World Health Day (Date, History, Celebration, Activities)

Here you will read about World Health Day. It is the awareness to keep a healthy life. This post includes its date, history, activities and celebration.

Introduction (World Health Day)

World Health Day is a celebration for many people to give them awareness about health. It is essential to take care of the health of every people, make them more stable and robust, to accomplish their task healthily.

Importance of World Health Day

Health is significant for every nation to ensure its better ability to work by the needs of the developing world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the global body for health in the United Nations system. WHO’s work is varied and can be summarized for the most part in a six-point agenda.

A healthy life makes people live with high confidence and the ability to work accurately and quickly. The accuracy of all activities should be kept so that every work is possible, thanks to many types of possible health ideas and plans.

Date of Celebration

World Health Day held on April 7 of each year. This day falls on the anniversary of the creation of the World Health Organization, founded in 1948.

World Health Organization (WHO)


Poverty is linked to poor health. By promoting developmental poverty decrease and the overall health of the population improve.

It supports health security

WHO is taking steps to increase health security by reducing health risks arising from outbreaks of new, existing, and mutating diseases.

Healthcare systems

In developing countries, many healthcare systems are inadequate. WHO strengthens these systems by various means, that may include providing funding, access to drugs and relevant technologies, data collection systems, and trained personnel.

Uses information, research, and evidence

WHO uses evidence as a solid basis to set health priorities, strategies, and measure results in consultation with leading health experts, WHO provides reliable health information.

Health partnerships

WHO works closely with many health organizations around the world. WHO aims to improve or streamline the work of these organizations by encouraging them to use evidence-based practices and adhere to technical guidelines when implementing health programs.

Health efficiency

World health organization always strives to improve the efficiency of its organization. There must be precise results that can be measured and compared to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of an organization.

WHO improves performance by implementing performance-based management that provides precise results and goals that can be measured at regional, national, or international level.

WHO uses the anniversary, not only as an opportunity to celebrate the organization and its work but also as an opportunity to highlight the current global health priority. WHO sets a health challenge or topic for each World Health Day. Topics from previous years included:

  • Shape the Future of Life (2003)
  • Road safety (2005)
  • International Health Safety (2007)
  • Protecting health against climate change (2008)

Antibacterial resistance

No action today, no treatment for tomorrow (2011)

The theme of World Health Day in 2012 was “Aging and health.” As with other years, this topic is set according to what WHO considers current health problems in the world. The world population is aging; people live longer.

  • WHO provides event organizers with a set of tools that includes such materials as:
  • Information on aging and health
  • Tips on how to get in touch with the media and use social networks to promote the day
  • Contact list for technical and communication support
  • Clearly defined messages and calls to action
  • Information on planning and conducting events and campaigns

The slogan of World Health Day in 2012 was: “Good health gives life to years.” This slogan helps to reflect the WHO message that when people improve their health, they enjoy a fuller life without the burden of health complications such as pain or disability, stay productive longer and contribute more to society.

The key message of the day is that older people in good health are a valuable resource and should be appreciated.

When a person has good health, he can perform life activities efficiently. Therefore, the health of a person is the most important thing to be able to perform all activities accurately.

Activities on World Health Day: Here are the activities for World Health Day performs on different platforms:

Celebration and Activities on World Health Day

Classes in schools

Many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions worldwide are worth engaging in various activities during World Health Day. The goal of student involvement in these activities is to make future generations aware of the importance of health and ways of leading a healthy life.

Fun activities organise, and students are particularly aware of the importance of using outdoor games and avoiding mobile or computer games.

Activities of social media/mass media:

Health campaigns are carried out through newspapers, radio, and television. The newspapers publish stories that highlight the importance of health. Interviews with doctors and nutritionists also are published in newspapers and magazines. It strives to make people aware of the importance of a healthy life.

With the use of social media, the number of activities related to World Health Day has increased. Several sites initiate on this occasion. There were many exciting games and other activities involving the masses on various social media platforms. People today are addicted to social media and that is why these activities see active participation.

Activities in hospitals:

On this day, hospitals organize special healthcare camps. Exclusive health check offers available to people to encourage them to check up and diagnose health problems in time. Hospitals run campaigns to emphasize the need for regular health checks.

Activities in non-profit organizations

NGOs also arrange health camps on World Health Day to help those in needs. Many doctors, nurses, and other specialists volunteer to make these activities successful. Such camps are organized mainly in remote areas where people are not very aware of ways to keep their health intact.

There are many types of infections in the environment. Many people suffer from many types of diseases. People must acquire all knowledge about health, to improve their health, so that much work can be done.

Achieving each goal is entirely possible so that people can achieve what they need. People today are interested in building a strong and better body for their work and other purposes.

Every person must receive the right treatment and advice from doctors to get the right health knowledge. So they can get a good health. Therefore, everyone should visit Doctors to get all possible suggestions for focusing on and maintaining health for improvement and success in the tasks.

It is safe to seek the advice of Doctors to maintain and make the health of people grow better following their requirements. It requires to take care of health so that every activity can be done at the right time and in the right way. Various events organize by Government and NGOs to encourage people to attend and get the necessary health information.

World Health Day serves to make people aware that their health is better at doing actual work. The Government is used to provide children with polio and other health injections to protect them against polio problems that are very dangerous for them in the future.

Polio is used to protect the children against full-body spasm. The Government of India used to provide people with all kinds of medicines and preventive measures so that people can save lives from many dangerous diseases.


The primary purpose of World Health Day celebrations is to ensure global health awareness sensitizing its needs among the masses. Various innovative activities take place on this occasion. This is indeed a great initiative of the World Health Organization.

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