Essay on Cleanliness for Students and Children in 1200+ Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Cleanliness for students and explained its aspects, rules, importance, impact, effects, and ways to maintain.

Introduction (Essay on Cleanliness)

Cleanliness is the state of being clean. People should enhearten this rather than forcing it. Sanitation is a pleasant habit that can enhance the quality of living as all of its kind carries equal weight. Mostly, parents and teachers must encourage this habit from early to children. This will make sure of the awareness of cleanliness. 

It is not a hard work to finish, rather it is very easy, and so on shouldn’t make the mistake of compromising with cleanliness. It is crucial for the health and wellbeing of both human beings and animals. 

Cleanliness is also a state or habit of the surrounding ourselves of being free from dirt that is being clean. It is only achieved by cleaning yourself through cleaning activities and other surrounding activities. It is a pleasant habit to live a healthy lifestyle. 

One must know and make other people known that cleanliness is not someone else responsibility, rather it is our responsibility to be cleaned and also make the environment clean. One should start from one’s own home and school, colleges, institutions, societies, and various organizations. It is not a one-day activity; rather must be done daily to keep everything clean. 

This is the greatest virtue everyone must follow that to enhance the standard of living. Further, it must be done happily and peacefully, but sometimes it is done forcefully and not done properly. We must inculcate the habit of cleanliness among kids during their early age to keep diseases away. 

Aspects of Cleanliness

We know hygiene and disease prevention as the two aspects associated with cleanliness. Maintaining hygiene doesn’t mean keeping yourself clean, rather it includes your home, neighborhood, city and also keeping your surroundings and country clean. In this way, cleanliness will have a more social and cultural impact on society. 

Rules of Cleanliness

There are different rules of cleanliness, and also some major roles of using clean things for cleaning. If one uses dirty things to clean something, it will make other things also dirty. 

Now, a toilet must be separated from the house and should have doors to prevent infection and diseases. After using the toilet, we must wash our hands with hand-wash or soap. 

There must be first aid material available in your organization or house to prevent unique types of infections. 

We must wash everything after using it to prevent the generation of harmful bacteria and increasing their production that will be very harmful. Also, we must take proper cleaning precautions while cleaning dangerous things.

Impacts of Cleanliness on Our Lives:

With cleanliness, it is for every stage of life, and so plays a crucial role in daily activity and living. In education, we must identify cleanliness to impact learning.

The mindset of students is influenced by the surrounding that influences the ability of students to learn. Dirty surroundings are not conducive for learning as it instills stress and reduced ability for students to learn. 

Apart from education, even in the workplace, this same concept applies because of the surrounding place influences productivity. A clean environment will enhance productivity as employees will work with a positive mindset free from stress. Further achievement will be more in clean surroundings as compared to a dirty one. 

In health, cleanliness is crucial as hygienic practices contribute to good health. A dirty surrounding predisposes people to disease that affects the ability to perform activities resulting in less productivity. 

Social relationships are built by interacting with people. Here, personal hygiene serves as a crucial aspect in building social relations as it is difficult to approach a dirty person as they will have an unpleasant body odor, bad breath and so we will limit the interaction because of discomfort. 

Effects of Cleanliness

There are various positive effects of cleanliness on the surroundings and also on the human body. Cleanliness keeps infections and diseases away from us and helps us in living a beautiful and clean life. It also helps us in physical and psychological development. 

If the food is nutritious and clean, we must eat it with washed hands to get the entire nutrient and keep disease away. A clean environment also renders us fresh feeling that helps us in living a better life, keeps us always fresh, and getting relief from all kinds of stress.

Importance of Cleanliness

Similar to the necessities of life like food, water, shelter, cleanliness also holds great importance in life. It is one of the essential things needed for a healthy living. The first importance of cleanliness is that it means the absence of disease and keeping one hygienic and refreshed on a personal level. 

Also, it lowers the chances of any bacteria or viruses to harm us. When you keep the environment clean and stay clean, you’ll less likely to fall ill. Then, you can also enjoy good health and lead an active lifestyle-enhancing your lifespan and keeping yourself physically fit.

In the same way, cleanliness in our surroundings will mean enhanced healthiness and beauty. It will not only beautify the surroundings rather also make it more attractive. It will help to attract more tourists to enhance the economy of the country and earning a wonderful name for the country in the eyes of foreigners. 

Shortly, cleanliness is important for one’s spiritual health and environmental development of one’s body and country. 

The older people never eat prior to bathing and doing the worship that makes them fit. Not only that, cleanliness renders employment to many people, resolving unemployment and poverty.

Way to maintain Cleanliness

It is never hard to maintain cleanliness and so crucial to do it for a healthy life. When we talk about our personal lives, we can maintain cleanliness by bathing regularly. It is also very crucial to wash hands prior to eating as this will make sure no bacteria will enter your body. 

Also, we must always consume clean water and eat healthy food. Avoid eating out often and drinking water from unclean sources. It will help in personal hygiene. You must also trip your nails timely before they grow long.

Long nails are very dirty and will have dirt under hands all the time. Further, maintain the habit of flossing and brushing twice a day for oral hygiene. 

For the environment, you must clean your house daily to get rid of dust. Never litter the roads of your city to keep them clean and don’t throw chips packets out of the car window; rather, keep it with you and throw it in the dustbin.

Further, avoid using plastic bags and encourage people to recycle and reuse. Try to plant more trees and make the surroundings cleaner and healthier. 

We should teach the following things for good health:

  • Take a bath every day
  • Always wash hands with a good sanitizer before and after eating
  • Always wear washed and clean clothes
  • Clean your home and surrounding regularly
  • Cover the cooked food and potable water
  • Dispose of the garbage properly
  • Do not litter in public places like hospitals, parks, society and streets
  • Do not allow the water to stagnate, as it will be the breeding place for mosquitoes and might lead to diseases such as malaria, dengue and more
  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Ensure a healthy mind and body

Challenges in Cleanliness

Lack of resources can prevent cleanliness and so to maintain it; one must need water, detergents, and other supplies such as cleaning equipment. Sometimes, the resources will be unavailable, and so cleaning might be compromised.

Here, another challenge is the availability of labor. Since cleaning is working and needs effort from people, some lookout and so cleanliness gets overlooked and unachievable. 


We must all out a bit to maintain cleanliness in and out of the region we live in. Actually, for this purpose, govt must start the cleanliness projects and educate and teach pleasant habits among the citizens of the country.

We must also be mindful of our practices. We must stop others from throwing waste and undesignated places. This effort will help build a clean country someday. 

In conclusion, everyone must maintain cleanliness, whether it be an individual effort or collective effort of the Govt. We can learn and be a part of it and make earth greener and cleaner.

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