Speech on Leadership for Students of School and College 600 Words

Here you will read a motivational speech on leadership. This is an inspirational speech for school and college students in 600 words. School students can also take help from this speech for their exams and programs.

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Speech on Leadership (600 Words)

Good Morning Gentleman and Ladies – I hope you get in the best spirits today!

I warmly welcome all of you to today’s lecture on the topic of leadership. I, Vaishali Rawat, your host today, will address this issue. Leadership is a term, and I can relate to it because I hold the position of a senior manager in my current company. If given a chance, everyone wants to lead it and follow it. But does anyone realize how difficult this task is and what roles and responsibilities come with it?

First of all, please appreciate that there is no dominance or subordinate leadership of weak sex. The world is already full of people who have a strong desire to rule and are responsible for the lives of others. But that is not the characteristic of a good leader.

A true leader is one who earns respect through his proper actions and collective gathering without his rules. He encourages others to adhere to in his footsteps and be a guide to humanity. The great leader is carrying the torch of knowledge and enlightening the society and leading the people on the path of progress and development.

Further, leadership is the true meaning, and people should be able to see you chasing them without force. Leaders set specific benchmarks and try to achieve the milestones that people set according to their actions and efforts. Goals are set to achieve those goals, but without compromising morality and morality – this is the true mark of a great leader.

Leaders who possess exceptional leadership qualities effectively channel their energy and devote themselves to the development and advancement of humanity. He allows himself/herself to impose sanctions or liabilities against all the odds and never succumb to the circumstances. Always remember that the love of the Supreme Excellence lies in the great leader. In this way, a true leader can establish a relationship with the Almighty, and he/she is the only instrument in his hand and inspiration and guide to the higher senses to dedicate whole life like people’s ambitions.

In the real essence of the word, the leader must pay heed to his predecessors and moral limitations. He selflessly does well for the community, that is, without expecting anything in return. It also enhances or cleanses his / her soul and monitors his desires, which allows him to become an extraordinary person.

Another aspect of leadership involves compelling and inspiring leadership qualities. There are also different references to leadership, e.g., leading person, another person, leading group, leading organization.

Some of the conditions that are often associated with being an effective leader include intelligence, high power, confidence, superiority, and practice. A practical, charismatic leader should lead by example. The leader must know what is going on, what task or tasks are being accomplished, and the group should be able to take the lead in successfully carrying out that task.

There are many different theories of leadership. The leader’s contingency theory is the leadership situation theory and the house’s path-goal theory. These principles are used to make a person or manager a more effective leader. They can be used as guidance for individuals and help them achieve the goals set by their organization or group.

There is an old saying, “To be in the first place, to be first in the merits.” In this way, a person becomes a leader when they can lead humanity on the path of progress — any selfish reason.

Thank you!

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