Speech on Girl Education for Students in 500 Words

On this page, you will read a Speech on Girl Education for Students in 500 Words. This persuasive speech helps in awareness of the benefits and importance of female literacy

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Speech on Girl Education (500 Words)

Good Morning to all,

First of all, I welcome all invitees and organizer of this event. I want to thank you for inviting me to this particular gathering/function and for allowing me to share my thoughts over the crucial problem of Girls Education.

We have gathered here today to share our views on the education of girls and their future in our country. One very important aspect that we all feel is that girls should be sent to school. They should get that level of Education for which we send our boys to schools and vocational institutions.

Adequate steps are being taken to promote and support this objective. Let us understand this in clear terms, which we realize as a problem. Even after years of independence, we have not overcome this problem of educating the girl child. It is considered the responsibility of the government and the teacher.

Girls are the part of humanity that are the bearers of all positivity in society. Girls are those whose presence fills the atmosphere with poise, decency, and pleasantness. Their presence brings out the best of men. Compare this place in a room where only boys live. What’s on your mind? Can you all see the picture I am looking at?

I am not saying that the boy is not competent. Boys are completing many tasks, but they are not doing it alone. Their counterparts are an equally important part of society. If you keep them at home then you are keeping half of the country away from learning, keeping away from becoming a productive partner. Further, you are keeping them away from all the achievements, from things that make up their education to achieve their goal.

The use of the term education is not limited to books and schools. If we look around, we see PV Sindhu, Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran, astronaut Kalpana Chawla, PepsiCo CEO Indira Nooyi, the recent Miss World – Manushi Chillar. We can see the contribution of girls and women in every field, wherever they are working.

All we should do is allow them to spread their wings out of our house and extend into the sky. We need to clear our old thinking. Nowadays, we need to trust that we can depend on them.

There is a fact that nowadays, girls can educate themselves by staying at their home. Technology has a critical role in it. I want to highlight the tasks that our governments are playing from time to time. In this modernistic time, with the help of communication infrastructure, our governments provide various educational channels which are free and available in the villages of far off areas.

My appeal to all the young and older adults present today is to go home and realize how each of us can make a difference. Next time we go for a holiday in these places, where you go to far-flung villages, you can join them. One can find out the current status of schools and their children about them.

We can go to some places and help them to learn the importance of sending their children, especially girls, to school. After all, this is our country. It is our duty and responsibility to be involved in all these efforts. We must build a strong nation.


I finish my speech by saying thanks to our listeners and organizer for letting me share my thoughts with you on this memorable occasion. I hope you liked this persuasive Speech on Girl Education.

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