Essay on Uses of the Internet for Students

In this article, we have published an Essay on Uses of the Internet. Also, we have explained the terminology and history of the internet.


Internet is a global system used for sharing information and providing comprehensive service and communication by using an internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide. A vast range of data is carried through inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web. There is no single centralized governance in either technological implementation or policies of access and usage of the Internet.

Its surfing is very easy. The Internet is available in all major villages, towns, cities of almost every country. It is possible to surf through the Internet with the help of web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. The recent introduction of the mobile Internet has been equally successful.

It is used in today’s every walk of our life. In today’s world, the usage of the Internet is very common almost in every field. The usage of the Internet by students is very common.

They can get information online from different websites, and they can also do online courses, opt for online coaching, etc. by using the Internet in every sphere of life. It has connected the whole world. It provides us various modes of communication like social networking sites, email, web and video calls, etc. 

The usage of the Internet on business has brought a revolutionary change in the market due to which businessman is able to promote their business and are able to sell their products online. It has promoted the online marketing platform in the world. 

The Terminology Internet

The term Internet is used to refer to the particular global system of interconnected internet protocol networks. It is considered as a proper noun as per the Chicago manual of style, and hence it should be written with an initial capital letter.

Often the Internet is also referred to as Net as a short form for the network. The term Interweb is a linguistic blend of words between the Internet and the World Wide Web, which is used as sarcastically as a parody for the untechnical unsavvy user.

History of the Internet

The research on packet switching, which is one of the fundamentals of Internet Technologies, started in early 1960 by Paul Baran. The ARPANET project leads to the development of protocols and internetworking of multiple separate networks, which could be joined into a network or networks.

In mid-1980 the Internet expanded rapidly in Europe and Australia and in Asia it expanded in early 1990. As technology advanced and commercial opportunities increased, the growth and the volume of Internet traffic started growing. 

Uses of the Internet

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The key to the success of the Internet is that the information. The higher the standard, the more usage of Internet operations. The large volume of Information: It is often won’t collect information from around the world.

This information could relate to entertainment, literature, software, computers, business, friendship, education, medicine, tourism, and leisure. People can look for information by visiting the house page of varied search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

1. News and Journals

All the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the planet are available on the web. With the introduction of advanced mobile telecommunication technologies like 4G (fourth generation) and 5G (fifth generation) and broadband, the speed of internet service has increased tremendously. An individual can get the newest news about the planet during a matter of a few seconds. 

2. Electronic Mode of Communication

It has given the foremost exciting mode of communication to all or any. We will send an Email (the short sort of Electronic Mailing System) to all or any corners of the planet. Chatting:

There is much chatting software which will be wont to send and receive real-time messages over the web. We will chat with our friends and relatives using anybody of the chatting software. 

3. Social Networking

With the help of Social networking sites, people can connect with their old friends. They will even chat with them once they are online. Even the pictures taken by the users are allowed to be shared on social networking sites with others.

We will share pictures with our loved ones while we are on vacation. People are even concluding business deals over these social networking sites like Facebook. 

4. Online Banking (Net-Banking)

the utilization of the Internet also can be seen within the field of banking transactions. Many banks like HSBC, SBI, Axis Bank, Hdfc Bank, etc. offer online banking facilities to its customers. They will transfer funds from one account to a different using the net-banking facility. 

5. E-commerce

It is additionally used for completing business operations, which set of operations is understood as Electronic Commerce (E-commerce). Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India. Flipkart’s rival Amazon is giving stiff competition. 

6. Mobile commerce

The commercial transaction that takes place over the mobile Internet is known as Mobile commerce (also M-Commerce). Using mobile web technology, many companies have introduced a mobile version of internet sites and mobile apps, to market and sell their products. The products can be easily browsed and buy by the customers by using the mobile Internet. 

7. Mobile wallet

Mobile wallet service is offered to customers by many companies. To access the service, they must have a smart-phone and internet connection to use this service. Users pay an amount into their mobile wallet, which they will use to form online payment like bill payments, recharges, etc. 

8. Entertainment

aside from a serious source of data and knowledge, the utility of the Internet within the field of entertainment can’t be undermined. We will visit various video sites and watch movies and serials at a convenient time.

9. The technology of the Future

It is the technology of the future. Within the times to return, offices would be managed at foreign places through the Internet. 

10. Jobs on the Internet

Online job searching is a person who is using the Internet to search job to resume as an employer/worker. It is also the multifaceted process taking at the same time. Nowadays, many people use the Internet to search for their desired job, especially teenagers from 25 years old to 35 years old.

The reason is that they feel easier compared to traditional methods such as search jobs in newspapers, flyers, advertisements, etc. For them, a searching job on the Internet is faster and more option. 

Moreover, searching for a job online can satisfy their desire. In this technology booming century, we can find a job not only in job search engines, but we also can use networking to search for a job.

It is a very helpful way to seeking a job because a 60% – 80% job will not be advertised; this is called the hidden job market. One way to find out these hidden jobs is through networking, such as ‘Facebook’ is the most popular website to seek for a job. This is why networking is so powerful.

11. Corporate Base

On the Internet, for file sharing, data transfer, internal communication, and external communication, and many other purposes are extensively used in the corporate world. In simple words, It is slowly forming the base of the corporate today. 

The Bottom Line (Conclusion)

The Internet is extremely useful for everybody. It’s the superhighway of data. The value of the Internet has been reduced over-time. The value of the pc system, modem, and other associated hardware is additionally likely to return down.

Just in a case computing system isn’t available, one can browse the Internet over mobile phones. All major smart-phones support browsing functionality. The possibilities online are endless. Some people waste their time while surfing through the different types of websites. Some others attempt to view those websites that aren’t meant for them. 

This is often a nasty tendency and must be checked. It has to be used for development and not for decay. People must learn Internet operations and must attempt to collect only the useful information. This century would usher humanity into a replacement era of data Technology (IT), and the Internet is that the backbone of this exciting era.

The greater flexibility in working hours and location is allowed by the usage of the Internet and high-speed connection. By numerous means and almost everywhere, It can be accessed including through mobile devices. Users are able to connect to the Internet wirelessly through Mobile phones, data cards, handheld game consoles, and cellular routers. 

Within the restrictions imposed on pocket-sized devices, small screens and other limited facilities of such the services of the Internet, including email and the web, may be available. The service offered by the service providers may be restricted and mobile data charges may be significantly higher than other access methods.

The nearly instantaneous sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills, and low cost have made collaborative work dramatically more accessible, with the assistance of collaborative software. Not only can a gaggle cheaply communicate and share ideas, but the broad reach of the web allows such groups more quickly to make.

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