Speech on World Environment Day for Students in 700 Words

In this article, we have presented a Speech on World Environment Day for Students in 700 Words. This is an educational speech for school and college students. They can take help for writing and giving a speech on safe environment topics.

Let’s start the Speech on World Environment Day…

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Speech on World Environment Day (700 Words)

Good morning friends!

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on June 5 every year. It is about raising global awareness of our environment. Do you know when World Environment Day started? In 1972, the United Nations Convention on Human Environment was held from June 5 to June 16. After that, it will be hosted by different countries around the world on June 5 each year with different themes.

We gathered here to plan this year’s celebration. Our organization always advocates green climate and nature conservation. You should be aware that the technology used in our manufacturing department also supports green weather.

We are promoters of Green India; Our production units have the newest machinery and equipment that consumes less water and energy, resulting in less wastage of water and energy. The group releases less or fewer pollutants or toxic gases, which ultimately protect nature, water, and the environment.

In 2011, our country was the global host of World Environment Day. Does anyone know what this ‘green economy’ means, as I said this year’s theme is “Green Economy”? It is a fiscal improvement procedure that will diminish environmental risks. Now, the economy is considered a part of it. The ecosystem of businesses understands that the future of the industry depends on the green world.

To safeguard our country and the world, nature must be protected. Mushroom growth factories and manufacturing units are responsible for explosions of pollution, rays, gas, dirt, etc., which worsen the air quality we breathe, the water we consume, and the environment we live.

The state authority has given us this responsibility to educate factory owners, commercial entrepreneurs, and manufacturing sectors to share the benefits of green technology. In this prospect, we will soon hold a conference in which we will inform of the technologies we use to protect nature.

We appeal to the general public across India to plant as many as trees, clean up the surroundings, and take action against those who cause harm to animals. We urge people to save water and energy in their respective areas.

In this forum, I will also highlight some illnesses and some diseases related to sewage. Water is a significant source of energy, but if it is sustainable or unhygienic, it can become a source of many dangerous diseases, such as dengue and malaria. Therefore, everyone needs to have their social responsibility and embrace everything — preventive measures to cover open water such as tanks, ducts, or coolers.

Let us now discuss the disposal of waste; It seems cruel to throw away the trash that most people use. Our government has taken action and set up a Dustbin of ‘Green Color’ and ‘Blue Color’ in almost every public place. It honestly urges people to use those dustbins and to use the color symbol for wet and dry trash properly.

Life is straightforward and fulfilling if we believe in following a few principles. These simple principles do not cost money and have no impediments, yet prove to be very useful.

World Environment Day celebrates the importance of raising awareness about nature and protecting the environment for the present and future. For the planet to survive on Earth it is essential to preserve the world’s forests, oceans, and soils and serve as significant reserves for greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide; Fisheries-folk and farmers capture nature to provide us with food. Scientists and researchers have developed drugs using these natural products from across the ages.

Nature gifts are rare and cannot be bought with money. Each of us must get up very late. Do not smoke in public places or throw trash in a public place. These small startups will undoubtedly pave the way for a better place to survive.

I do not give a long speech. On this fantastic day, I would like to say one thing; try to plant as many trees as possible because we are dependent on the tree. Try planting at least one tree for any special occasion, such as your birthday or anniversary.

Thank you!

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