Essay on Generation Gap for Students in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Generation Gap for Students in 1000 words. It includes origin, various changes, generation gap indicators, how to solve this problem?


A generation gap happens when there is a noticeable difference in age (an entire generation) between two people. It often becomes a cause of conflict between parents and children. The generation gap is explained as the difference between views and ideologies between people belonging to two different generations. It can be a difference in political opinions, religious beliefs, or general attitude towards life.

Origin of Generation Gap

The principle of fractional generation gap was introduced in the 1961s. During that time, the younger generation was questioned about their parents’ beliefs and almost everything. They were also separated from their parents in nearly everything.

This included his religious beliefs, political views, moral values, relationship advice, and even his favorite music that he loved. Eminent sociologists such as Karl Mannheim looked at the differences between generations in how generations in different situations separated themselves from each other.

Generation Gap – An Interesting Concept

The generation gap is usually the cause of conflict between children and their parents. It is a fascinating concept. If there were no such difference in the world, then the world would have been quite different. Each generation establishes its fashion trends, talks in its preferred language, accelerates the development of science and technology and discovers new inventions.

Changes Due To Generation Gap

There have been many changes in society due to the generation gap, especially in India, where the joint family practice was already prevalent. Later the approach of separate family settlement started in India, and this is also a result of the generation gap.

Nowadays, people need privacy and want to live their life in their way, but the joint family practice is the main obstacle. In this way, many people are living separate families. Similarly, many changes occurring at different levels of society are the result of the generation gap.

Generation Gap Indicators

1. Family system

People belonging to the older generation lived in a joint family and believed in sharing and caring for things. However, this ideology deteriorated over time. The present generation wants autonomy, and very few want to follow the traditional way of living in a joint family. There has been considerable change in the overall lifestyle of the people.

2. Languages

Hindi spoken by people before pre-independence is quite different from today’s Hindi language and this change did not come suddenly. This change came into presence from generation to generation. Each generation creates a distinct identity of its style. This change in form consistently makes conversation between people belonging to different ages at home as well as the workplace sometimes tricky.

Attitude at Work

While the people of the older generation were good at taking directions from elders and loyal to their officers, these days people get bored of their jobs very quickly and try to change their jobs or quit within a few years. Huh. Generation Y people practice in modernization and want to share and apply their unique ideas to their officers rather than blindly following their guidelines.

Behavior towards women

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Women of older generations were mostly confined to the home. He was seen only as a maid who should take care of the house while going out and working was the job of men. After all, with the change of time, the philosophy of the society towards women has also changed. Today women have the right to work in any field of their choice and work with men.

Generation Classification

It has been seen that different generations of people behave differently in different situations. Generations have been categorized into various names based on their attitudes, beliefs, opinions and all beliefs. The extension of this classification is as follows:


These people associate with the groups who were born before 1945 and are above 70 years of age. It is said that these people follow the order well and are satisfied by working efficiently.

They like to share their experiences with younger generations and to be around those who appreciate their knowledge and expertise. Further, they are known to be loyal to their officer. Most of them spend their full activity and lives for the same organization and remain faithful to that organization.

Generation X

These people were born between 1946 and 1965. People of this generation are hard workers, but most are not familiar with the feedback. They also need money and publicity in the form of prizes. Since most of them don’t live comfortably, they make sure that their children get everything they want. They want them to be appreciated. They wish their officers and children to accept that they are valuable and necessary. The absence of all these things creates annoyance between them.

Generation Y

It is a society of people born between 1980 and 1999. Most of them have just entered the working age. This group is interested in engaging in meaningful work and is also forward in giving their feedback towards their work.

People of this generation are quite creative. They like to work with creative individuals and in places where their creativity is allowed to be explored. It is a source of inspiration for them and keeps them alive. It is a generation that gets bored very quickly. Unlike traditionalists, they change their jobs quite frequently.

How To Fill This Gap?

People of the older origination should understand that their children are born in another age and hence their mindset is different from them. Parents and grandparents need to pay attention to why their children are behaving differently and have different opinions, rather than blindly applying their rules and ideas. Parents should be their friends to understand their children’s moods. On the other side, children and youngers should tribute to their parents.

The Bottom Line

Humankind is continually evolving and hence the ideologies and approach of people belonging to different generations have changed. Although it is perfectly fine to have a different opinion from any other, sometimes it can also become a cause of conflict.

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