Speech on Sports for Students and Children in 700 Words

In this article, we have published a persuasive Speech on Sports for Students and Children in 700 Words.

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Speech on Sports (700 Words)

Respected Principal, chief guests, special invites, and all other my colleagues and friends today, Today I came here on stage and discuss with you about the subject of sports.

Since our childhood, till this stage, we all have been gone through the way of sports. We do not relate sports to any age. But in childhood and till schooling this is very important for the growth of the children.

First, we should think about sports. What is this? What is the definition of sports? It is not a tough question. Everybody knows about sports. Sports cover many physical activities which perform in a group with some rules and regulation. In these activities, all participants get equal opportunity as per their role and experience. 

Dear friends, we know that with the education we should also take part in sports activities in school or at home or in our society. This is very important for our body growth and health.

If anybody plays sports, then he will be more healthy and fit compare to another one is not in sports. Sports are necessary for our healthy mind, and it prevents heart disease, and the cardiovascular system becomes more strengthens. 

Sports are now an essential part of our life. It is being played not only for entertainment but also for people to play for their fitness.

Now the trend has changed. In ancient times ancestors tell that do not waste your time playing and games. But nowadays if anybody is perfect in any sports game and having abilities to go ahead at a higher level than he can make a career in this popular field.

There are many advantages to sports in the current scenario. Through the game and sports, we can fit our body and soul. If we play sports, my mind would be more relaxed and fresh all the time. If anybody plays sports daily for a while, he will be more successful in life. 

By seeing the importance of sports nowadays all schools and colleges keep a separate subject for sports and different teachers also there for this. Since starting from primary education till the university level, sports are widespread and popular. 

For entertainment and healthy competition, sports are essential. There are several types of sports in the world. All kinds of people and children can play sports. Some sports are expensive, and some are very cheaper.

But they do a physical exercise in most of all sports events. Now in world football, cricket, hockey, and tennis are very common and widespread.

Now all sports activities are organized on a higher level, like national tournaments and international tournaments and Olympic as well. It creates many jobs, and business and revenue also generated through these events. Nowadays, in India, IPL is very famous and popular in which millions of money invested and earned.

The other benefit of sports is to get national and international recognition. If any child is perfect in any sports, then he can take part in next level sports events and then can go to the district level and state level.

Now the government also provides the reservation for sports players to get a suitable job. Every year lots of sports player gets a job in different sectors of India only based on their achievement.

The Indian railway is the major employer for the sports players. There is a separate team for sports purposes, and they go to take part in a sports event. Other government departments have a quota for sports players.

As we see in Indian diverse team players already got a job and still playing sports on half of their department or at the national level. 

The game is the backbone of our development. Everybody takes part in sports activities in childhood and later as well. The sports event provides the unity between the players of unfamiliar states and countries. They come and play sports and discuss together, and it increases the integration and transfer of information into the culture of each other.

Now, if we see in our country, we find that sports are prevalent everywhere. All schools and colleges provide the opportunity to take part in sports events. Parents also encourage the children to take part in sports events for their health and body growth.

Dear friends, at last, I will say in very short that without sports our generation cannot go ahead. Further, it is imperative to provide the opportunity for our children and people to take part in sports events for better health, body growth, and if they want, they can make the career also in this field. 

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