Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

In this article, we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy. Also, we will tell you what solar energy is and its use. After reading this article, you will understand everything about solar energy or solar power.

So, let’s start this informative article on the pros and cons of solar energy

What is solar energy?

In easy words, energy which we get from the sun is called solar energy. We convert solar energy from the sun using solar panels into electricity and use it in our homes and business. In this era of renewable energy, solar energy has become a principal topic for environmental care. 

Do you know the interesting fact that with 1 hour of solar energy we can fulfill the electricity requirements for 1 year, but unfortunately we can use only 0.001% of solar energy using solar panels. Solar technology is constantly improving, because of which our ability to use the abundance of sun energy is increasing day by day. 

According to a report by the International Energy Agency (2017), the use of solar energy has exploded and we have found the growth of solar energy to be higher than all other fuels. The day is not far off when all of us will collect electricity and enjoy solar energy.

How does a solar panel work?

Companies make solar panels from silicon and the cells combine to form solar energy (solar power). When photons (light rays from sun) collide with a solar cell, they lose electrons from their atoms.

When the positive and negative sides of the conductor cell connect, then it forms an electrical circuit and when electrons flow through such a circuit, it generates electricity.

Now, Let’s see what are the major advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Below are the major pros of solar energy-

1. Solar energy is pollution free (Eco friendly)

The electricity generation from other energy sources causes lots of pollution. Solar energy is eco-friendly. We get solar energy directly from the Sun. Everyday lots of sun rays fall on earth which have no use, so using them as an energy source is a productive thing.

2. Not dependent on other sources of energy

After the solar panel came into existence, it has reduced the pressure on other energy sources which are causing environmental issues which is a wonderful sign for both ecosystems and environment.

3. No maintenance

Solar power systems do not require maintenance. Just you need to clean it regularly. But we should keep it in mind that experts who know this work well should always do cleanliness. Inverters are also a part of the system, which needs to be replaced in every 5 to 10 years i.e. Very little expenditure on maintenance and repair work besides the initial cost.

4. Safer than other energy source devices

Solar energy is far safer than traditional electricity sources, whether it is for use, maintenance and repair.

5. Renewable energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. We can use it in every corner of the world, it is always available. Unlike other sources of energy, solar energy is a source of never-ending energy.  So, if we use this solar energy more and more, we can save our other non-renewable energy sources.

6. Reduction in electricity bill

Since we generate electricity by solar energy. It will meet all your energy requirements, so it will decrease our electricity bills and save our money.

Now, there are so many types of solar panels coming in which solar panels are connected with your electricity metre and during the daytime it will save your electricity using the solar energy and at night it will use the traditional source of electricity. 

7. Maximum Use

We use solar energy for various purposes. It can deliver electricity to areas without electricity, use it in factories, supply clean water, use in household chores, use for space satellites.  Because of this, it will gradually decrease the manufacturing cost in various industries.

8. Technology development

Successfully increasing use of solar energy has led us to expect growth in industrial development and to explode. Now lots of people are using solar equipment all over the world. Because of solar energy, lots of business is developing everywhere.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1. High Cost of Installation

The initial cost of purchasing a solar panel system can be high, it includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, wiring and installation costs. Government is trying to reduce the price of Solar panel systems so that people understand its benefits.

2. Required enormous area of land

The more electricity you want to supply, the more Solar panels will be required and solar panels require considerable space to install. It will require more area, although you can put solar panels on the roofs, but the space is not enough. Now the government is using drought land and unused lands to install thousands of solar panel grids.

3. Weather dependent

The major issue happens when cloudy or rainy season starts. In the rainy season duro to cloud photon energy from the sun can’t reach the surface of solar panels which causes low or zero generation of solar energy. 

4. Storage of solar energy are expensive

Solar energy can be used immediately, or we can store it in a battery. We can use the stored energy at night, but experts say the method of collecting or storing it is expensive, because you will collect the energy in the battery only when your solar system is connected to a device called the grid. After every 3-4 year we need to change batteries connected with solar panels, so its needs some extra cash.


Solar energy is an excellent alternative to other energy sources, but the government needs to work more in this direction. Also, they have to spread awareness about the importance of solar energy. If we still use the traditional electricity system, in the coming generation there will be an extensive lack of all resources other than solar energy in this world. 

I hope you liked this informative and persuasive discussion on advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy. Thanks for reading.

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