Speech on Winter Season for Students and Children in 700+ Words

In this post you will read a Speech on Winter Season for Students and Children in 700+ Words.

Speech on Winter Season for Students and Children (700+ Words)

I take my privilege to speak a few words on winter season.

Out of the four seasons that occur, winter is one of the important seasons in India. It is the coolest season which starts in the month of December and ends in the month of March every year. The peak time of this season is the month of December and January.

It has great importance and is admired by people because of its essence. There are different sports people who indulge only during winter like snowboarding, ice hockey, skating, snowball fighting, etc. It is the season which children enjoy.

During the winter season, the days are usually shorter, and nights longer. The cold and chilly morning gives a different kind of experience altogether. Having hot drinks like tea, coffee, etc. is a more enjoyable and unique experience during the winter season.

In winter, the sunrise is quite late, and sunrise is quite early compared to other seasons. During the night, people create bonfire so that they can get some warmth in the chilly night. Most of the time, people don’t prefer to go out; rather, they prefer staying within their house and enjoy the warmth of the house by eating hot delicacies.

But people living in hilly areas experience snowfall during this time. Further, many educational institutes and schools get closed down. Children enjoy the winter season by playing in the snow. Even many do observe Christmas holiday during the winter season, which enhances the essence of the season. The season sets a holiday mood among the people.

Even though this season is admired by many, there is a downside to the season, as farmers, homeless people and animals are mostly affected by the season. During this season, the farmers cannot cultivate crops and sell their crops because of snow covering their lands.

Many of the homeless people die due to the harsh winter, also stray animals that don’t have any shelter die due to winter. But to maintain the balance in weather, winter plays an essential role.

During this season lot of healthy fruits and vegetables are available, and we get to eat fresh grapes, carrots, apples, cauliflower, etc. While during this weather, many of the flowers die and get buried in the snow, but also many beautiful flowers blossom during this season, which includes flowers like dahlias, roses, etc. The blossoming of these beautiful flowers changes the picture of the landscape entirely.

During the winter season, many animals like bears, snake, lizards, etc. go into hibernation. Many of the birds migrate during this season to a different country to avoid harsh weather.

Some animals profusely gather food so that they don’t die of starvation during the season. Some animals in response to the weather adapt themselves and develop thick furs so that they are warm during the chilly season.

Mountains, trees, and plants are covered during this weather, and the mountainous regions are covered with snow; hence people living their purchase warm clothes and thick apparel to ward off cold keep their bodies warm.

The winter clothes have evolved over the years with the latest fashion and designs. During the early ages, humans used animal skins as a protection to ward off cold. The weather is pleasant for people to like to visit snow fill areas to experience snow, especially at night, so they can enjoy a bonfire, etc. 

Many outdoor and sporting activities are designed to take advantage of the season and allow people to have a chance to exercise and enjoy the weather. Over the years, these activities have become a tradition. Depending upon the level of ice available, there are many activities like ice skating, ice racing, ice fishing, ice hockey, ice boating, ice climbing, etc.

Everything has both negative and positive aspects, and the negative aspect of winter season is the disease attack. Flu is common during this season, and people get irritated due to this.

So, it is necessary to take special care of health during this season as cold also leads to joint disorder. Winter is a beautiful season, and a gift of nature which we can enjoy by taking care of health or the blessing might prove dangerous for us.

Considering all the aspects of the season, winter plays a vital role in the weather and atmosphere of a country to maintain balance.

Thank you for allowing me to share my point of view on winter season…

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