1969. The worldwide Web is the most popular service, which was created in Switzerland in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee. 

As we all know that the world is growing rapidly in technology. One of the most advancements of technology is the internet. 

The internet has been used worldwide. It helps us in many ways like sending and receiving mails, connecting people from all over the world, getting information from worldwide, getting to know people from everywhere, etc. We use the internet for every small and big scale, and through this we can have the world at our fingertip.

The internet has both negative and positive roles in human life. 

  • The advantage is that it helps to connect people from all around and helps to share their feelings like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 
  • It helps in providing education. It also helps in getting to know more about the things which you do not know. 
  • We can also do multitasking things like we can do any project or any assignment, or just listen to the music online.

Nowadays, we find making best use of their study curriculum through the internet tools like the Google classroom. 

  • The Internet helps in online shopping through e-commerce sites like Myntra, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. 
  • We can also pay online money, transfer it through paytm, Google Pay, Internet Banking, Phone Pay, PayPal, etc. 
  • If someone gets bored, he/she can entertain himself through movies, serials, comedy, and many more through Amazon prime, YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. 
  • One can also watch news online,  and can also go for video calls, chat and talk to them through Google duo.
  • We can book tickets for the bus, train, and aeroplane through online.

Apart from seeing a lot of many helpful effects the internet brings, we are also cursed with a few of its disadvantages too. 

It is good to use the internet but the youth are using it more which is wasting their valuable time. 

  • Anyone using the Internet can be fooled and hacked. 
  • Hacking has become common on Facebook and many other social media. 
  • Students are more attached to mobile because of the internet. 
  • They study less and waste much of their time on the internet. 
  • They are very excited to know new people and interact with them. 
  • They also watch online movies, play online games , etc. 

Nowadays pubg, freefire, ludo, etc have become top list in playing. Students are very much using the internet. It’s very harmful for the eyes.

Few more disadvantages of Internet are:

  • Addiction and distraction from studies occur in every student’s life. 
  • Depression, loneliness, social isolation also occur because of the internet. 
  • Anyone can easily fool you, and you can also easily believe anyone. 
  • This is very dangerous and can destroy anyone’s life. 

I guess we all should be careful while using the internet and should keep all personal and professional information limited so that no one can do anything wrong.

Hackers want to know about you so do not share all your information in social media. There is setting in every phone, both for the web browser and mobile operating systems. Make sure that you have to enable the privacy settings.

I must suggest that before downloading anything from the Web, be sure that  it is safe and no hacking will take place. Choose a strong password so that it will be safe and no one can hack.

Whenever you purchase anything online, you need to provide credit card or bank account information, so be careful as this is what the cyber criminals are most eager to look for. So apply all this information only to the safe and secure sites. 

I must say that parents should be very careful in advising their children on the internet. They should teach them both the good and bad of the internet. They should provide mobile to them in need, else the children will be addicted to using the phone and start using it for long hours wasting all their time. 

Friends also play a very great role in using the internet. If a child starts using the internet for more than required time, he/she will attract their friends and make them eager to use it. So, everyone should use the Internet and make themselves for limited use over it. 

Students should know the benefit of their studies and be serious about it so that they will be less addicted towards mobile and internet. The Internet is very much useful and important for everyone’s life.

Everyone knows how to use it, however they don’t know how much to use, so they should use it less and give more time to themselves and other valuable things or activities. 

So by saying all this, I would like to end my speech by thanking everyone for listening to me patiently. Finally, I want to request all not to use the internet in excess, rather than give more time to studies and other social activities. Thank you.

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